2017 All-Ireland Minor Football Championship

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All-Ireland Minor Football Championship 2017
Championship details
Dates April – 17 September 2017
Teams 31
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Kerry (15th win)
Captain David Clifford
Manager Peter Keane
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Derry
Captain Padraig McGrogan
Manager Damian McErlain
Provincial Champions
Munster Kerry
Leinster Dublin
Ulster Derry
Connacht Galway
Championship statistics
Player of the Year David Clifford

The 2017 All-Ireland Minor Football Championship was the GAA's premier inter-county gaelic football competition for under 18's. Thirty one county teams from Ireland competed (Kilkenny did not participate).

2017 was the final year of this competition with an under 18 age limit – an under 17 championship with a new format replaced it after a vote at the GAA congress on 26 February 2016.

The winners received the Tom Markham Cup.

Kerry won their fourth minor title in a row, defeating Derry in the final on 17 September 2017 by 6-17 to 1-08. This was the first time that any county had won four minor titles in a row.[1]


Thirty one teams contested the championship as Kilkenny withdrew after competing in 2016. New York and London did not participate in this competition.


Provincial Championships

Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster organised four provincial championships. Each province determined the format for deciding their champions and it could have been a league, group, knock-out, double-elimination, etc. or a combination of these. The format for the 2017 championships are explained in the sections below.


The four provincial winners play the four provincial runners-up in the All-Ireland quarter finals. Two semi-finals and a final follow. The final is normally played before the All-Ireland senior final on the third Sunday in September. All these matches are knock-out.

Provincial Championships[edit]

Flag of Connacht.svg Connacht Minor Football Championship[edit]

Connacht Format[edit]

All five Connacht counties competed in a straight knock-out format.

Connacht Main Draw[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Connacht Final
        Colours of Galway.svg Galway 1-13  
Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo 0-11     Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon 1-6  
Colours of Galway.svg Galway 3-15       Colours of Galway.svg Galway 3-11
          Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo 0-10
        Colours of Sligo.svg Sligo 3-12
        Colours of Leitrim.svg Leitrim 3-7    

Connacht Quarter Final[edit]

Mayo 0-11 - 3-15 Galway McHale Park
Referee: E O’Grady (Leitrim)
John Gallagher 0-4f, Tommy Conory 0-2, Michael McGarry, Cathal Slattery, Kuba Callaghan, Dylan Prendergast, Mikie Conroy 0-1 each Daniel Kenny 2-0, Evan Murphy 0-5 (0-4f), Rory Cunningham 0-3, Martin Kerrigan 1-0, Darragh Silke (0-2f) and Padraic Costello 0-2 each Matthias Barrett, Matthew Tierney (0-1f), Conor Campbell 0-1 each

Connacht Semi Finals[edit]

28 June 2017
Galway 1-13 - 1-6 Roscommon Pearse Stadium, Salthill
Referee: Eamonn O’Grady (Leitrim)
Conor Newell 1-0, Liam Boyle 0-3, Brian Harlowe, Darragh Silke, Padraic Costello (0-1f) 0-2 each, Eoin McFadden, Matthias Barrett, Evan Murphy (0-1f), Conor Campbell 0-1 each Report Brian Derwin 1-3 (0-2f), Ronan Dowd 0-2, Sean Henry 0-1

28 June 2017
Sligo 3-12 - 3-7 Leitrim Markievicz Park
Referee: Liam Devenney (Mayo)
Red Og Murphy 1-2 (0-2f), Conall Ryan 0-4, Evan Lavin and Ryan Walsh 1-1 each, Luke Towey 0-2, Barry Gorman and Roland Anderson 0-1 Report Oisin McLoughlin 2-1 (0-1f), Caleb Duffy 0-3, Jordan Reynolds 1-0, Evan Harkin, Aaron Hoare, Riordan O'Rourke (0-1f) 0-1 each

Connacht Final[edit]

10 July 2016
2.00 PM
Galway 3-11 - 0-10 Sligo Pearse Stadium
Referee: Liam Devenney (Mayo)
Darragh Silke 0-4 (0-3f), Padraic Costello 1-1, Conor Campbell and Daniel Kenny 1-0, Matthias Barrett 0-2, Liam Boyle, Evan Murphy, Martin Kerrigan, Rory Cunningham Report Red Og Murphy (0-2f) and Conall Ryan 0-3 each, Niall Colsh, Barry Gorman, Luke Towey, Ryan Walsh 0-1 each

Flag of Leinster.svg Leinster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Leinster Format[edit]

Preliminary Round

The eleven participating Leinster teams competed in six matches in the preliminary round of the main draw, with (Offaly) playing two matches due to the odd number of teams.

Losers section

The six beaten teams entered the losers' section and played four play-off matches. Two teams then re-entered the main draw at the quarter-final stage. From the quarter-finals all matches were played under a straight knock-out format.

Leinster Main Draw[edit]

First Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Leinster Final
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 3-18  
Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 0-6     Rd 1 winner  
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 0-13      
Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 1-4       QF winner  
Colours of Roscommon.svg Longford 1-19       QF winner  
Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow 3-8     Rd 1 winner  
Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 0-9      
Colours of Kildare.svg Kildare 2-13      
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 1-15
Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath 1-13
    Rd 1 winner  
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 0-15
Colours of Cork.svg Louth 2-11
      QF winner  
          QF winner  
        Rd 1 winner      

Leinster Losers' Section Matches[edit]

The six beaten teams in the preliminary round of the main draw play-off in three matches. Three teams from the losers' section re-enter the main draw at the quarter-final stage.

Losers Round 1 Leinster Quarter Finalists** Final
Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford 2-14  
Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow 3-7     Quarter Finalist in Main Draw n/a  
Colours of Leitrim.svg Meath 0-10     Quarter Finalist in Main Draw n/a  
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 0-11          
Colours of Galway.svg Westmeath 0-17          
Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 2-12     Quarter Finalist in Main Draw n/a

Leinster First Round[edit]

17 April 2017
Preliminary Round
Wexford 0-6 - 3-18 Offaly Enniscorthy
Referee: Seamus Mulhare
Jamie Myler (0-2f) and Mick Molloy (0-2f) 0-2 each, Eoin Porter and David Gouldson 0-1 each Report Cian Johnston 2-5, Cian Farrell 1-3 (0-3f), Conor Lynam 0-4 (0-1f), Mark Newman 0-2, Adam Owens, Sean Ibbotson, Sean Farrell, Nathan Poland 0-1 each

22 April 2017
First Round
Carlow 0-9 - 2-13 Kildare Dr. Cullen Park
Referee: David O'Connor

22 April 2017
First Round
Longford 1-19 - 3-8 Wicklow Pearse Park
Referee: James King

22 April 2017
First Round
Offaly 0-13 - 1-4 Westmeath O'Connor Park
Referee: Stephen Murphy

22 April 2017
First Round
Dublin 1-15 - 1-13 AET Meath Parnell Park
Referee: Patrick Maguire
James Doran 1-5, Ciaran Archer 0-6 (0-1f), Ross McGarry 0-2 (0-1f), Donal Ryan and Mark Tracey 0-1 each Report [1] Shane Walsh 0-6 (0-3f), Conor Freyne 1-1, Jordan Morris 0-3, Adam Murphy, Sean Martin and Paddy Conway 0-1 each

22 April 2017
First Round
Laois 0-15 - 2-11 AET Louth O'Moore Park
Referee: Niall Ward

Leinster Losers Section[edit]

6 May 2017
Losers Section
Wexford 2-14 - 3-7 Wicklow Wexford Park
Referee: Barry Tiernan (Dublin)

6 May 2017
Losers Section
Meath 0-10 - 0-11 Laois Páirc Tailteann
Referee: David Hickey (Carlow)

7 May 2017
Losers Section
Westmeath 0-17 - 2-12 Carlow Cusack Park, Mullingar
Referee: Fergal Smyth (Offaly)

Leinster Quarter Finals[edit]

Dublin 6-12 - 0-5 Longford Parnell Park
Referee: Seamus Mulhaire (Laois)
Ross McGarry 2-2, James Doran 1-2, Seán Hawkshaw and Adam Byrne 1-1 each, James Madden 1-0, Eoin O'Dea and Niall O'Leary 0-2 each, Darragh Conlon and David Lacey 0-1 each Report Dylan Farrell 0-2f, Joseph Hagan, Shane Farrell, Robbie O’Connell 0-1 each

Kildare 1-14 - 2-6 Laois Newbridge
Referee: John Hickey (Carlow)
Darragh Ryan 1-2, David Kelly 0-5f, Shane O'Sullivan (0-1f) and Darragh Kirwan (0-1f) 0-2 each, James Carey, Ger Cunningham, David Foley 0-1 each Report Ciaran Comerford 1-1, Niall Dunne 1-0, Mark Barry 0-2, Alan Kinsella, Diarmuid Whelan (0-1f), Jack Owens 0-1 each

Louth 0-15 - 1-11 Offaly Drogheda Park
Referee: David Hickey

Carlow 2-8 - 1-12 Wexford Dr. Cullen Park
Referee: Stephen Murphy

Leinster Semi Finals[edit]

Wexford 2-15 - 4-10 Louth Wexford Park

Kildare 0-14 - 1-16 Dublin St. Conleth's Park
Referee: John Hickey (Carlow)
Darragh Kirwan 0-4, Jack Barrett 0-3f, Shane O’Sullivan 0-2, Darragh Ryan, Brian McDonnell, James Burke, Findlay Nairn and Jack Cully 0-1 each Report Ross McGarry 1-2 (0-2f), David Lacey 0-5 (0-1f), Sean Hawkshaw 0-3, Donal Ryan and Daniel Brennan 0-2 each, James Doran and Ciaran Archer 0-1 each

Leinster Final[edit]

16 July 2016
2.00 pm
Dublin 2-19 - 0-12 Louth Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: Patrick Maguire (Longford)
Man of the Match: Kieran Kennedy
James Doran 1-1, David Lacey 0-4 (0-1f, 1 '45), James Madden 1-0, Ross McGarry 0-3, Eoin O'Dea, Sean Hawkshaw, Ciaran Archer (0-1f) 0-2 each, Kieran Kennedy, Mark Tracey, Daniel Brennan, Adam Byrne, Luke Doran Report Ciaran Keenan (0-5f) and John Gallagher (0-3f, 1 '45) 0-5 each, Liam Jackson and Ferghal Malone 0-1 each

Flag of Munster.svg Munster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Munster Format[edit]

All six Munster teams competed in the three quarter-finals of the main draw. The three beaten teams entered the play-off section and, after two play-off matches, one team re-entered the main draw at the semi-final stage. From the semi-finals all matches followed a knock-out format.

Munster Main Draw[edit]

Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Munster Final
Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 1-8  
Colours of Cork.svg Cork 3-21     Colours of Cork.svg Cork 1-10  
Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 2-16     Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 2-17  
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 1-6       Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry 2-21
          Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-3
        Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 0-12
Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick 1-10     Colours of Clare.svg Clare 3-13    
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 0-9  

Munster Playoff Rounds 1 and 2[edit]

The three beaten teams in the quarter-finals of the main draw competed in a play-off in two matches. The winning team from the play-offs re-entered the main draw at the semi-final stage.

Playoff 1 Playoff 2
Colours of Clare.svg Clare 5-11  
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 0-6     Colours of Clare.svg Clare 0-10
        Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary 0-5

Munster Quarter Finals[edit]

12 April 2017
Tipperary 1-8 - 3-21 Cork Semple Stadium
Referee: Richard Moloney (Limerick)

12 April 2017
Kerry 2-16 - 1-6 Clare Austin Stack Park
Referee: David Murnane (Cork)

12 April 2017
Limerick 1-10 - 0-9 Waterford Gaelic Grounds
Referee: David Grogan (Tipperary)

Munster Semi Finals[edit]

10 May 2017
Cork 1-10 - 2-17 Kerry Pairc Ui Rinn

10 May 2017
Limerick 0-12 - 3-13 Clare Gaelic Grounds

Munster Final[edit]

Kerry 2-21 - 0-3 Clare
Referee: David Murnane (Cork)

Flag of Ulster.svg Ulster Minor Football Championship[edit]

Ulster Format[edit]

All nine Ulster teams competed with the fixtures mirroring the senior fixtures i.e. if Derry are drawn to play Tyrone in their first match in the senior championship then Derry minors play Tyrone minors in their first match. Often the minor teams played immediately before the seniors. All matches followed a knock-out format.

The winners receive the Fr. Murray Cup.

Ulster Main Draw[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Ulster Final
        Colours of Leitrim.svg Donegal  
        Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim  
          Colours of Cork.svg Derry 3-17  
          Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim 0-9  
        Colours of Cork.svg Derry 0-18  
        Colours of Tyrone.svg Tyrone 1-14  
          Colours of Cork.svg Derry 2-22
          Colours of Laois.svg Cavan 1-12
        Colours of Down.svg Down  
        Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh  
          Colours of Down.svg Down 2-7  
          Colours of Laois.svg Cavan 0-15  
        Colours of Laois.svg Cavan      
Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan     Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan      
Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh  

Ulster Preliminary Round[edit]

First Round
Monaghan 1-17 - 2-7 Fermanagh St. Tiernach's Park
Referee: Stephen Campbell

Ulster Quarter Finals[edit]

21 May 2017
Donegal 2-14 - 0-21 Antrim MacCumhaill Park
Referee: Paul McKeever

28 May 2017
Derry 0-18 - 1-14 Tyrone Celtic Park

28 May 2017
Cavan 3-14 - 1-15 Monaghan Breffni Park

4 June 2017
Down 2-13 - 2-11 Armagh Páirc Esler

Ulster Semi Finals[edit]

18 June 2017
12:00 pm
Derry 3-17 - 0-9 Antrim St Tiernach's Park, Clones

24 June 2017
Cavan 0-15 - 2-7 Down

Ulster Final[edit]

16 July 2017
Derry 1-22 - 2-12 Cavan St Tiernach's Park, Clones
Referee: Martin McNally (Monaghan)
Man of the Match: Padraig McGrogan
Ben McCarron 1-3, Lorcan McWillians 0-6 (0-3f), Paddy Quigg 0-4 (0-1f), Declan Cassidy 0-3, Conleth McShane, Padraig McGrogan, Oisin McWilliams (0-1f), Tiarnan McHugh, Fergal Mortimer, Alex Doherty 0-1 each Report Philip Rogers 1-2, James Smith 1-0, Cian Madden and Oisin Pierson (0-2f) 0-3 each, Patrick Lynch (0-1f) and John Cooke 0-2 each


All-Ireland Main Draw[edit]



All-Ireland Quarter-Finals[edit]

The four provincial champions played the four beaten finalists from the provincial championships.

Cavan 1-11 – 0-11 Galway

Derry 1-13 – 0-15 Sligo

Kerry 1-22 - 2-9 Louth

Dublin 2-11 – 0-10 Clare

All-Ireland Semi-Finals[edit]

There was no draw for the semi-finals as the fixtures are pre-determined on a three yearly rotation. This rotation ensures that a provinces's champions play the champions of all the other provinces once every three years in the semi-finals, if they each win their quarter-finals. If a provincial winner loses their quarter final, then the provincial runner-up who beat them take their place in the semi-final.

20 August
1:30 pm
Kerry 2-22 - 2-10 Cavan Croke Park, Dublin
Man of the Match: David Clifford (Fossa)

27 August
2:00 pm
Dublin 0-14 - 0-17 Derry Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: Sean Lonergan
Man of the Match: Lorcan McWilliams (Swatragh)
James Doran 0-6, David Lacey 0-5 (0-4f), Ross McGarry 0-2, Sean Hawshaw 0-1 Report Paddy Quigg (0-4f) and Lorcan McWilliams (0-4f) 0-5 each, Ben McCarron 0-3 (0-2f), Oisin McWilliams, Richie Mullan, Mark McGrogan, Jon Paul Devlin 0-1 each

All-Ireland Final[edit]

Kerry 6-17 – 1-8 Derry
David Clifford 4-4, Fiachra Clifford 2-0, Brian Friel 0-5 (0-1f), Dónal O’Sullivan 0-3, Jack Griffin 0-2, Adam Donoghue, Donnchadh O’Sullivan, Eddie Horan 0-1 each. Report Patrick Quigg 1-1 (1-0 pen), Lorcan McWilliams (0-1f), Mark McGrogan, Oisin McWilliams 0-2 each, Richie Mullan 0-1.
Referee: Anthony Nolan (Wicklow)


  • Kerry win a fourth consecutive All-Ireland minor title. This is the first time this has been achieved since the beginning of the Minor Championship.
  • Kerry set a new record of 24 consecutive wins since their last defeat in the 2013 All-Ireland Quarter final defeat to Tyrone.

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