2010–11 Tercera División

The 2010–11 Tercera División was the 5th edition since 2006 of the fourth tier of Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional known as the Liga de Fútbol Profesional and more La Liga, of professional football in Spain. Play started on 27 August 2010 and the season ended on 26 June 2011 with the promotion play-off finals. There were 360 clubs competing in Tercera División in the 2010–11 season, divided into 18 regional groups, accommodating between 19 and 21 clubs; the following clubs finished as champions of their respective groups The 18 group champion clubs participated in the Group Winners Promotion Play-off and the losers from these 9 play-off ties proceeded to the Non-champions Promotion Play-off with clubs finishing second third and fourth. Promoted to Segunda División B: Marino de Luanco, Valencia Mestalla, Amorebieta, Llagostera and Linense. Promoted to Segunda División B:Reus Deportiu, Olímpic Xàtiva, Manacor, Sp. Villanueva, Arandina, S. S. Reyes, Sestao River, Gimn. Segoviana and La Roda. Real Federación Española de Fútbol

SafeClear Program

The SafeClear Program is a traffic program in the city of Houston, United States. The program requires that vehicles which are stalled due to any reason on Houston freeways be towed; the purpose of the program is to reduce traffic congestion and to make freeways safer by making freeways clearer. The reasoning is; the program was created in 2005 by Houston Mayor Bill White. SafeClear required that the driver of the stalled vehicle pay to have it towed off the freeway, but at a lower rate than charged by towing companies; the rate was set by the city of Houston. The program was created to relieve the severe backups on Houston's freeways during the morning and evening rush hours and to make the freeways safer; the program encountered great controversy. Tow truck drivers claimed that the program hurt their business, leading nine wrecker companies to file lawsuits against the city. Mayor White testified in court in the case; the tow truck drivers claimed. In addition the SafeClear Program has been blamed for causing the deaths of people while trying to get their cars off the freeway without having to pay fees to the tow truck drivers.

State lawmakers were opposed to the program. State Senator and fellow Democrat John Whitmire marshaled 30 out of 31 Texas State Senators' votes to make the SafeClear program illegal, they demanded and received improvements to the program. Mayor White responded to the controversy and criticism by changing the rules of the program and the towing laws, including free towing for limited distances funded by the city. Distances after the initial mile could be set by the towing company. Improvements included strict licensing of SafeClear wreckers including criminal background checks and requiring revenue generated from the program to enter a mobility fund instead of general city coffers. White rode with a wrecker and conducted several studies of the program's effectiveness. With a budget shortfall, Mayor Annise Parker changed the structure in 2011 in which a modest fee charged to the vehicle owner of $50.00 for a tow and $30.00 for roadside assistance. For those that are unable to pay at the point of service, storage fees will be applied after the first 48 hours in addition to the $50 towing charge.

While the program has received stiff opposition, some studies have found that the program has helped. A study, conducted by Rice University and Texas A&M University one year after the program's implementation, found that the number of freeway crashes decreased by 10.4%, decreasing by nearly 2,000 crashes. According to these results, drivers in Houston saved $35 million by the implementation of the program; however Suzanne Poole, president of the Houston Professional Towing Association, says those numbers are misleading saying "The price increase in gas and a lot of people are carpooling or using mass transit which those figures are reflected in how many people are using the buses. But the wrecker drivers with the SafeClear program no longer call out officers to minor accidents, they give them the blue forms to send to the state. If they don't send those forms in, those accidents aren't reported. So the actual figures are inaccurate." However, Suzanne Poole's claims are not backed by substantial evidence.

A study by the city found that freeway crashes decreased by over 20%, over 1,000 crashes, during the first two years it was implemented. In regards to traffic congestion, a study by KHOU-TV found that average drive times increased at 86% of freeways into Houston six months after the program was implemented compared to before the program. However, some claim that more cars were on the roads during these six months and that construction on the freeways on U. S. Route 59, caused drive times to increase. Official City Of Houston SafeClear Program

Aore Island

Aore Island is an island in Sanma Province, Vanuatu. It is located opposite Luganville on Espiritu Santo and has an area of 58 km2; the estimated terrain elevation above sea level is some 89 meters. Aore's climate is humid tropical; the average annual rainfall is about 3000 mm. The island is subject to frequent earthquakes; the Aore language is spoken on the island. Aore Island has fishing. There are numerous resorts on the island catering for tourists and baptisms. Aore Island is a haven for divers, being right on the doorstep of reef diving. Several of the wreck dives include the SS President Coolidge, SS Tucker, the MV Henry Bonneaud. Whether at anchor or trolling along the pristine coastline, anglers from novice to the most experienced enjoy outstanding year-round fishing in Aore and the clear blue waters of Espiritu Santo and its neighbouring islands. Tourism and plantations are Aore Islands main provider of employment and economic revenue; the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been active on Aore Island since the early 20th century, operates a co-educational boarding secondary school, Aore Adventist Academy located on the mid-south coast of the island.

Youth With A Mission is a Christian organization which runs a school for youth to be involved in Disciple Training Schools or further training. A DTS runs for about 6 months; the first half involves life changing teaching from teachers around the world. The second half is outreach, so the students will leave Aore Island for another destination in the world and share their faith in God; the base is found on the south west side of Aore Island. Large colonies of bats occupy the island's many caves