The Family of Love (play)

The Family of Love is an early Jacobean stage play, first published in 1608. The play is a satire on the Familia Caritatis or "Family of Love," the religious sect founded by Henry Nicholis in the 16th century; the play's date is uncertain. The play was entered into the Stationers' Register on 12 Oct, 1607, as a play acted by the King's Revels Children, a company of boy actors founded around that time, it was published in quarto in 1608 with printing by Richard Braddock. Though the play was printed anonymously, many scholars have attributed it to Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker; the play's authorship is complex. David Lake cites evidence for Middleton and Dekker, though he suggests a third hand, that of Lording Barry. More recent scholarship suggests that Middleton had no hand in the play and that it was penned by Lording Barry. A recent edition of the collected works of Thomas Middleton omits the play, naming Lording Barry as the author. In 2008, Charles Cathcart argued. Nicholas's sect was well-known and controversial in England at the time: they unsuccessfully petitioned King James I for tolerance in 1604, were the subject of many sermons and pamphlets, most of them hostile, as a result.

References to the sect recur in the stage plays of the era – in George Chapman's Sir Giles Goosecap, John Marston's The Dutch Courtesan, Middleton's A Mad World, My Masters, in Every Woman in Her Humour. The play satirises the sect's reputation for sexual lasciviousness, treats the Familists as hypocrites, as Puritan sects are treated by Jacobean satirists; the playwrights seemed to have depended on the popular images of the sect as expressed in sermons and chapbooks, without knowing much, or caring to know much, about the real group. The play presents a cheerfully amoral world in which everyone is a manipulator – the typical world of Middleton's early city comedies; the protagonist, Gerardine, is in love with Maria, but her uncle and guardian, Glister the physician, opposes the match because the spendthrift Gerardine's estates are mortgaged. Gerardine pretends to depart for a long ocean voyage; when a trunk containing that property is delivered to the sequestered Maria, it contains Gerardine himself.

Gerardine fools Glister's wife into thinking. The anti-Familist satire is strongest in the play's subplots. Glister is in fact cheating on his wife – not with Maria but with the Familist wife of Purge the apothecary. Purge is a "wittol" or complaisant cuckold, though he is distressed to learn that Mrs. Purge is having more affairs with other sect members. On a third level, the dim-witted gallants Gudgeon and Lipsalve plot to seduce Maria, Mrs. Purge, Mrs. Glister too, but without success. Both Lipsalve and Gudgeon have balcony wooing scenes with Maria, parodying the famous scene in Romeo and Juliet. Gudgeon and Lipsalve separately approach Glister for a potion for seducing Mrs. Purge. At the play's end and Maria are together, everyone else has been taught his or her lesson. -GLISTER, a doctor - PURGE, a jealous apothecary -DRYFAT, a merchant, a convert to the Family -GERARDINE, Maria's lover. Glister opposes the match. Maria argues. Glister dismisses his niece's "love" as "an idle fantasy." He says that he will keep Maria sequestered in her room and banish Gerardine from his property to keep the young lovers apart.

Glister's servant, enters to announce that Master Purge, an apothecary, has invited the Glisters to a farewell feast for Gerardine, Mrs. Purge's cousin. Gerardine is going off to sea. During the dinner, his "sea will"—a will made by sailors prior to their departure—will be read. Act 1, Scene 2: A street before Glister's house. To them, a wife is the most disagreeable, expensive burden a man could want, they argue. The lovestruck Gerardine rejects their arguments entirely. Maria enters at her window; the gallants stand under her window. Maria wishes to be reunited with Gerardine. Gerardine calls out to Maria to comfort her, he tells her that he is going off to sea. Maria promises to remain faithful to Gerardine, she exits. Gerardine praises Maria's perfection. Lipsalve and Gudgeon warn him not to be fooled by the "outward appearances" of women, which are at odds with their "inward desires." Gerardine invites the gallants to attend his farewell feast at Purge's home that evening. Gudgeon notes that Purge's wife is

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