2nd (Rawalpindi) Division

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2nd (Rawalpindi) Division
CountryBritish India
AllegianceBritish Crown
BranchBritish Indian Army
EngagementsThird Afghan War
Major-Gen. W. Bunbury (May 1916 to August 1917)
Major-Gen. Sir C. Dobell (August 1917 onwards)

The 2nd (Rawalpindi) Division was a regular army division of the British Indian Army. It was formed in 1903 after the Kitchener reforms of the Indian Army. During World War I it remained in India for local defence but it was mobilised for action on the North West Frontier on several occasions during the period. The Division was mobilised in 1919 for service during the Third Afghan War.[1][2]

Formation in August 1914[3][edit]

Sialkot (2nd) Cavalry Brigade[edit]

17th Lancers
6th King Edward's Own Cavalry
19th Lancers

Abbottabad (3rd) Brigade[edit]

1st Battalion, 5th Gurkha Rifles
2nd Battalion, 5th Gurkha Rifles
1st Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles
2nd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles
68th, 94th and 104th Companies, Royal Garrison Artillery
VII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
4th, 38th and 78th Batteries, RFA

Rawalpindi (4th) Brigade[edit]

21st Lancers
5th Cavalry
35th Sikhs
84th Punjabis
9 Mountain Battery, RGA
W Battery, Royal Horse Artillery
II Mountain Brigade, RGA
1st and 6th Mountain Batteries, RGA

Jhelum (5th) Brigade[edit]

21st Cavalry
37th Dogras
69th Punjabis
76th Punjabis
87th Punjabis


32nd Pioneers (at Sialkot)
1st Battalion, Green Howards
4th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps
2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade
2nd Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment (at Murree)
I Mountain Brigade, Indian Mountain Artillery (at Abbotabad)
27th and 30th Mountain Batteries, IMA
V Mountain Brigade, IMA
23rd, 28th and 29th Mountain Batteries, IMA

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