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Manufacturer Gottlieb
Release date August 1975
System Electro-mechanical
Design Ed Krynski
Artwork Gordon Morison
Production run 7,925 (approx.)

"300" (the exact machine name includes the quotation marks) is a pinball machine designed by Ed Krynski and produced by Gottlieb with a bowling theme. The title is a reference to a perfect game in the sport, in which a bowler scores 300 points. A two-player version of this four-player game was released as Top Score.


Gottlieb sold this game design in the two varieties, though they are essentially exactly the same game (with slight artwork differences). The two-player version (Top Score) had a lower price than the four-player ("300"), and was targeted to game operators with a smaller budget. This game used animated backbox red (bowling) balls for the bonus unit. Two kickout holes, two pop bumpers, one spinner, one slingshots, and two 3" flippers. It has the same right side lane scoring as Gottlieb Sheriff pinball (1971), and similar left side score as Gottlieb Super Soccer. Only a couple Gottlieb pinball games made during the 1970s used a backbox animation. The game has the same mechanical backbox animation as Super Soccer pinball. They made 7925 Gottlieb "300" pinball machines, and 3200 Gottlieb Top Score pinball machines.[1]


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