2016–17 Copa Catalunya

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2016–17 Copa Catalunya
Catalonia Cup
Country Catalonia
Teams 30
Matches played 28
Goals scored 66 (2.36 per match)

The 2016–17 Copa Catalunya was the 28th staging of the Copa Catalunya. The competition began on 30 July 2016 and was played by teams in Segunda División, Segunda División B, Tercera División and the top teams of Primera Catalana.

Qualified teams[edit]

The following teams compete in the 2016–17 Copa Catalunya.

3 teams of 2015–16 Segunda División

9 teams of 2015–16 Segunda División B

16 teams of 2015–16 Tercera División

2 teams of 2015–16 Primera Catalana


First round[edit]

Second round[edit]

Third round[edit]

Fourth round[edit]



Gimnàstic 0–0 Girona
Uche Penalty missed
Muñiz Penalty scored
José Carlos Penalty scored
Xavi Molina Penalty scored
Ferrán Giner Penalty scored
4–3 Penalty scored Granell
Penalty scored Sandaza
Penalty missed Longo
Penalty scored Eloi
Penalty missed Marí
Camp Municipal d'Olot, Olot
Attendance: 3,317
Referee: Sauleda Torrent
GK 33 Spain José Perales
RB 2 Spain Gerard Valentín Substituted off 76'
CB 3 Spain Ruxi Substituted off 72'
CB 4 Spain Xavi Molina (c)
LB 21 Spain Ferrán Giner
DM 6 France Wilfried Zahibo
DM 22 Spain Marc Vadillo
RW 7 Spain José Carlos Yellow card 88'
AM 10 Spain Juan Muñiz
LW 12 Ivory Coast Jean Luc
CF 14 Nigeria Ike Uche
GK 1 Spain Manolo Reina
DF 5 Spain Roger Figueras Substituted in 72'
MF 8 Spain Brugui
FW 9 Spain Iván Vidal
MF 11 Spain Avi
MF 15 Spain Adri Gimeno
MF 18 Spain Gabri Vidal Substituted in 76'
DF 20 Spain Iván de Nova
FW 25 Cameroon Achille Emaná
Spain Juan Merino
GK 1 Spain René Román
RB 17 Spain Cifu Substituted off 79'
CB 2 Spain Pablo Marí
CB 22 Spain Kiko Olivas
LB 11 Spain Aday Benítez Substituted off 79'
CM 14 Spain Rubén Alcaraz Substituted off 79'
CM 27 Spain Marc Carbó
RW 17 Spain Felipe Sanchón Substituted off 64'
AM 10 Spain Eloi Amagat (c)
LW 23 Spain Juan Cámara Substituted off 64'
CF 16 Spain Cristian Herrera Substituted off 79'
GK 13 Poland Marcel Lizak
MF 6 Spain Álex Granell Substituted in 79'
MF 9 Spain Portu Substituted in 79'
FW 12 Italy Samuele Longo Substituted in 79'
MF 20 Spain Sebas Coris Substituted in 64'
FW 21 Spain Fran Sandaza Yellow card 84' Substituted in 64'
MF 24 Spain Borja García
DF 25 Spain Pablo Maffeo
DF 29 Spain Chele Substituted in 79'
Spain Pablo Machín

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