200th New York State Legislature

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200th New York State Legislature
199th 201st
The facade of the New York State Capitol building in bright daylight
Jurisdiction New York, United States
Term January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014
Members 63
President Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy (D)
Temporary President Dean Skelos (R) / Jeffrey D. Klein (IDC)
Party control Republican/IDC
Members 150
Speaker Sheldon Silver (D)
Party control Democratic
1st January 9 – ?, 2013
2nd January 8 – ?, 2014

The 200th New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 9, 2013, to December 31, 2014, during the third and fourth years of Andrew Cuomo's governorship, in Albany

State Senate[edit]


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. Phil Boyle, George Latimer and George A. Amedore Jr. changed from the Assembly to the Senate.

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."

District Senator Party Notes
1st Kenneth LaValle* Republican
2nd John J. Flanagan* Republican
3rd Lee Zeldin Republican
4th Phil Boyle* Republican
5th Carl L. Marcellino* Republican
6th Kemp Hannon* Republican
7th Jack Martins* Republican
8th Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.* Republican
9th Dean Skelos* Republican co-Temporary President
10th James Sanders Jr. Democrat
11th Tony Avella* Democrat
12th Michael Gianaris* Democrat
13th Jose Peralta* Democrat
14th Malcolm Smith* Democrat
15th Joseph Addabbo Jr.* Democrat
16th Toby Ann Stavisky* Democrat
17th Simcha Felder Ind. Dem.[1]
18th Martin Malave Dilan* Democrat
19th John L. Sampson* Democrat
20th Eric Adams* Democrat
21st Kevin Parker* Democrat
22nd Martin Golden* Republican
23rd Diane Savino* Dem. (IDC)
24th Andrew Lanza* Republican
25th Velmanette Montgomery* Democrat
26th Daniel Squadron* Democrat
27th Brad Hoylman Democrat
28th Liz Krueger* Democrat
29th José M. Serrano* Democrat
30th Bill Perkins* Democrat
31st Adriano Espaillat* Democrat
32nd Rubén Díaz Sr.* Democrat
33rd Gustavo Rivera* Democrat
34th Jeffrey D. Klein* Dem. (IDC) co-Temporary President
35th Andrea Stewart-Cousins* Democrat Minority Leader
36th Ruth Hassell-Thompson* Democrat
37th George Latimer* Democrat
38th David Carlucci* Dem. (IDC)
39th William J. Larkin, Jr.* Republican
40th Greg Ball* Republican
41st Terry Gipson Democrat
42nd John Bonacic* Republican
43rd Kathy Marchione Republican
44th Neil Breslin* Democrat
45th Betty Little* Republican
46th George A. Amedore Jr.* Republican seat contested
Cecilia Tkaczyk Democrat seated on January 23, 2013[2]
47th Joseph Griffo* Republican
48th Patty Ritchie* Republican
49th Hugh T. Farley* Republican
50th John A. DeFrancisco* Republican
51st James L. Seward* Republican
52nd Thomas W. Libous* Republican
53rd David J. Valesky* Dem. (IDC)
54th Michael F. Nozzolio* Republican
55th Ted O'Brien Democrat
56th Joseph Robach* Republican
57th Catharine Young* Republican
58th Tom O'Mara* Republican
59th Patrick M. Gallivan* Republican
60th Mark Grisanti* Republican
61st Michael Ranzenhofer* Republican
62nd George D. Maziarz* Republican
63rd Timothy M. Kennedy* Democrat


  • Secretary: ?

State Assembly[edit]

Assembly members[edit]

The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."

District Assembly member Party Notes
1st Fred W. Thiele, Jr.* Ind./Dem.
2nd Daniel Losquadro* Republican
3rd Edward J. Hennessey Democrat
4th Steve Englebright* Democrat
5th Al Graf* Republican
6th Philip Ramos* Democrat
7th Andrew Garbarino Republican
8th Michael J. Fitzpatrick* Republican
9th Joseph Saladino* Republican
10th Chad Lupinacci Republican
11th Robert K. Sweeney* Democrat
12th Andrew Raia* Republican
13th Charles D. Lavine* Democrat
14th David McDonough* Republican
15th Michael Montesano* Republican
16th Michelle Schimel* Democrat
17th Thomas McKevitt* Republican
18th Earlene Hill Hooper* Democrat
19th Ed Ra* Republican
20th Harvey Weisenberg* Democrat
21st Brian F. Curran* Republican
22nd Michaelle C. Solages Democrat
23rd Phil Goldfeder* Democrat
24th David Weprin* Democrat
25th Nily Rozic Democrat
26th Edward Braunstein* Democrat
27th Michael Simanowitz* Democrat
28th Andrew Hevesi* Democrat
29th William Scarborough* Democrat
30th Margaret Markey* Democrat
31st Michele Titus* Democrat
32nd Vivian E. Cook* Democrat
33rd Barbara M. Clark* Democrat
34th Michael DenDekker* Democrat
35th Jeffrion L. Aubry* Democrat
36th Aravella Simotas* Democrat
37th Catherine Nolan* Democrat
38th Michael G. Miller* Democrat
39th Francisco Moya* Democrat
40th Ron Kim Democrat
41st Helene Weinstein* Democrat
42nd Rhoda S. Jacobs* Democrat
43rd Karim Camara* Democrat
44th James F. Brennan* Democrat
45th Steven Cymbrowitz* Democrat
46th Alec Brook-Krasny* Democrat
47th William Colton* Democrat
48th Dov Hikind* Democrat
49th Peter J. Abbate Jr.* Democrat
50th Joseph R. Lentol* Democrat
51st Félix W. Ortiz* Democrat
52nd Joan Millman* Democrat
53rd Vito J. Lopez* Democrat
54th Rafael Espinal* Democrat on November 5, 2013, elected to the New York City Council[3]
55th William Boyland Jr.* Democrat
56th Annette Robinson* Democrat
57th Walter T. Mosley Democrat
58th N. Nick Perry* Democrat
59th Alan Maisel* Democrat
60th Inez Barron* Democrat on November 5, 2013, elected to the New York City Council[4]
61st Matthew Titone* Democrat
62nd Joe Borelli Republican
63rd Michael Cusick* Democrat
64th Nicole Malliotakis* Republican
65th Sheldon Silver* Democrat re-elected Speaker
66th Deborah J. Glick* Democrat
67th Linda Rosenthal* Democrat
68th Robert J. Rodriguez* Democrat
69th Daniel J. O'Donnell* Democrat
70th Keith L. T. Wright* Democrat
71st Herman D. Farrell, Jr.* Democrat Chairman of Ways and Means
72nd Gabriela Rosa Democrat resigned in June 2014
73rd Dan Quart* Democrat
74th Brian P. Kavanagh* Democrat
75th Richard N. Gottfried* Democrat
76th Micah Kellner* Democrat
77th Vanessa Gibson* Democrat
78th Jose Rivera* Democrat
79th Eric Stevenson Democrat
80th Mark Gjonaj Democrat
81st Jeffrey Dinowitz* Democrat
82nd Michael Benedetto* Democrat
83rd Carl Heastie* Democrat
84th Carmen E. Arroyo* Democrat
85th Marcos Crespo* Democrat
86th Nelson Castro* Democrat
87th Luis R. Sepúlveda Democrat
88th Amy Paulin* Democrat
89th J. Gary Pretlow* Democrat
90th Shelley Mayer* Democrat
91st Steven Otis Democrat
92nd Thomas J. Abinanti* Democrat
93rd David Buchwald Democrat
94th Steve Katz* Republican
95th Sandy Galef* Democrat
96th Kenneth Zebrowski Jr.* Democrat
97th Ellen Jaffee* Democrat
98th Ann Rabbitt* Republican on November 5, 2013, elected County Clerk of Orange Co.[5]
99th James Skoufis Democrat
100th Aileen Gunther* Democrat
101st Claudia Tenney* Republican
102nd Pete Lopez* Republican
103rd Kevin A. Cahill* Democrat
104th Frank Skartados* Democrat
105th Kieran Lalor Republican
106th Didi Barrett* Democrat
107th Steven McLaughlin* Republican
108th John T. McDonald III Democrat
109th Patricia Fahy Democrat
110th Phillip Steck Democrat
111th Angelo Santabarbara Democrat
112th Jim Tedisco* Republican
113th Tony Jordan* Republican
114th Dan Stec Republican
115th Janet Duprey* Republican
116th Addie Jenne* Democrat
117th Ken Blankenbush* Republican
118th Marc W. Butler* Republican
119th Anthony Brindisi* Democrat
120th William Barclay* Republican
121st Bill Magee* Democrat
122nd Clifford Crouch* Republican
123rd Donna Lupardo* Democrat
124th Christopher S. Friend* Republican
125th Barbara Lifton* Democrat
126th Gary Finch* Republican
127th Albert A. Stirpe Jr. Democrat
128th Samuel D. Roberts* Democrat
129th William Magnarelli* Democrat
130th Bob Oaks* Republican
131st Brian Kolb* Republican Minority Leader
132nd Phil Palmesano* Republican
133rd Bill Nojay Republican
134th Bill Reilich* Republican
135th Mark C. Johns* Republican
136th Joseph D. Morelle* Democrat Majority Leader
137th David F. Gantt* Democrat
138th Harry Bronson* Democrat
139th Stephen Hawley* Republican
140th Robin Schimminger* Democrat
141st Crystal Peoples* Democrat
142nd Michael P. Kearns* Democrat
143rd Dennis Gabryszak* Democrat
144th Jane Corwin* Republican
145th John Ceretto* Republican
146th Raymond Walter* Republican
147th David DiPietro Republican
148th Joseph Giglio* Republican
149th Sean Ryan Democrat
150th Andy Goodell* Republican


  • Clerk: ?



  1. ^ Felder was elected as a Democrat but caucused with the Republicans
  2. ^ Cecilia Tkaczyk led by just 139 votes on election night, necessitating a recount. After recounting all counties, including absentee and affidavit ballots, Republican Assemblyman George Amedore led by just 111 votes with 875 challenged ballots remaining unopened. [1] After recounting less than half the challenged ballots, Amedore's lead shrank to just 39 votes. Amedore declared victory, and his victory was certified by judicial authority, but Tkaczyk appealed the decision on the remaining 450 ballots, insisting that, as they are primarily in Democratic leaning areas and Republican challenges, if they are counted, she would win the seat.[2] An appeal over 99 of the remaining 450 ballots, 90 of which were in Democratic leaning Ulster County, went to the New York Court of Appeals, the highest Court in the State. Tkaczyk prevailed and the ballots were opened on January 18, 2013. When the ballots were opened, Tkaczyk emerged as the winner.[3]
  3. ^ The seat remained vacant in 2014
  4. ^ The seat remained vacant in 2014
  5. ^ The seat remained vacant in 2014