2016 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

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2016 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
Championship details
Dates1 May 2016 — 4 September 2016
All-Ireland champions
Winning teamTipperary (27th win)
CaptainBrendan Maher
ManagerMichael Ryan
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing teamKilkenny
CaptainShane Prendergast
ManagerBrian Cody
Provincial champions
ConnachtNot Played
Championship statistics
No. matches played21
Goals total47 (2.2 per match)
Points total790 (37.6 per match)
Top ScorerColours of Offaly.svg Shane Dooley (4-46)
Player of the YearColours of Monaghan.svg Austin Gleeson
All-Star TeamSee here

The 2016 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship was the 129th staging of the All-Ireland championship since its establishment by the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1887. It is the top tier of senior inter-county championship hurling.[1]

The championship began on 1 May 2016 and ended on 4 September 2016.

Kilkenny were the defending champions.[2] Kerry qualified for the competition for the first time since 2004

Tipperary won the title for the 27th time and for the first time since 2010, defeating Kilkenny in the final, 2–29 to 2–20.[3][4]


The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is a double-elimination tournament based on the Leinster and Munster provincial championships. Fourteen teams take part.

Leinster and Munster Hurling Championships[edit]

Leinster Senior Hurling Championship

Seven Leinster counties compete. Galway and Kerry, though not in Leinster, also participate. The competition begins with a qualifier group consisting of the four weakest teams. Two teams from the qualifier group progress and the remainder of the competition is knock-out. Most of the beaten teams enter the All-Ireland qualifiers – the two bottom teams in the Leinster qualifier group do not.

In 2016 the bottom team in the Leinster qualifier group will be relegated to next year's Christy Ring Cup (2nd tier). Their place in next year's Leinster qualifier group will be taken by the winner of 2016’s Christy Ring Cup.

Kerry qualified for this year's Leinster Championship by winning the 2015 Christy Ring Cup.

Munster Senior Hurling Championship

Five Munster counties compete. Kerry participates in The Leinster Hurling Championship (see above). The competition has a knock-out format. All of the beaten teams enter the All-Ireland qualifiers.


All teams beaten in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Leinster and Munster Hurling Championships enter the All-Ireland hurling qualifiers which are knock-out. The qualifiers eventually result in two teams who play the beaten finalists of the Leinster and Munster championships in the two All-Ireland quarter-finals.


The Leinster and Munster champions play the winners of the two quarter finals in the semi-finals. The final normally takes place on the first Sunday in September.

Non-participating Provincial Championships[edit]

Connacht and Ulster teams can qualify for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship by winning the Christy Ring Cup (tier 2).

Connacht Senior Hurling Championship

This competition is no longer organised. Galway represent Connacht and participate in the Leinster Championship.

Ulster Senior Hurling Championship

Although this competition takes place, it is not part of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. Currently no Ulster teams qualify for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Changes from 2015 championship[edit]

Hawkeye was used for the first time in the Munster Hurling Championship in Thurles when Tipperary played Cork on 22 May 2016. Previously it was only installed in Croke Park.[5]


Matches will be broadcast live on television in Ireland on RTÉ and Sky Sports, and in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports. Worldwide coverage will be provided on GAAGO.[6]

RTÉ coverage will be shown on RTÉ One on The Sunday Game Live presented by Michael Lyster in high definition. Des Cahill will present The Sunday Game highlights and analysis show on Sunday evening.[7]

These matches were broadcast live on television in Ireland

Round RTÉ Sky Sports
Munster Championship Tipperary vs Cork
Waterford vs Clare
Tipperary vs Limerick
Tipperary vs Waterford

Leinster Championship Dublin vs Wexford
Kilkenny vs Galway
Kilkenny vs Dublin
Qualifiers Wexford vs Offaly Cork vs Dublin
Cork vs Wexford
Clare vs Limerick
Quarter-Finals Waterford vs Wexford
Clare vs Galway
Semi-Finals Kilkenny vs Waterford
Kilkenny vs Waterford (replay)
Tipperary vs Galway
Kilkenny vs Waterford
Kilkenny vs Waterford (replay)
Tipperary vs Galway
Final Kilkenny vs Tipperary Kilkenny vs Tipperary

Provincial Championships[edit]

Leinster Senior Hurling Championship[edit]

Leinster Format[edit]

Nine counties compete - seven from Leinster plus Galway and Kerry. Last year's Leinster champions receive a bye into the semi-final. The championship begins with a qualifier group involving the four weakest teams. The group winners and runners-up join four of the five strongest teams in the three Leinster quarter finals.

Leinster Qualifier Group[edit]

Leinster Qualifier Group Table[edit]
Team Pld W D L SF SA SD Pts
1 Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 3 3 0 0 3-62 4-39 +20 6
2 Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 3 2 0 1 5-47 4-53 -3 4
3 Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 3 1 0 2 3-52 4-54 -5 2
4 Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 3 0 0 3 4-43 3-58 -12 0
Green background (rows 1 and 2) are the teams that earn a place in the quarter-finals of this year's Leinster Championship.

Red background (row 4) are relegated and play in the Christy Ring Cup next year. The winners of this year's Christy Ring Cup (Meath) are promoted in their place to the qualifier group of next year's Leinster Championship.

Leinster Qualifier Group Round 1[edit]
Leinster Qualifier Group Round 2[edit]
Leinster Qualifier Group Round 3[edit]

Leinster Knock-out[edit]

=Leinster Quarter-Finals===== ====Leinster Semi-Finals==== ====Leinster Final[edit]

Wexford : 1-23 (26) Wexford : 0-18 (18) Kilkenny : 0-25 (25) Laois : 0-12 (12) Kilkenny : 1-18 (21) Galway : 2-15 (21)

Offaly : 2-14 (20) Dublin : 1-14 (17) Dublin : 2-19 (25) Galway : 5-18 (33)

Westmeath : 0-14 (14) Galway : 2-25 (31)

Munster Quarter-Final==== ====Munster Semi-Finals==== ====Munster Final[edit]

Waterford : 1-16 (19) Tipperary : 2-18 (24) Tipperary : 2-19 (25) Limerick : 0-24 (24) Clare : 1-16 (19) Limerick : 3-17 (26)

                                        Limerick     : 0-24 (24) 
                                        Cork         : 0-15 (15)

Qualifiers Rd1[edit]

Offaly : 0-14 (14) Waterford : 1-26 (29)

Dublin : 1-16 (19) Clare : 2-18 (24)

Westmeath : 0-12 (12) Wexford : 5-20 (35)

Cork : 4-24 (36) Laois : 0-10 (10)

Qualifiers Rd2[edit]

Cork : 2-23 (29) Wexford : 1-22 (25) A.E.T.

Clare : 0-19 (19) Waterford : 0-12 (12)

All-Ireland Series[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final

Clare : 3-13 (22) Kilkenny : 0-25 (25) Kilkenny : 3-16 (25) Galway : 0-13 (13) Clare : 1-13 (16) Tipperary : 2-14 (20)

Cork : 2-13 (19) Tipperary : 2-21 (27) Limerick : 1-24 (27) Limerick : 1-20 (23)

Leinster Semi-Finals[edit]

Last year's Leinster champions receive a bye into the semi-finals. They are joined by the winners of the three quarter-finals.

Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin0-16 - 1-25Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
D Treacy (0-11, 0-10 frees); D O’Callaghan (0-2); É Dillon, D Plunkett, P Ryan (0-1). Report TJ Reid (0-10, 0-7 frees, 0-1 ’65); JJ Farrell (1-5); C Buckley, W Walsh, M Fennelly (0-2); P Walsh, C Fogarty, L Ryan, C Fennelly (0-1).
Attendance: 10,419
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)

Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly2-9 - 2-19Colours of Galway.svg Galway
S Dooley (1-5, 1-0 pen, 0-4 frees), J Bergin (1-1), J Mulrooney (0-1), D Mooney (0-1), P Murphy (0-1). Report J Canning (0-8, 0-06 frees, 0-1 '65), C Cooney (1-3), N Burke (1-0), David Burke (0-2), J Cooney (0-2), P Mannion (0-2), C Whelan (0-1), C Donnellan (0-1).
Attendance: 6,121
Referee: C Lyons (Cork)

Leinster Final[edit]
Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny1-26 - 0-22Colours of Galway.svg Galway
TJ Reid 0-10 (0-7f, 1 65), J Farrell 1-4, R Hogan 0-5, C Fogarty 0-3, W Walsh 0-2, J Power 0-1, M Fennelly 0-1. Report J Canning 0-6 (0-6f), C Mannion 0-5, C Cooney 0-3, C Whelan 0-3, J Cooney 0-2, D Glennon 0-1, C Donnellan 0-1, A Smith 0-1.
Attendance: 29,377
Referee: F. Horgan (Tipperary)

Munster Senior Hurling Championship[edit]

Munster Format[edit]

Five of the six Munster counties compete. Kerry qualify for the qualifier group of the Leinster championship. The competition is straight knock-out.

Munster Quarter-Final[edit]

Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary0-22 - 0-13Colours of Cork.svg Cork
S Callanan 0-8 (4f), J O’Dwyer 0-7 (2f, 1 65), N McGrath 0-2, Pádraic Maher, B Maher, J McGrath, J Forde & K Bergin 0-1 each. Report P Horgan 0-4f, A Cadogan 0-3, C Lehane 0-2 (1f), C Murphy, B Lawton, S Harnedy & L O’Farrell 0-1 each.
Attendance: 29,114
Referee: B Kelly (Westmeath)

Munster Semi-Finals[edit]

Colours of Clare.svg Clare0-17 – 1-21Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
C McGrath, C O’Connell (0-3, 2 frees each); P Collins, C Ryan (1 65’) (0-2 each); C Cleary, C Galvin, T Kelly, J Conlon, B Bugler, D Fitzgerald, D Reidy (0-1 each). Report Pauric Mahony (5 frees), A Gleeson (1 sideline) (0-6 each); M Shanahan (1-2); K Moran (0-3); D Fives, Shane Bennett, Philip Mahony, J Dillon (0-1 each).
Attendance: 19,715
Referee: J Owens (Wexford)

Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary3-12 – 1-16Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick
S Callanan (1-6, 0-3 frees, 0-2 65s); M Breen (2-1); N McGrath (0-3); J McGrath, Pádraic Maher (0-1 each). Report S Dowling (0-9, 8 frees); T Morrissey (1-0); D Hannon (0-2); B Nash, C Lynch, G Hegarty, J Ryan, J Fitzgibbon (0-1 each).
Attendance: 25,531
Referee: J McGrath (Westmeath)

Munster Final[edit]

Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford0-13 – 5-19Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
Pauric Mahony (0-6, 4 frees); P. Curran (0-5, 3 frees); A. Gleeson (0-2, sidelines) Report S. Callanan (1-11, 8 frees, 1 65); J. McGrath (3-2, 1-0 pen); M. Breen (1-1); Pádraic Maher, N. McGrath, Patrick Maher, J. Forde, A. McCormack (0-1 each)
Attendance: 26,508
Referee: Brian Gavin (Offaly)

All-Ireland Qualifiers[edit]

All qualifier matches are knock-out.

Qualifiers Round 1[edit]

Qualifiers Round 1 Format[edit]

The eight teams beaten in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Leinster (5 teams) and Munster (3 teams) provincial championships play in four matches.[8] A draw is made that ensures there are three matches between Leinster and Munster teams and one match between two Leinster teams.

Qualifiers Round 1 Matches[edit]

Qualifiers Round 2[edit]

Qualifiers Round 2 Format[edit]

The four winners of round 1 play in two matches. The draw was made on 4 July.[9] Teams who have already met in the Leinster or Munster championships cannot be drawn to meet again.

Qualifiers Round 2 Matches[edit]

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship[edit]

Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
13th August, Semple Stadium
Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny2-19
24th July, Semple Stadium
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford2-17
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford0-21
4 September, Croke Park
Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford0-11
Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny 2-20
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 2-29
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
14th August, Croke Park
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary2-19
24th July, Semple Stadium
Colours of Galway.svg Galway2-18
Colours of Galway.svg Galway2-17
Colours of Clare.svg Clare0-17

All-Ireland Quarter-Finals[edit]

The beaten finalists from the Leinster and Munster championships play the winners of round 2 of the qualifiers.

Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford0-21 – 0-11Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford
Pauric Mahony 0-8 (6f), A Gleeson 0-2, J Barron 0-2, S Bennett 0-2, M Walsh 0-2, M Shanahan 0-2, B O’Halloran 0-2, J Dillon 0-1 Report C McDonald 0-5 (4f), L Chin 0-2, É Martin 0-1, L Ryan 0-1, J O’Connor 0-1, D Dunne 0-1
Attendance: 31,690
Referee: A Kelly (Galway)

Colours of Galway.svg Galway2-17 – 0-17Colours of Clare.svg Clare
J Canning (1-8, 0-6 frees, 2 65s); C Cooney (1-0); J Cooney, David Burke (0-2 each); J Coen, P Mannion, C Donnellan, C Mannion, A Harte (0-1 each). Report T Kelly (0-7, 6 frees); C Galvin (0-5); C McGrath, C Ryan (frees) (0-2 each); D McInerney (0-1).
Attendance: 31,690
Referee: Brian Gavin (Offaly)

All-Ireland Semi-Finals[edit]

The Leinster and Munster champions play the winners of the two quarter-finals.

Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny1-21 – 0-24Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
TJ Reid 0-11 (0-10f, 0-1 ’65), W Walsh 1-1, R Hogan 0-4, C Fogarty 0-2, E Larkin, M Fennelly, C Fennelly 0-1 each. Report Pauric Mahony 0-14 (0-10f, 0-1 ’65), A Gleeson 0-5, J Dillon 0-2, K Moran, P Curran, M Shanahan 0-1 each.
Attendance: 34,432
Referee: J Owens (Wexford)
Semi-final replay
Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny2-19 – 2-17Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
C Fennelly 2-1, TJ Reid 0-7 (6fs), R Hogan 0-4, L Blanchfield 0-3, P Walsh 0-2, E Larkin 0-1, W Walsh 0-1. Report Pauric Mahony 0-9 (7fs), A Gleeson 1-2, J Dillon 1-0, Shane Bennett 0-2, J Barron 0-2, M Shanahan 0-2.
Attendance: 30,058
Referee: James McGrath (Westmeath)
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary2-19 – 2-18Colours of Galway.svg Galway
S Callanan 0-9 (0-8f, 0-1 ’65), J McGrath 1-1, J O'Dwyer 1-0, N McGrath, M Breen 0-3 each, R Maher, P Maher, B Maher 0-1 each. Report C Cooney 1-7 (0-5f), J Canning 0-5 (0-3f, 0-1 ’65), J Cooney 1-1, C Whelan 0-2, S Mlaoney, D Burke, J Flynn 0-1 each.
Attendance: 54,227
Referee: B Kelly (Westmeath)

All-Ireland Final[edit]

Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny2-20 – 2-29Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
TJ Reid (0-11, 0-10f, 0-01 65), K Kelly (1-02), R Hogan (1-01), E Larkin (0-02), P Walsh (0-02), W Walsh (0-01), C Buckley (0-01). Report S Callanan (0-13, 0-03f, 1 65), J O'Dwyer (1-05, 1 s/l, 0-01f), J McGrath (1-03), Patrick Maher (0-02), J Forde (0-02), S Kennedy (0-01), Pádraic Maher (0-01), D McCormack (0-01), N McGrath (0-01).
Attendance: 82,016
Referee: B Gavin (Offaly)


Top scorer overall[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Matches Average
1 Shane Dooley Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 4-46 58 6 9.67
2 Séamus Callanan Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 2-47 53 5 10.60
3 T.J. Reid Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny 0-49 49 5 9.80
4 Niall O'Brien Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-43 43 5 8.60
Pauric Mahony Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 0-43 43 5 8.60
6 Joe Canning Colours of Galway.svg Galway 1-35 38 5 7.60
7 Conor McDonald Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 0-35 35 4 8.75
8 Shane Dowling Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 0-29 29 3 9.66
9 David Treacy Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 0-28 28 3 9.33
10 Tony Kelly Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-27 27 4 6.75

Top scorer in a single game[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Opposition
1 Shane Dooley Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-11 14 Colours of Laois.svg Laois
Séamus Callanan Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 1-11 14 Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
Shane Dowling Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 1-11 14 Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath
Pauric Mahony Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 0-14 14 Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
5 Shane Dooley Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-10 13 Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow
Shane Dooley Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1-10 13 Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry
Conor McDonald Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 0-13 13 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
Séamus Callanan Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 0-13 13 Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
9 Niall O'Brien Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-12 12 Colours of Galway.svg Galway
Patrick Horgan Colours of Cork.svg Cork 0-12 12 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin

Clean sheets[edit]

Rank Goalkeeper County Clean sheets
1 Eoin Murphy Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny 3
2 Darren Gleeson Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 2
Anthony Nash Colours of Cork.svg Cork 2
Andrew Fahy Colours of Clare.svg Clare 2
Nickie Quaid Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 2
Colm Callanan Colours of Galway.svg Galway 2
7 Aiden McCabe Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 1
Paddy Maloney Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 1
James Dempsey Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 1
Dean Grennan Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 1
Conor Dooley Colours of Dublin.svg Dubin 1
Stephen O'Keeffe Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 1


Widest winning margin: 35 points

Most goals in a match: 5

Most points in a match: 49

Most goals by one team in a match: 5

Highest aggregate score: 61

Lowest aggregate score: 34

Most goals scored by a losing team: 2


  • Kerry are the first team from Munster to play in the Leinster Championship and was their first in the senior championship since 2004. Their round 3 qualifier group match against Offaly on 22nd May was the first ever championship meeting between the two teams.[10]
  • On 1 May 2016 Westmeath defeated Offaly in the championship for the first time since 1976. Their opening Leinster qualifier group game was also their first championship meeting since then.[11]
  • The draw between Kilkenny and Waterford on 7 August was the first time a replay was required to decide an All-Ireland semi-final since 2003, when Wexford an Cork played out a 3-17 to 2-20 tie.[12]
  • Tipperary's defeat of Waterford by 21 points in the Munster final is the biggest Munster final win since 1972.
  • Tipperary's victory in the All-Ireland marks their second title of the 2010s, making it the first decade since the 1960s in which the county has won multiple All-Ireland titles, having only won one title each in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.



All bar one of the teams from the 2015 championship participated in hurling's top tier in 2016.

Antrim, who finished bottom of the 2015 Leinster qualifier group, were relegated to the 2016 Christy Ring Cup. Their place in the 2016 Leinster qualifier group went to Kerry who won the 2015 Christy Ring Cup and gained automatic promotion.[13] It was the first time since 2004 that Kerry participated in the All-Ireland senior championship.

List of teams[edit]

Team Colours Sponsor Captain(s) Vice-captain(s) Manager(s) Most recent success
All-Ireland Provincial League
Carlow Colours of Carlow.svg Dan Morrissey Ltd. Séamus Murphy
Alan Corcoran
Pat English
Clare Colours of Clare.svg Pat O'Donnell Tony Kelly
Cian Dillon
Colin Ryan
Shane O'Donnell
Davy Fitzgerald 2013 1998 2016
Cork Colours of Cork.svg Chill Insurance Stephen McDonnell Séamus Harnedy Kieran Kingston 2005 2014 1998
Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg AIG Liam Rushe Ger Cunningham 1938 2013 2011
Galway Colours of Galway.svg Supermac's David Burke Joe Canning Micheal Donoghue 1988 2012 2010
Kerry Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry Group Daniel Collins Tom Murnane Ciarán Carey 1891 1891
Kilkenny Colours of Kilkenny.svg Glanbia Shane Prendergast Brian Cody 2015 2015 2014
Laois Colours of Laois.svg MW Hire Services Charles Dwyer Séamus Plunkett 1915 1949
Limerick Colours of Leinster Council.svg Sporting Limerick Nickie Quaid Séamus Hickey T. J. Ryan 1973 2013 1997
Offaly Colours of Offaly.svg Carroll Cuisine Colin Egan James Dempsey
James Mulrooney
Éamonn Kelly 1998 1995 1990–91
Tipperary Colours of Roscommon.svg Intersport/Elverys Brendan Maher Pádraic Maher Michael Ryan 2010 2015 2008
Waterford Colours of Monaghan.svg 3 Kevin Moran Derek McGrath 1959 2010 2015
Westmeath Colours of Galway.svg Renault Aonghus Clarke Michael Ryan
Wexford Colours of Wexford.svg Gain Matthew O'Hanlon Lee Chin Liam Dunne 1996 2004 1972–73


Sean Cleere - Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny

Brian Gavin - Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly

Fergal Horgan - Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary

John Keenan - Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow

Alan Kelly - Colours of Galway.svg Galway

Barry Kelly - Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath

Diarmuid Kirwan - Colours of Cork.svg Cork

Colm Lyons - Colours of Cork.svg Cork

James McGrath - Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath

Paud O'Dwyer - Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow

James Owens - Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford

Johnny Ryan - Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary


Highest attendances:

Total attendance: 486,553
Average attendance: 24,328


Sunday Game Team of the Year

The Sunday Game team of the year was picked on 4 September, which was the night of the final. The panel consisting of Brendan Cummins, Henry Shefflin, Michael Duignan, Ger Loughnane, Liam Sheedy, Eddie Brennan and Cyril Farrell selected Tipperary's Séamus Callanan as the Sunday game player of the year. Other players nominated were Padraic Maher and John McGrath of Tipperary.[14][15][16]

  • Eoin Murphy (Kilkenny)
  • Cathal Barrett (Tipperary)
  • James Barry (Tipperary)
  • Daithí Burke (Galway)
  • Padraig Walsh (Kilkenny)
  • Ronan Maher (Tipperary)
  • Padraic Maher (Tipperary)
  • Jamie Barron (Waterford)
  • David Burke (Galway)
  • Walter Walsh (Kilkenny)
  • Austin Gleeson (Waterford)
  • Patrick Maher (Tipperary)
  • Richie Hogan (Kilkenny)
  • Seamus Callanan (Tipperary)
  • John McGrath (Tipperary)
All Star Team of the Year

On 4 November, the 2016 All Star Award winners were announced at the awards ceremony in the National Convention Centre in Dublin. Austin Gleeson of Waterford was named as the All Stars Hurler of the Year and the All Stars Young Hurler of the Year.[17][18]

  • Eoin Murphy (Kilkenny)
  • Cathal Barrett (Tipperary)
  • James Barry (Tipperary)
  • Daithí Burke (Galway)
  • Padraig Walsh (Kilkenny)
  • Ronan Maher (Tipperary)
  • Padraic Maher (Tipperary)
  • Jamie Barron (Waterford)
  • David Burke (Galway)
  • Walter Walsh (Kilkenny)
  • Austin Gleeson (Waterford)
  • Patrick Maher (Tipperary)
  • Richie Hogan (Kilkenny)
  • Seamus Callanan (Tipperary)
  • John McGrath (Tipperary)


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