28th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment

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28th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
Active 1942-c.2009
Country Soviet Union, Russia
Branch Soviet Air Force, Russian Air Force

World War II

Korean War
Decorations Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class Order of Kutuzov 2nd class
Battle honours Leningrad
Alexey Smirnov

28th Guards Leningrad Order of Kutuzov Fighter Aviation Regiment (28-и ГИАП) was an aviation regiment of the Soviet Air Forces during the Second World War, the Korean War, and became part of the Russian Air Force after 1991.

The regiment was formed in 1940 as the 153rd Fighter Aviation Regiment (153-и ИАП). In November 1942, by order of the People's Commissariat for Defence, it was awarded the title of a Guards unit, and became the 28th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. In 1950 it was dispatched to North Korea.

Initially, the regiment was equipped with I-153 and MiG-3 fighters. In 1942 it was re-equipped with P-39 Airacobra, then with Yak-15s, MiG-9s, MiG-15s, MiG-17s, MiG-19s, Su-15s, and then finally with MiG-23Ps and MiG-29s.[1]

The regiment lost 64 pilots and 94 aircraft in World War II. The regiment fought in the Korean War from June 22, 1950, to October 29, 1951. During its deployment, it lost 3 aircraft.


It served with 2nd Air Defence Corps, Moscow Air Defence District, Soviet Air Defence Forces.[1] until 1994.

Then reports on the regiment diverge. Holm says that the regiment absorbed the 773rd Fighter Aviation Regiment. Piotr Butowski, writing in 'International Air Power Review,' Vol. 13, Summer 2004, says that the regiment was disbanded. Butowski goes on to say that the number and traditions of the 28 Gv IAP were taken up by the 33rd Fighter Aviation Regiment, which had just returned to Andreapol from Wittstock[2] (and briefly at Damgarten) in Germany, under the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division. Whatever the changes in 1994, the regiment continued to serve with the 16th Air Army in the Moscow Military District. it was disbanded in 2009.


Order of Kutuzov

Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation[edit]


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