2009 South American Ski Mountaineering Championship

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The 2009 South American Ski Mountaineering Championship (Spanish: Campeonato Sudamericano de Esquí de Montaña) was the third edition of a South American continental championship of competition ski mountaineering, and the first that was sanctioned by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF), which emerged from the International Council for Ski Mountaineering Competitions (ISMC) in 2008. Furthermore, the competition was sanctioned by the Unión Panamericana de Montaña y Escalada (UPAME).

The event, carried out at Villa La Angostura from 22 to 23 August 2009, was organized by the Federación Argentina de Ski y Andinismo (FASA), the Club Andino Bariloche (CAB) and the local Club Andino Villa La Angostura (CAVLA). Participating were racers from Argentina and Chile as well as two French competitors, that did not appear in the continental ranking.


Event was held on the Cerro Bayo on August 23, 2009.

List of the best 10 participants by gender:



ranking participant total time
Med 1.png Argentina Mercedes Sahores 01h 30' 57"
Med 2.png Argentina Carolina Barbagallo 01h 46' 38"



ranking*) participant total time
Med 1.png Argentina Leonardo Proverbio 01h 04' 45"
Med 2.png Argentina Carlos Galosi 01h 12' 40"
Med 3.png Argentina Julián Casanova 01h 17' 21"
4 Argentina Luis José Quiroga 01h 18' 01"
5 Chile Oscar Commentz 01h 19' 11"
6 Argentina Carlos Cabezas 01h 21' 42"
7 Chile Federico Scheuch 01h 22' 05"
8 Argentina Martin Nicolas Bavdaz 01h 22' 19"
9 Argentina Alessandro Masperi 01h 22' 33"
10 Argentina Ezio Mucelli 01h 24' 08"

*) The French racers Jérôme Pezet (01h 03' 44") and Olivier Levasseur (01h 03' 45") finished first and second, but were no South American nationals.

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