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Discovered by Jean-Louis Pons, Jean-Félix Adolphe Gambart (first discovery)
Rob Matson (second discovery)
Discovery date June 21, 1827 (first discovery)
November 7, 2012 (second discovery)
Orbital characteristics A
Epoch September 06 2015
Aphelion 63.047 AU
Perihelion 0.812 AU
Eccentricity 0.974556
Orbital period 180 years
Avg. orbital speed 12.378 km/s
Inclination 136.4
Comet total
magnitude (M1)
Last perihelion December 18, 2012
Next perihelion 2192

273P/Pons–Gambart, also called Comet Pons-Gambart, is a long-period comet first discovered on June 21, 1827 by Jean-Louis Pons and Jean-Félix Adolphe Gambart. It was lost and was not recovered until November 7, 2012, when amateur astronomer Rob Matson discovered a comet, and it was identified that the orbital calculations for Pons-Gambart were completely wrong.[1]


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