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The "30 Something" Working Group was composed of ten members of the United States House of Representatives Democratic caucus, most of whom were under the age of forty.[1] After suffering several unsuccessful congressional election years and losing votes of younger Americans (usually a key Democratic demographic), Nancy Pelosi created the "30 Something Working Group" to reach out to younger American voters with the working group often focusing on issues pertinent to younger Americans.

Active primarily during the 109th Congress, when the Democrats were the minority party, the group's stated mission was "engaging the next generation of Americans further in government and the political process". While Congress was in session, popular weekly (and sometimes daily) broadcasts of the group speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives on a range of issues aired on C-SPAN.[2] For much of its history, the group was led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kendrick Meek, both of whom were from South Florida.



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