25th Golden Melody Awards

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25th Golden Melody Awards
Date 28 June 2014 (2014-06-28) (Popular music)
9 August 2014 (2014-08-09) (Traditional music)
Location Taipei Arena, Taiwan
Hosted by Harlem Yu (Popular music)
Television/radio coverage
Network TTV

The 25th Golden Melody Awards (Chinese: 第25屆金曲獎) were held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014. The award ceremony for the popular music categories was broadcast on TTV on 28 June and was hosted by Harlem Yu.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Below is the list of nominees and winners. Winners are highlighted in bold.[1]

Popular music categories[edit]

Song of the Year[edit]

  • Hill (山丘) – Hill (山丘) – Jonathan Lee
    • Battle Array Song (入陣曲) – The Best of 1999-2013 (步步自選作品輯) – Mayday
    • Gypsy In Memory (流浪者之歌) – Songs of Transience (時間的歌) – Cheer Chen
    • This Is Because We Feel Pain (這是因為我們能感到疼痛) – This Is Because We Feel Pain (這是因為我們能感到疼痛) – Tizzy Bac
    • Sister (姐姐) – Sister (跳針舞曲2013) – Jeannie Hsieh

Best Mandarin Album[edit]

  • I am Ayal Komod (我是海雅谷慕) – Chang Chen-yue
    • Model (模特) – Li Ronghao (李榮浩)
    • Classic (拾光) – Li Jian (李健)
    • Recreate (你所不知道的杜振熙之內部整修) – Soft Lipa (杜振熙/蛋堡)
    • Jianghu (江湖) – Wakin Chau

Best Taiwanese Album[edit]

  • Sam Tsap Thong (30 出頭) – Chen Jian Wei (陳建瑋)

Best Hakka Album[edit]

  • Heart Land – Yachun Asta Tzeng (曾雅君)

Best Aboriginal Album[edit]

  • To & From the Heart (歌,飛過群山) – Taiwu (泰武古謠傳唱)

Best Female Mandarin Singer[edit]

  • Penny TaiUnexpected (純屬意外)
    • Faith YangZero
    • Denise HoCoexistence (共存)
    • Tanya ChuaAngel & Devil (天使與魔鬼的對話)
    • JiaJia (紀家盈/家家) – Alone The Way (為你的寂寞唱歌)

Best Male Mandarin Singer[edit]

  • JJ LinStories Untold
    • Li Ronghao (李榮浩) – Model (模特)
    • Chang Chen-yueI am Ayal Komod (我是海雅谷慕)
    • Soft Lipa (杜振熙/蛋堡) – Recreate (你所不知道的杜振熙之內部整修)
    • Wakin ChauJianghu (江湖)

Best Male Taiwanese Singer[edit]

  • Chen Jian Wei (陳建瑋) – Sam tsap thong (30出頭)

Best Female Taiwanese Singer[edit]

Best Hakka Singer[edit]

  • Yachun Asta Tzeng (曾雅君) – Heart Land

Best Aboriginal Singer[edit]

  • Anu Kaliting Sadiponga (阿努.卡力亭.沙力朋安) – cepo’混濁了

Best Band[edit]

  • Mixer (麋先生) – Circus Movement (馬戲團運動)

Best New Artist[edit]

  • Li Ronghao (李榮浩) – Model (模特)
    • Jacky Chen (陳建瑋) - Sam Ts'ap Tho'ng (30 出頭)
    • Simhanada (師子吼) - 1/84000
    • Funky Brothers (放客兄弟) - Funky Brothers
    • Xiao Ren (小人) - Kiddo Kingdom (小人國)
    • Koala Liu (劉思涵) - Embrace (擁抱你)

Best Group[edit]

  • Light Engine (光引擎) – Scenes Along the Way (沿途風景)

Producer of the Year (Album)[edit]

  • Penny TaiEmbrace You (擁抱你), released by Koala Liu (劉思涵)

Producer of the Year (Single)[edit]

  • Jeffrey Kung (孔令奇), Derek Nakamoto – Old School (老派戀情), released by Jeffrey Kung (孔令奇)

Best Lyrics[edit]

Best Composition[edit]

  • Debbie Hsiao (蕭賀碩) – Musicians, sung by Shuo & Cool Humor
    • Chang Chen-yueMissed Call (未接來電), sung by Faith Yang
    • Tizzy Bac – This Is Because We Feel Pain (這是因為我們能感到疼痛), sung by Tizzy Bac
    • Jonathan LeeHill (山丘), sung by Jonathan Lee
    • Suming (舒米恩) – In a Rush (很趕), sung by Suming
    • Penny TaiFortunate One (僥倖者), sung by Koala Liu (劉思涵)

Best Arrangement[edit]

  • Zhao Zhao (趙兆) – Wind in the Rye (風吹麥浪), for Li Jian (李健)

Best Instrumental Album[edit]

  • Tseng Tseng Yi (曾增譯) – Symbiosis (曾增譯共聲体三重奏)

Producer of the Year (Instrumental)[edit]

  • Lu Sheng Wen (呂聖斐) and Dong Shun Wen (董舜文) – 4, released by Timeless Fusion Party (無限融合樂團)

Best Instrumental Composition[edit]

  • Tseng Tseng Yi (曾增譯) – Symbiosis (大稻晚霞)
    • Tommy Fish (余昶賢) – Sunset On an Old City (共聲体)
    • Gu Zhongshan (顧忠山) – The Insigator (起哄者)
    • Ricky Ho (何國杰) – Abundance of Life (生命。樂章)
    • Baobu Badulu (保卜) – Signal Fire (狼煙)

Best Music Video[edit]

  • Nan-hong Ho (何男宏) - Gypsy in Memory (流浪者之歌), sung by Cheer Chen

Best Album Design[edit]

  • Yung-Chen Nieh (聶永真) - Hill (山丘), released by Jonathan Lee

Lifetime Contribution Award[edit]

  • Peng Kuo-hua (彭國華)


Performers for the popular music category ceremony:

Artist(s) Segment
Harlem Yu This is Music
Jason Mraz
JJ Lin
Cross Over
Crowd Lu
William Wei
Van Fan
Victor Wong
Li Ronghao (李榮浩)
Tribute to past winners of the Best Male Mandarin Singer award
Su Rui The Same Moonlight
Sangpuy (桑布伊)
Hsieh Yu-Wei (謝宇威)
Xiao Huang-Chi
Chung Xin Ming (鍾興民)
The Land
A-Lin Queen of Golden Melody
Jam Hsiao Everlasting Love
Li Ronghao (李榮浩) Best New Artist performance
Hebe Tien Déjà vu
Jolin Tsai MUSE: Queen of Stage


Presenters for the popular music categories:

Presenter(s) Presented
Fish Leong
  • Best Instrumental Composition
  • Best Composition
Huang Yee-ling (黃乙玲)
  • Best Male Taiwanese Singer
Kay Huang (黃韻玲)
  • Producer of the Year (Instrumental)
  • Best Instrumental Album
Luantan Ascent (亂彈阿翔)
  • Best Lyrics
  • Best Band
Lung Ying-tai
  • Lifetime Contribution Award
Ara Kimbo (胡德夫)
  • Best Aboriginal Singer
  • Best Aboriginal Album
Power Station
  • Best Music Arrangement
  • Best Group
Denise Ho
  • Best Album Design
  • Best Music Video
Jody Chiang
  • Best Female Taiwanese Singer
  • Best Taiwanese Album
Hsieh Yu-Wei (謝宇威)
  • Best Hakka Singer
  • Best Hakka Album
Tanya Chua
  • Producer of the Year (Single)
  • Producer of the Year (Album)
Miss Ko (葛仲珊)
  • Best New Artist
Jeannie Hsieh
  • Song of the Year
Jam Hsiao
  • Best Male Mandarin Singer
Sandy Lam
  • Best Female Mandarin Singer
Jolin Tsai
  • Best Mandarin Album


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