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The following lists events in the year 2014 in Turkey.




  • 3 January – Turkish lira falls on world currency markets following moves by Central Bank to halt capital flight and strong criticism by Prime Minister Erdogan.[1]
  • 20 January – Two car bombs kill at least 16 people in an attack on a border post on the Turkish-Syrian border.[2]
  • 28 January – Turkish lira and other emerging market currencies fall further, despite doubling of interest rate by Central Bank.[3]


  • 7 February – A plane is forced to land in Turkey following a bomb threat from a passenger[4] on board a flight from Kharkov in Ukraine.
  • 9 February – Tear gas and water cannons used by the Erdoğan government against street protests against his government's internet restrictions.[5]
  • 10 February – Stalled negotiations over Cyprus resume between Turkish and Greek governments.[6]




Justice and Development Party fans celebrating victory of Erdoğan in front of the AK Party headquarter after Turkish Presidential election, Ankara.


  • 10 October – 36 killed during mass protests across Turkey in protests over Ankara's policies towards the ISIL.


  • 1 November – Turkey breaks from its policy of preventing Kurdish fighters from entering Syria and allows 150 Iraqi Peshmerga to cross into Kobanê.
  • 3 November – A small boat carrying asylum seekers sinks in the Black Sea near Istanbul resulting in at least 21 deaths.
  • 28 November – Pope Francis visits Turkey, calling for interfaith dialogue and an end to Islamic extremism, and meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Bartholomew I of Constantinople.


  • 1 December – Russia abandons its plans for the South Stream pipeline to Bulgaria due to European Union objections instead looking at a pipeline to Turkey.


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