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Het Denkgelag

Het Denkgelag is a Belgian association without lucrative purpose that organises skeptical conferences in Flanders. Het Denkgelag started out in 2012 as a series of discussion evenings of the skeptical organisation SKEPP, but nowadays functions financially and independent from SKEPP; the mission of Het Denkgelag is to popularise scientific topics and to promote critical thinking for a broad audience. It has been described as “laid-back discussion evenings on philosophical and scientific topics, in an informal atmosphere, with a crowd of interesting speakers and the audience as the central guest”; the first series of lectures and discussions of Het Denkgelag took place in late 2012 in the cultural centre De Centrale in Ghent. Speakers included Johan Braeckman, Farah Focquaert, Chris French, Alicja Gescinska, Jürgen Mettepenningen, Stephen Law, Patrick Loobuyck, Herman Philipse, Emanuel Rutten, Jean Paul Van Bendegem and Dirk Verhofstadt. On 17 October 2013, Het Denkgelag organised the "Debate on the Limits of Science" in the Leon De Meyer auditorium at the Universiteitsforum of Ghent University.

The debate was held between Daniel Dennett, Lawrence M. Krauss and Massimo Pigliucci, moderated by Maarten Boudry; the debate "Van aap tot robot. Debat over transhumanisme" with Kris Verburgh, Pieter Bonte, Philippe van Nedervelde and Martijntje Smits, presented by Brecht Decoene, was held on 27 November 2014 in De Centrale. On 26 January 2015 in the Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, the documentary The Unbelievers was screened, the discussion "A Passion for Science and Reason" was held between Richard Dawkins and Lawrence M. Krauss, moderated by Julia Galef. On 12 March 2015 in the Miry Concertzaal, together with TEDx Ghent, Het Denkgelag hosted a series of lectures by Michael Shermer, Hugo Mercier, Carolyn Declerck, Pieter Buteneers and a debate on the technological singularity amongst other topics, led by Ruben Mersch. SKEPP Comité Para List of skeptical organizations Official website All events of Het Denkgelag – Lanyrd

Bolognesi District

The District of Bolognesi is one of 11 districts which are part of the Pallasca Province in Ancash, Peru. To the north, it borders with the Pallasca District, to the east with the Huandoval District, to the south with the Cabana District and the Tauca District, to the west with the La Libertad Region. Bolognesi was known as Mormorullo and was part of the Cabana District until it was declared a district on its own on July 15, 1936. According to the national statistics bureau of Peru, INEI, Bolognesi has a population above 1.500 inhabitants. The primary occupations are agriculture; the town of Bolognesi celebrates the Festival in Honor of the Patron Saint Anthony of Padua each June 13. This is the main festival every year, which brings together people from all over the Pallasca Province as well as Bolognesi people from Chimbote, the United States and other places. Another important festival is the Festival in Honor of the Pilgrim Virgin celebrated every November 21. Ancash Region Francisco Bolognesi Bolognesi Web Page

Ashoura (missile)

In November 2007, Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced Iran had built a new missile with a range of 2,000 km, the Ashoura missile. Najar said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has never aimed to launch an attack on any country, it will never do so. But if someone wants to invade Iran, they will face a crushing response by the armed forces." He did not say. Called Sejjil-2, he told the gathering Basij militia during the manoeuvres they were holding that same week that: "The construction of the Ashoura missile, with the range of 2,000 km, is among the accomplishments of the Defence Ministry."According to Jane's Defence Weekly, the Ashoura represents a major breakthrough in Iranian missile technology. It is the first two-stage MRBM using solid-fueled rocket motors instead of the existing liquid-fueled technology used on the Shahab; this would reduce the setup and deployment time for the missile and hence, shorten the amount of warning time for the enemy and increase accuracy. Jane's noted that while the development parallels Pakistan's Shaheen-II MRBM there is no evidence to suggest there had been any prior technology exchange or with its other known technology partners such as North Korea, India or China The Ashoura was developed by the Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group under the Sanam Industrial Group, part of the Defense Industries Organization of Iran.

The missile is named after the Day of Ashura, an important religious commemoration in Shia Islam

Vladimir Stojković (footballer, born 1996)

Vladimir Stojković is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for G. D. Estoril Praia as a goalkeeper. Born in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos to a Serbian father, Stojković joined Sporting CP's youth system in 2007, aged 10. On 21 February 2016 he made his professional debut, appearing for the B-team in a 1–1 home draw against S. C. Freamunde for the Segunda Liga championship. In the 2018–19 season, Stojković played with the newly created under-23 team, following which he left the club. On 10 August 2019, Stojković signed a one-year contract with G. D. Estoril Praia of the Portuguese second division. Stojković was capped once by Portugal at under-18 level, his appearance was a 2–0 win over the United States in Mafra on 8 June 2014. Stojković's father and uncle named Vladan and Vladimir, were goalkeepers. Both spent several years in Portugal, the latter was a longtime Serbian international. Vladimir Stojković at ForaDeJogo Portuguese League profile National team data Vladimir Stojković at Soccerway

The Master Mind (1920 film)

The Master Mind is a lost 1920 American silent crime drama film produced by Whitman Bennett and released by Associated First National Pictures just First National Pictures). Kenneth Webb directed and Lionel Barrymore stars, it is based on a 1913 play, The Master Mind, by playwright Daniel David Cohen known as Daniel D. Carter; as described in a film magazine, in revenge for the successful prosecution of his younger brother Richard, accused of murder but innocent, by district attorney Wainwright, Henry Allen, whose two passions are the study of psychology and his love for his brother, schemes to return the hurt to the lawyer and take away that which he holds dear. Finding that Wainwright loves a portrait of a young woman with a criminal record, Henry develops a scheme that takes Maggie from prison and educates her abroad. Upon completion of her education he surrounds her with a pretending family to cover up her past, brings her and the lawyer together and permits them to marry. With Wainwright running for governor, Henry goes to him and reveals the past of the Maggie and the criminal record of her family, intending to force Wainwright on threat of public exposure to withdraw from the election.

Before this threat can be made effective, Maggie appeals to Henry, he has a change of heart, realizing that vengeance is not man meted but God-visited. Henry leaves the loving couple to happiness. Lionel Barrymore as Henry Allen Gypsy O'Brien as Maggie Ralph Kellard as Wainwright Bradley Barker as Creegan Charles Brandt as Hank Marie Shotwell as Sadie Bernard Randall as Diamond Willie Charles Edwards as The Butler Louis Stern Alma Aiken Percy Helton as Younger brother Richard Lionel Barrymore filmography The Master Mind on IMDb synopsis at AllMovie