2009 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

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2009 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
Championship details
Dates 30 May 2009 - 6 September 2009
Teams 12
All-Ireland champions
Winning team Kilkenny (32nd win)
Captain Michael Fennelly
Manager Brian Cody
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Tipperary
Captain Willie Ryan
Manager Liam Sheedy
Provincial champions
Munster Tipperary
Leinster Kilkenny
Ulster Antrim
Connacht Not Played
Championship statistics
Top Scorer Joe Canning (3-46)
All-Star Team See here

The 2009 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship was the 123rd staging of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, the Gaelic Athletic Association's premier inter-county hurling tournament. The draw for the 2000 fixtures took place on 8 October 2008. The championship began on 30 May 2009 and ended on 6 September 2009.

Kilkenny were the defending champions. Antrim and Galway joined the Leinster Championship for the first time.

On 6 September 2009, Kilkenny won the championship following a 2-22 to 0-23 defeat of Tipperary in the All-Ireland final. This was their 32nd All-Ireland title overall, their 7th championship of the decade and a record-equalling fourth All-Ireland title in-a-row.

Galway's Joe Canning was the championship's top scorer with 3-46. Kilkenny's Tommy Walsh won Hurler of the Year.

Provincial changes[edit]

Due to a lack of competition in their own respective provinces, Antrim and Galway pushed for entry to the Leinster Championship. At a special meeting of Congress on 4 October 2008, delegates voted to include Galway and Antrim in a restructured Leinster Championship on a trial basis for three years. Dublin, Wexford and Offaly spoke against the move, however, when put to a vote approximately 80% of delegates voted in favour.[1]


A total of 12 teams competed in the championship, including all of the teams from the 2008 championship. There were no new entrants. On 3 August 2008, Westmeath won the Christy Ring Cup for the second year in succession, however, there was no promotion mechanism for them to join the top flight.[2]

Personnel and team details[edit]

Team Colours Sponsor Captain(s) Manager(s) Most recent success
All-Ireland Provincial
Antrim Saffron and white Creagh Concrete Neil McGarry Colours of Antrim.svg Terence McNaughton
Colours of Antrim.svg Dominic McKinley
Clare Saffron and blue Vodafone Brian O'Connell Colours of Clare.svg Mike McNamara 1997 1998
Cork Red and white O2 John Gardiner Colours of Cork.svg Denis Walsh 2005 2006
Dublin Navy and blue Arnotts Stephen Hiney Colours of Clare.svg Anthony Daly 1938 1961
Galway Maroon and white Supermacs Ollie Canning Colours of Roscommon.svg John McIntyre 1988 2004
Kilkenny Black and amber Glanbia Michael Fennelly Colours of Kilkenny.svg Brian Cody 2008 2008
Laois Blue and white The Heritage Hotel Brian Campion Colours of Laois.svg Niall Rigney 1915 1949
Limerick Green and white Sporting Limerick Mark Foley Colours of Cork.svg Justin McCarthy 1973 1996
Offaly Green, white and gold Carroll Cuisine Ger Oakley Colours of Offaly.svg Joe Dooley 1998 1995
Tipperary Blue and gold Enfer Willie Ryan Colours of Roscommon.svg Liam Sheedy 2001 2008
Waterford White and blue 3 Stephen Molumphy
Ken McGrath
Colours of Clare.svg Davy FitzGerald 1959 2004
Wexford Purple and yellow Wexford Cheddar Diarmuid Lyng Colours of Roscommon.svg Colm Bonnar 1996 2004

Managerial changes[edit]

Team Outgoing manager Manner of
Date of vacancy Incoming manager Date of
Limerick Colours of Leinster Council.svg Richie Bennis Sacked 12 August 2008 Colours of Cork.svg Justin McCarthy 7 October 2008
Galway Colours of Roscommon.svg Tommy Naughton Resigned 14 September 2008 Colours of Clare.svg Anthony Daly 24 November 2008
Wexford Colours of Wexford.svg John Meyler Resigned 7 October 2008 Colours of Roscommon.svg Colm Bonnar 11 November 2008
Galway Colours of Clare.svg Ger Loughnane Sacked 12 October 2008 Colours of Roscommon.svg John McIntyre 18 November 2008
Cork Colours of Cork.svg John Considine End of caretaker spell 26 March 2016 Colours of Cork.svg Denis Walsh 26 March 2009


The format of the 2009 championship was slightly different from previous years. Firstly, Galway have had no opposition in the Connacht Senior Hurling Championship since 2004. Due to this it was decided at a special meeting of the GAA's congress for Galway to join the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship for a three-year trial period, starting with the 2009 championship. Antrim, being the only Tier 1 team in the Ulster Senior Hurling Championship, also participated in the Leinster Championship on a three-year trial period. Antrim also competed in the Ulster Championship which was run as a separate tournament to the All-Ireland Hurling Championship.

12 counties participated in Tier 1 of the 2009 Championship. These teams were as follows:

Provincial Championships The Munster championship was played as usual with five teams. The Leinster championship also proceeded as usual, except for the addition of both Antrim and Galway, bringing the total number of competing teams to seven. The Leinster and Munster champions advanced directly to the All-Ireland semi-finals.

All-Ireland Qualifiers The qualifiers gave teams defeated in the provincial championships another chance at winning the All-Ireland. Phase 1: (2 matches) the three Leinster quarter-finalists and the Munster quarter-finalist play off. Phase 2: (2 matches) the two Leinster semi-finalists and two Munster semi-finalists play off. Phase 3: (2 matches) The four winners of Phase 1 and Phase 2 games meet in Phase 3. The two Phase 3 winners advance to the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

All-Ireland Series Quarter-finals: (2 matches) The defeated Munster and Leinster finalists played the winners of the Phase 3 qualifiers. Semi-finals: (2 matches) The Munster and Leinster champions played the winners of the quarter-finals.


Promotion and relegation between Tier 1 and Tier 2 was in operation in the 2009 championship. The defeated team in the Round 2 match of the Relegation playoffs was demoted to the 2010 Christy Ring Cup, to be replaced by the winners of the 2009 Christy Ring Cup.


Leinster Senior Hurling Championship[edit]

Wexford 2-17 - 0-16 Offaly
S Banville 2-2, D Lyng 0-7, R Jacob, S Doyle, T Waters 0-2 each, D Redmond, A Shore 0-1 each (Report) S Dooley 0-4, B Carroll 0-3, B Murphy, J Bergin, K Brady 0-2 each, D Currams, D Horan, R Hanniffy 0-1
Referee: J Ryan (Tipperary)

Laois 0-17 - 5-29 Galway
W Hyland 0-6, B Campion 0-5, J Young 0-4, O Holohan 0-2 (Report) N Healy 3-5, J Canning 1-10, D Hayes 1-3, K Hynes 0-4, A Callanan, C Donnellan 0-3 each, A Smyth 0-1
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)

Dublin 2-16 - 0-12 Antrim
A McCrabbe 1-9, D O'Callaghan 1-3, D Treacy 0-2, D Curtin, K Flynn 0-1 each (Report) K Stewart 0-5, K McKeegan, S Delargy, N McManus, M Herron, CJ McGourty, J Scullion, B Herron 0-1 each
Referee: J McGrath (Westmeath)

Galway 3-13 - 2-20 Kilkenny
J Canning 2-9, N Healy 1-1, A Callanan, C Donnellan, D Hayes 0-1 each (Report) H Shefflin 0-10, E Larkin 0-5, R Power, E Brennan 1-0 each, A Fogarty 0-3, D Lyng 0-2
Referee: B Kelly (Westmeath)

Dublin 0-18 - 1-13 Wexford
A McCrabbe 0-10, D Treacy, D O'Callaghan, S Lambert 0-2 each, S Durkin, L Rushe 0-1 each (Report) D Lyng 0-7, N Kirwan 1-0, D Redmond 0-2, W Doran, S Banville, S Doyle, R Kehoe 0-1 each
Referee: C McAllister (Cork)

Dublin 0-18 - 2-18 Kilkenny
A McCrabbe 0-12, D Treacy 0-3, J Boland, K Flynn, D O'Callaghan 0-1 each (Report) M Comerford 2-4, H Shefflin 0-6, E Larkin, D Lyng 0-2 each, T Walsh, M Rice, E Brennan, A Fogarty 0-1 each
Referee: J Ryan (Tipperary)

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Leinster final
Dublin 2-16  
Antrim 0-12     Dublin 0-18  
Wexford 2-17     Wexford 1-13  
Offaly 0-16       Dublin 0-18
Laois 0-17       Kilkenny 2-18
Galway 5-29     Galway 3-13
    Kilkenny 2-20    

Munster Senior Hurling Championship[edit]

Tipperary 1-19 - 0-19 Cork
S Callanan 1-3, E Kelly 0-5, N McGrath, L Corbett 0-3 each, B Dunne, S McGrath 0-2 each, J O'Brien 0-1 (Report) B O'Connor 0-11, J Gardiner 0-3, P Cronin 0-2, N McCarthy, T Kenny, A O hAilpin 0-1 each
Referee: B Kelly (Westmeath)

Limerick 1-8 - 0-11 Waterford
N Moran 0-4, D Breen 1-0, J Ryan 0-2, S Hickey, A O'Shaughnessy 0-1 each (Report) E Kelly 0-6, J Mullane 0-4, S Prendergast 0-1
Attendance: 25,229
Referee: D Kirwan (Cork)

Limerick 0-17 - 0-25 Waterford
A O’Shaughnessy, N Moran 0-5 each, S Hickey, J Ryan 0-2 each, P Browne, D Breen, D O’Grady 0-1 each (Report) E Kelly 0-12, J Mullane 0-6, S Prendergast 0-4, S O’Sullivan, S Molumphy, J Kennedy 0-1 each
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)

Tipperary 3-18 - 1-22 Clare
N McGrath 0-7, J O'Brien 1-2, L Corbett 1-1, S Callanan 1-0, P Kerwick , E Kelly 0-3 each, D Fanning, J Woodlock 0-1 each (Report) C Ryan 0-12, D McMahon 1-2, T Griffin, J Clancy, T Carmody 0-2 each, J Conlon, D Barrett 0-1 each
Referee: J Owens (Wexford)

Tipperary 4-14 - 2-16 Waterford
L Corbett 2-2, E Kelly 1-3, S Callanan 1-1, N McGrath 0-3, P Kerwick, C O'Mahony, S McGrath, J O'Brien, B Dunne 0-1 each (Report) E Kelly 1-7, J Mullane 1-5, S Molumphy 0-2, D Shanahan, R Foley 0-1 each
Referee: J Sexton (Cork)

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Munster Final
Tipperary 1-19  
Cork 0-19     Tipperary 3-18  
    Clare 1-22  
      Tipperary 4-14
      Waterford 2-16
    Limerick 0-17
    Waterford 0-25    


Laois 0-18 - 1-12 Antrim
W Hyland 0-7, B Campion, J Brophy 0-3 each, C Delaney, J Walsh 0-2 each, T Fitzgerald 0-1 (Report) K McKeegan 0-6, N McManus 1-0, M Herron, P Richmond 0-2 each, S Delargy, CJ McGourty 0-1 each
Referee: P O'Connor (Limerick)

Offaly 1-12 - 3-19 Cork
S Dooley 1-2, B Carroll 0-3, J Bergin, C Coughlan 0-2 each, P Cleary, C Mahon, D Molloy 0-1 each (Report) P Horgan 1-5, A O hAilpin 2-1, J O'Connor, B O'Connor 0-4 each, T og Murphy 0-2, T McCarthy, P Cronin, C Naughton 0-1 each
Referee: D Murphy (Wexford)

Wexford 0-14 - 1-13 Limerick
D Lyng 0-6, R Jacob 0-4, W Doran 0-2, S Doyle, D Redmond 0-1 each (Report) A O'Shaughnessy 1-2, P McNamara 0-4, S Hickey 0-2, G O'Mahony, D O'Grady, N Moran, D Sheehan, J O'Brien 0-1 each
Referee: M Wadding (Waterford)

Clare 1-11 - 2-18 Galway
D McMahon 1-1, P Vaughan, N Gilligan, J Conlon 0-2 each, T Griffin, T Carmody, J Clancy, B Nugent 0-1 each (Report) J Canning 0-7, N Healy 1-3, C Donnellan 1-2, A Callanan 0-2, E Lynch, K Hynes, A Smyth, J Gantley 0-1 each
Referee: J Owens (Wexford)

Laois 1-14 - 0-20 Limerick
W Hyland 0-8, E Costelloe 1-2, J Brophy 0-2, E Jackman, T Fitzgerald 0-1 each (Report) A O'Shaughnessy 0-6, G O'Mahony, P Browne 0-3 each, P McNamara, J O'Brien 0-2 each, J Ryan, D Sheehan, D Breen, D Ryan 0-1 each
Attendance: 24,136
Referee: C McAllister (Cork)

Cork 0-15 - 1-19 Galway
B O'Connor 0-9, K Murphy 0-2, J Gardiner, S og O hAilpin, P Horgan, N McCarthy 0-1 each (Report) J Canning 0-11, A Smith, D Hayes 0-3 each, J Gantley 1-0, A Callanan, G Farragher 0-1 each
Attendance: 24,136
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)

Relegation play-offs[edit]

Antrim 0-13 - 1-28 Offaly
K Stewart 0-6, J Campbell, M Herron, J Scullion, P McGill, CJ McGourty, C Donnelly, E McCloskey 0-1 each (Report) B Carroll 0-12, K Brady 1-2, B Murphy 0-4, P Cleary, D Molloy, J Bergin 0-2 each, D Franks, S Dooley, O Kealey, J Gorman 0-1 each
Referee: E Morris (Dublin)

Clare 2-24 - 2-18 Wexford
N Gilligan 1-10, B Nugent, J Clancy 0-4 each, M Flaherty 1-0, D McMahon, A Markham 0-2 each, T Griffin, P Vaughan 0-1 each (Report) D Lyng 1-11, D Fitzhenry 1-0, D Redmond, S Doyle, J Berry, PJ Nolan, R Jacob, W Doran, H Kehoe 0-1 each
Referee: J McGrath (Westmeath)

It was intended to hold a relegation playoff between Antrim and Wexford, but instead it was decided to allow both compete in the 2010 championship.[3]

All-Ireland Series[edit]

Waterford 1-16 - 0-18 Galway
E Kelly 0-12, S Walsh 1-0, K Moran 0-2, S Prendergast, J Mullane 0-1 each (Report) J Canning 0-9, D Hayes 0-3, G Farragher, A Callinan 0-2 each, J Gantley, A Smith 0-1 each
Attendance: 30,435
Referee: D Kirwan (Cork)

Dublin 1-17 - 2-18 Limerick
A McCrabbe 0-8, L Rushe 1-0, D O'Callaghan 0-2, S Hiney, M Carton, R O'Carroll, L Ryan, D Sweeney, D Treacy, S Durcan 0-1 each (Report) G O'Mahoney 0-8, A O'Shaughnessy 0-5, J Ryan 0-4, P McNamara 1-1, B Murray 1-0
Attendance: 30,435
Referee: M Wadding (Waterford)

Kilkenny 2-23 - 3-15 Waterford
H Shefflin 1-14, E Brennan 1-2, E Larkin 0-2, J Fitzpatrick, M Rice, R Power, A Fogarty, R Hogan 0-1 each (Report) E Kelly 1-9, S Walsh 2-0, S O'Sullivan, K Moran, S Prendergast, J Mullane, E McGrath, D Shanahan 0-1 each
Attendance: 61,962
Referee: B Kelly (Westmeath)

Tipperary 6-19 - 2-07 Limerick
L Corbett 3-1, E Kelly 1-6, N McGrath 1-3, P Kerwick 1-2, S Callanan, C O'Mahony 0-3 each, J O'Brien 0-1 (Report) B O'Sullivan 1-1, B Murray 1-0, G O'Mahony 0-2, S Hickey, N Moran, D Breen, A O'Shaughnessy 0-1 each
Attendance: 43,808
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)

Kilkenny 2-22 - 0-23 Tipperary
H Shefflin 1-8, E Larkin, E Brennan 0-3 each, M Comerford 1-0, R Hogan 0-2, J Tyrrell, T Walsh, D Lyng, R Power, TJ Reid, M Fennelly 0-1 each (Report) E. Kelly 0-13, L Corbett 0-4, S Callanan 0-3, N McGrath 0-2, S McGrath 0-1
Attendance: 82,106
Referee: D Kirwan (Cork)

Quarter-finals Semi-finals All-Ireland Final
    Kilkenny 2-23  
Waterford 1-16     Waterford 3-15  
Galway 0-18       Kilkenny 2-22
      Tipperary 0-23
    Tipperary 6-19
Dublin 1-17     Limerick 2-07    
Limerick 2-18  

Championship facts[edit]


Player facts[edit]


The following players played their last game in the 2009 championship:

Player Team Date Opposition Game Début
Timmy McCarthy Cork July 18 Galway All-Ireland qualifiers 1999
Damien Fitzhenry Wexford July 25 Clare All-Ireland qualifiers 1993
Tony Griffin Clare July 25 Wexford All-Ireland qualifiers 2002
Niall Gilligan Clare July 25 Wexford All-Ireland qualifiers 1997
Ollie Moran Limerick August 16 Tipperary All-Ireland semi-final 1997
Mark Foley Limerick August 16 Tipperary All-Ireland semi-final 1995

Monthly awards[edit]

Month Vodafone Player of the Month Opel GPA Player of the Month
Player County Player County
May Stephen Banville Wexford Eoin Cadogan Cork
June Ken McGrath Waterford John Mullane Waterford
July Michael 'Brick' Walsh Waterford John Mullane Waterford
August Henry Shefflin Kilkenny Henry Shefflin Kilkenny
September P.J. Ryan Kilkenny Tommy Walsh Kilkenny


Top scorers overall[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Matches Average
1 Joe Canning Galway 3-46 54 5 10.80
2 Eoin Kelly Waterford 2-46 52 5 10.40
3 Alan McCrabbe Dublin 1-39 42 4 10.50
4 Henry Shefflin Kilkenny 2-38 44 4 11.00
5 Eoin Kelly Tipperary 2-30 36 5 7.20
6 Diarmuid Lyng Wexford 1-31 34 4 8.50
7 Lar Corbett Tipperary 6-11 29 5 5.80
8 Niall Healy Galway 5-9 24 5 4.80
Ben O'Connor Cork 0-24 24 3 8.00
10 Andrew O'Shaughnessy Limerick 1-20 23 6 3.83

Top scorers in a single game[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Opposition
1 Henry Shefflin Kilkenny 1-14 17 Waterford
2 Joe Canning Galway 2-09 15 Kilkenny
3 Niall Healy Galway 3-05 14 Laois
Diarmuid Lyng Wexford 1-11 14 Clare
5 Niall Gilligan Clare 1-10 13 Wexford
Joe Canning Galway 1-10 13 Laois
7 Alan McCrabbe Dublin 1-09 12 Antrim
Alan McCrabbe Dublin 0-12 12 Kilkenny
Eoin Kelly Waterford 0-12 12 Limerick
Colin Ryan Clare 0-12 12 Tipperary
Brian Carroll Offaly 0-12 12 Antrim
Eoin Kelly Waterford 0-12 12 Galway
Eoin Kelly Waterford 1-09 12 Kilkenny

Clean sheets[edit]

Rank Goalkeeper County Clean sheets
1 Brian Murray Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 3
2 P. J. Ryan Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny 2
Damien Fitzhenry Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford
Colm Callanan Colours of Galway.svg Galway
Clinton Hennessy Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
Gary Maguire Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin
7 Brendaan Cummins Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 1
Ryan McGarry Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim
Tadhg Doran Colours of Laois.svg Laois
Brian Mullins Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly


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