2nd Regiment of York Militia

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The 2nd York Militia were a Canadian Provincial Militia Line Infantry Regiment at the time of the War of 1812, they were part of the York Militia, which at that time was three Regiments strong. The 2nd Regiment was recruited arould the present-day Halton and Peel Regions.

War of 1812[edit]

At the beginning of the War, two Flank Companies were mobilized to fight alongside the 41st Regiment of Foot. One of these was commanded by Captain John Chisholm, they were present at the battle of Queenston Heights, where they heard the (alleged) last words of Major General Isaac Brock, "Push on the brave York volunteers."

After the War of 1812[edit]

The 2nd Regiment remained in the York Militia until sub-units of it were broken off to form the Halton Militia in 1816 and the Peel Militia in 1852, these units, along with volunteer companies formed in the two counties between 1857 and 1865, were formed into the 20th Halton Battalion of Infantry and the 36th Peel Battalion in 1866. These two Regiments would later form The Lorne Scots, on formation of the Lorne Scots in 1936, the 2nd Regiment finally came back together, 120 years after it first split.

The 2nd Regiment of York Militia is perpetuated in the Canadian Army by the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.