2015 Major League Baseball draft

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2015 MLB draft
Date(s) June 8–10, 2015
Location Secaucus, New Jersey
Network(s) (US) MLB Network
First selection Dansby Swanson
Arizona Diamondbacks
First round selections 42
Overall selections 1,215

The 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) First-Year Player Draft was held from June 8 through June 10, 2015, to assign amateur baseball players to MLB teams. The draft order is the reverse order of the 2014 MLB season standings, as the Diamondbacks finished the 2014 season with the worst record, they had the first overall selection. In addition, the Houston Astros had the 2nd pick of the 2015 draft, as compensation for failing to sign Brady Aiken, the first overall selection of the 2014 MLB Draft.

Twelve free agents received and rejected qualifying offers of $15.3 million for the 2015 season, entitling their teams to compensatory draft choices if they are signed by another team. The team signing the player will lose their first round choice, though the first ten picks are protected,[1] the New York Mets surrendered their first round pick (15th overall) to sign Michael Cuddyer, while the Colorado Rockies gained a supplementary pick.[2] The Toronto Blue Jays lost their pick for signing Russell Martin, giving a compensatory pick to the Pittsburgh Pirates,[3] the Boston Red Sox surrendered their second- and third-round picks (Boston's first pick is protected) to sign Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramírez. The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers received supplementary picks.[4]

Dean Kremer became the first ever Israeli drafted in an MLB draft, when selected in the 39th round, by the Padres.[5]

First round selections[edit]

* Player did not sign
Pick Player Team Position School
1 Swanson, DansbyDansby Swanson Arizona Diamondbacks Shortstop Vanderbilt
2 Bregman, AlexAlex Bregman Houston Astros[Compensation 1] Shortstop LSU
3 Rodgers, BrendanBrendan Rodgers Colorado Rockies Shortstop Lake Mary High School (FL)
4 Tate, DillonDillon Tate Texas Rangers Right-handed pitcher UC Santa Barbara
5 Tucker, KyleKyle Tucker Houston Astros Outfielder H.B. Plant High School (FL)
6 Jay, TylerTyler Jay Minnesota Twins Left-handed pitcher Illinois
7 Benintendi, AndrewAndrew Benintendi Boston Red Sox Outfielder Arkansas
8 Fulmer, CarsonCarson Fulmer Chicago White Sox Right-handed pitcher Vanderbilt
9 Happ, IanIan Happ Chicago Cubs Outfielder Cincinnati
10 Randolph, CorneliusCornelius Randolph Philadelphia Phillies Shortstop Griffin High School (GA)
11 Stephenson, TylerTyler Stephenson Cincinnati Reds Catcher Kennesaw Mountain High School (GA)
12 Naylor, JoshJosh Naylor Miami Marlins First baseman St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School (ON)
13 Whitley, GarrettGarrett Whitley Tampa Bay Rays Outfielder Niskayuna High School (NY)
14 Allard, KolbyKolby Allard Atlanta Braves Left-handed pitcher San Clemente High School (CA)
15 Clark, TrentTrent Clark Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Richland High School (TX)
16 Kaprielian, JamesJames Kaprielian New York Yankees Right-handed pitcher UCLA
17 Aiken, BradyBrady Aiken Cleveland Indians Left-handed pitcher IMG Academy (FL)
18 Bickford, PhilPhil Bickford San Francisco Giants Right-handed pitcher College of Southern Nevada
19 Newman, KevinKevin Newman Pittsburgh Pirates Shortstop Arizona
20 Martin, RichieRichie Martin Oakland Athletics Shortstop Florida
21 Russell, AsheAshe Russell Kansas City Royals Right-handed pitcher Cathedral High School (IN)
22 Burrows, BeauBeau Burrows Detroit Tigers Right-handed pitcher Weatherford High School (TX)
23 Plummer, NickNick Plummer St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Brother Rice High School (MI)
24 Buehler, WalkerWalker Buehler Los Angeles Dodgers Right-handed pitcher Vanderbilt
25 Stewart, D. J.D. J. Stewart Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Florida State
26 Ward, TaylorTaylor Ward Los Angeles Angels Catcher Fresno State

Compensatory round[edit]

Pick Player Team Position School
27 Nikorak, MikeMike Nikorak Colorado Rockies[Compensation 2] Right-handed pitcher Stroudsburg High School (PA)
28 Soroka, MikeMike Soroka Atlanta Braves[Compensation 3] Right-handed pitcher Bishop Carroll High School (AB)
29 Harris, JonJon Harris Toronto Blue Jays[Compensation 4] Right-handed pitcher Missouri State
30 Holder, KyleKyle Holder New York Yankees[Compensation 5] Shortstop San Diego
31 Shaw, ChrisChris Shaw San Francisco Giants[Compensation 6] First baseman Boston College
32 Hayes, Ke'BryanKe'Bryan Hayes Pittsburgh Pirates[Compensation 7] Third baseman Concordia Lutheran High School (TX)
33 Watson, NolanNolan Watson Kansas City Royals[Compensation 8] Right-handed pitcher Lawrence North High School (IN)
34 Stewart, ChristinChristin Stewart Detroit Tigers[Compensation 9] Outfielder Tennessee
35 Funkhouser, KyleKyle Funkhouser* Los Angeles Dodgers[Compensation 10] Right-handed pitcher Louisville
36 Mountcastle, RyanRyan Mountcastle Baltimore Orioles[Compensation 11] Shortstop Hagerty High School (FL)

Competitive Balance Round A[edit]

Pick Player Team Position School
37 Cameron, DazDaz Cameron Houston Astros[Trades 1] Outfielder Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (GA)
38 Nevin, TylerTyler Nevin Colorado Rockies Third baseman Poway High School (CA)
39 Woodford, JakeJake Woodford St. Louis Cardinals Right-handed pitcher H.B. Plant High School (FL)
40 Kirby, NathanNathan Kirby Milwaukee Brewers Left-handed pitcher Virginia
41 Riley, AustinAustin Riley Atlanta Braves[Trades 2] Third baseman DeSoto Central High School (MS)
42 McKenzie, TristonTriston McKenzie Cleveland Indians Right-handed pitcher Royal Palm Beach High School (FL)

Other notable selections[edit]

Round Pick Player Team Position School
2 43 Young, AlexAlex Young Arizona Diamondbacks Left-handed pitcher Texas Christian University
2 46 Eshelman, TomTom Eshelman Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Cal State Fullerton
2 47 Dewees, DonnieDonnie Dewees Chicago Cubs Outfielder North Florida
2 48 Kingery, ScottScott Kingery Philadelphia Phillies Infielder Arizona
2 53 Lindsay, DesmondDesmond Lindsay New York Mets Outfielder Out-of-Door Academy (FL)
2 55 Ponce, CodyCody Ponce Milwaukee Brewers Right-handed pitcher Cal Poly Pomona
2 56 Singer, BradyBrady Singer* Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Eustis High School (FL)
2 60 Neidert, NickNick Neidert Seattle Mariners Pitcher Peachtree Ridge High School (GA)
2 61 Suarez, AndrewAndrew Suarez San Francisco Giants Left-handed pitcher Miami
2 62 Kramer, KevinKevin Kramer Pittsburgh Pirates Second baseman UCLA
2 63 White, MikeyMikey White Oakland Athletics Shortstop Alabama
2 64 Staumont, JoshJosh Staumont Kansas City Royals Pitcher Azusa Pacific
2 65 Alexander, TylerTyler Alexander Detroit Tigers Pitcher TCU
2 66 Denton, BryceBryce Denton St. Louis Cardinals Third baseman Ravenwood High School (TN)
2 70 Jones, JahmaiJahmai Jones Los Angeles Angels Outfielder Wesleyan School (GA)
2 73 Cody, KyleKyle Cody* Minnesota Twins Right-handed pitcher Kentucky
2 74 Sborz, JoshJosh Sborz Los Angeles Dodgers[Trades 3] Right-handed pitcher Virginia
2 75 Minter, A. J.A. J. Minter Atlanta Braves[Trades 4] Pitcher Texas A&M
3 76 Clarke, TaylorTaylor Clarke Arizona Diamondbacks Right-handed pitcher College of Charleston
3 78 Matuella, MichaelMichael Matuella Texas Rangers Right-handed pitcher Duke
3 79 Ferrell, RileyRiley Ferrell Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Texas Christian
3 80 Blankenhorn, TravisTravis Blankenhorn Minnesota Twins Third baseman Pottsville Area High School (PA)
3 84 Trahan, BlakeBlake Trahan Cincinnati Reds Shortstop Louisiana-Lafayette
3 86 Nix, JacobJacob Nix San Diego Padres Right-handed pitcher IMG Academy (FL)
3 88 Wotell, MaxMax Wotell New York Mets Pitcher Marvin Ridge High School (NC)
3 91 Maese, JustinJustin Maese Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Ysleta High School (TX)
3 100 Bader, HarrisonHarrison Bader St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Florida
3 101 Pfeifer, PhilipPhilip Pfeifer Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Vanderbilt
3 103 Wiseman, RhettRhett Wiseman Washington Nationals Outfielder Vanderbilt
3 104 Long, GraysonGrayson Long Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Texas A&M
4 111 Matheny, TateTate Matheny Boston Red Sox Outfielder Missouri State
4 114 Martin, KyleKyle Martin Philadelphia Phillies First baseman South Carolina
4 116 Poteet, CodyCody Poteet Miami Marlins Pitcher UCLA
4 119 Thompson, DavidDavid Thompson New York Mets Third baseman Miami
4 121 Orimoloye, DemiDemi Orimoloye Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder St. Matthew High School (ON)
4 126 Marshall, MacMac Marshall San Francisco Giants Left-handed pitcher Chipola
4 131 DeJong, PaulPaul DeJong St. Louis Cardinals Infielder Illinois State
4 132 Calhoun, WillieWillie Calhoun Los Angeles Dodgers Second baseman Yavapai
4 133 McKenna, RyanRyan McKenna Baltimore Orioles Outfielder St. Thomas Aquinas High School (NH)
4 134 Riviera III, MarianoMariano Riviera III Washington Nationals Right-handed pitcher Iona
5 142 Stephens, JordanJordan Stephens Chicago White Sox Pitcher Rice
5 143 Kellogg, RyanRyan Kellogg Chicago Cubs Pitcher Arizona State
5 148 McCarthy, JoeJoe McCarthy Tampa Bay Rays Outfielder Virginia
5 149 Szapucki, ThomasThomas Szapucki New York Mets Pitcher William T. Dwyer High School (FL)
5 154 Tom, Ka'aiKa'ai Tom Cleveland Indians Outfielder Kentucky
5 155 Jackson, DrewDrew Jackson Seattle Mariners Shortstop Stanford
5 164 Hearn, TaylorTaylor Hearn Washington Nationals Pitcher San Jacinto
6 171 Lakins, TravisTravis Lakins Boston Red Sox Pitcher Ohio State
6 173 Berg, DavidDavid Berg Chicago Cubs Right-handed pitcher UCLA
6 186 Duggar, StevenSteven Duggar San Francisco Giants Outfielder Clemson
6 188 Derby, BubbaBubba Derby Oakland Athletics Pitcher San Diego State
7 201 Taylor, BenBen Taylor Boston Red Sox Right-handed pitcher South Alabama
7 210 Weigel, PatrickPatrick Weigel Atlanta Braves Pitcher Houston
8 229 Stubbs, GarrettGarrett Stubbs Houston Astros Catcher Southern California
8 231 Allen, LoganLogan Allen Boston Red Sox Pitcher IMG Academy (FL)
8 254 Glover, KodaKoda Glover Washington Nationals Pitcher Oklahoma State
9 260 Wade, LaMonteLaMonte Wade Minnesota Twins Outfielder Maryland
9 272 Conde, VinceVince Conde New York Yankees Shortstop Vanderbilt
10 294 Tobias, JoshJosh Tobias Philadelphia Phillies Second baseman Florida
10 303 Reeves, JamesJames Reeves New York Yankees Pitcher The Citadel
11 327 Kennedy, BrettBrett Kennedy San Diego Padres Pitcher Fordham
11 333 Rogers, JoshJosh Rogers New York Yankees Pitcher Louisville
13 381 Kent, MattMatt Kent Boston Red Sox Pitcher Texas A&M
13 403 Mullins, CedricCedric Mullins Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Campbell
13 404 Schrock, MaxMax Schrock Washington Nationals Second baseman South Carolina
14 430 Simcox, A. J.A. J. Simcox Detroit Tigers Shortstop Tennessee
15 449 Conlon, P. J.P. J. Conlon New York Mets Pitcher San Diego
18 519 Humphreys, JordanJordan Humphreys New York Mets Pitcher Crystal River High School (FL)
27 824 Brinley, RyanRyan Brinley Washington Nationals Pitcher Sam Houston State
29 871 Everett, DonnyDonny Everett* Milwaukee Brewers Right-handed pitcher Clarksville High School (TN)
34 1034 Watson, TylerTyler Watson Washington Nationals Pitcher Perry High School (AZ)
37 1099 Baker, LukenLuken Baker* Houston Astros Right-handed pitcher Oak Ridge High School (TX)

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Compensation picks
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  1. ^ The Astros acquired the 37th pick from the Miami Marlins along with Jake Marisnick, Colin Moran, and Francis Martes for Jarred Cosart, Enrique Hernández, and Austin Wates.[6]
  2. ^ The Braves acquired the 41st pick from the San Diego Padres along with Carlos Quentin, Cameron Maybin, Matt Wisler, and Jordan Paroubeck in exchange for Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton, Jr.[7]
  3. ^ The Dodgers acquired the 74th pick, Ryan Webb, and Brian Ward from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Ben Rowen and Chris O'Brien.[8]
  4. ^ The Braves acquired the 75th pick from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Víctor Reyes.[9]


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