30th NEC Cup

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The 30th NEC Cup began on 3 June 2010 and concluded on 5 March 2011. Defending champion Kono Rin and Honinbo Yamashita Keigo were given first-round byes.[1] Cho U defeated Keigo in the final, winning his third NEC Cup.[2]


Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Kono RinBYE
6 September
Kono Rin1
12 July
So Yokoku0
So Yokoku1
5 February
Cho Chikun0
Kono Rin0
3 June
Cho U1
O Rissei0
12 August
Cho U1
Cho U1
19 July
Hane Naoki0
Takao Shinji0
5 March
Hane Naoki1
Cho U1
21 June
Yamashita Keigo0
Iyama Yuta1
19 August
Yamada Kimio0
Iyama Yuta0
8 July
O Meien1
O Meien1
5 February
Yoda Norimoto0
O Meien0
22 July
Yamashita Keigo1
Kobayashi Satoru0
2 September
Yuki Satoshi1
Yuki Satoshi0
Yamashita Keigo1
Yamashita KeigoBYE


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