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26 minutes (television) and 120 secondes (radio) were both produced by the Radio télévision suisse.

26 minutes (26’) was a weekly French-language humorous Swiss television programme of Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon. It was broadcast between 2015 and 2017[1] on RTS Un, following their daily radio programme 120 secondes (120’’) from 2011 to 2014 on Couleur 3 (Radio télévision suisse).[2]

In 2017, 26 minutes was also broadcast with German subtitles on SRF zwei.[3]

Since August 2018, Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon come back with a monthly 120 minutes on RTS Un and a weekly 120 secondes on La Première[4].

Years Programme Broadcasting
2011-2014 120 secondes Daily, Couleur 3
2015-2017 26 minutes Weekly, RTS Un
Since 2018 120 secondes
120 minutes
Weekly, La Première
Monthly, RTS Un


Vincent Kucholl, born in 1975,[5] studied political sciences at the University of Lausanne and is the director of the book collection "Comprendre" of the Éditions loisirs et pédagogie.[6]

Vincent Veillon, born in 1986,[5] studied new media at the École cantonale d'art de Lausanne.[6] He is the son of Pierre-François Veillon, who was successively member of the Grand Council of Vaud, the Council of State of Vaud and the National Council of Switzerland.

120 secondes[edit]

The principle of 120 secondes is an interview of a fake personality played by Vincent Kucholl, by Vincent Veillon who is acting as a journalist[6] It was broadcast daily at 7:50 on Couleur 3 and then available on YouTube and Dailymotion; each video was viewed about 60'000 times with peaks at 80'000 for burning questions.[6]

After their success on the radio, Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon developed and presented in theatres a show entitles "120’’ présente la Suisse" in 2013-2014.[7][8] They had 145 performances in French-speaking Switzerland.[2] The show is inspired by the radio programme and by the collection "LEP Référence" that Vincent Kucholl is directing for the Éditions Loisirs et pédagogie.[7][9]

26 minutes[edit]

Since 2015, 26 minutes replaces the radio programme. It is filmed on Fridays in a Lausanne nightclub (Chauderon 18) and is broadcast on Saturdays at 20:10 on RTS Un and on Sundays at 20:00 on RTS Deux.[2] In 2015, Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon were also invited at the Paléo Festival.

The hundredth and last episode was broadcast on 16 December 2017.[1]

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