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Year 362 was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Nevitta; the denomination 362 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. July 18 – Emperor Julian arrives at Antioch with an expeditionary force and stays there for nine months to launch a campaign against the Persian Empire, he secures co-operation with Arsaces, king of Armenia, who fights a bloody guerrilla war against the Persians. Julian builds a fleet of 50 warships and more than 1,000 transport boats at Samosata for his expedition in Persia against king Shapur II the Great. An earthquake strikes Nicaea. An earthquake strikes Al-Karak. February 21 – Athanasius returns to Alexandria and convenes a council, at which he appeals for unity among Christians who differ in terminology, but emperor Julian orders Athanasius to leave Alexandria, he will remain in exile in Upper Egypt until after Julian's death the next year.

October 22 – The temple of Apollo at Daphne, outside Antioch, is destroyed in a mysterious fire. Flavia Maxima Constantia, daughter of Constantius II Mesrop Mashtots, Armenian linguist Jin Xiaowudi, emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty January 1 – Paulus Catena, Roman politician February 25 – Reginos, Greek Orthodox bishop and saint May 10 – Gordianus and Epimachus, Roman Catholic priests and saints June 5 – Dorotheus of Tyre, Roman Catholic bishop and martyr June 27 – Crispus and Benedicta, Roman Catholic, priests and saints June 28 – Basil of Ancyra, Byzantine Orthodox bishop and saint August 5 – Eusignius of Antioch, Byzantine Orthodox bishop and martyr August 7 – Donatus of Arezzo, Roman Catholic bishop and saint October 16 – Eliphius, Roman Catholic priest and saint October 20 Artemius, Egyptian Orthodox martyr and saint Theodoret of Antioch, Syrian Christian priest and martyr December 10 – Gemellus of Ancyra, Byzantine Orthodox bishop and saint Princess Dowager Ma, concubine of Zhang Jun

Solar eclipse of February 5, 2046

An annular solar eclipse will occur on February 5, 2046. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby or obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun's, blocking most of the Sun's light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth thousands of kilometres wide. Animated path This eclipse is a member of a semester series. An eclipse in a semester series of solar eclipses repeats every 177 days and 4 hours at alternating nodes of the Moon's orbit. Solar saros 141, repeating every about 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours, contains 70 events; the series started with partial solar eclipse on May 19, 1613. It contains 41 annular eclipses from August 4, 1739, to October 14, 2460. There are no total eclipses in this series; the series ends at member 70 as a partial eclipse on June 13, 2857. The longest annular eclipse occurred on December 14, 1955, with maximum duration of annularity at 12 minutes and 9 seconds.

All eclipses in this series occur at the Moon’s ascending node. This eclipse is a part of the long period inex cycle, repeating at alternating nodes, every 358 synodic months, their appearance and longitude are irregular due to a lack of synchronization with the anomalistic month. However, groupings of 3 inex cycles comes close; the metonic series repeats eclipses every 19 years. Eclipses occur in nearly the same calendar date. In addition, the octon subseries repeats 1/5 of every 3.8 years. All eclipses in this table occur at the Moon's ascending node; this eclipse is a part of a tritos cycle, repeating at alternating nodes every 135 synodic months. Their appearance and longitude are irregular due to a lack of synchronization with the anomalistic month, but groupings of 3 tritos cycles come close, so eclipses are similar in these groupings. In the 22nd century: Solar Saros 147: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2111 Aug 04 Solar Saros 148: Total Solar Eclipse of 2122 Jul 04 Solar Saros 149: Total Solar Eclipse of 2133 Jun 03 Solar Saros 150: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2144 May 03 Solar Saros 151: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2155 Apr 02 Solar Saros 152: Total Solar Eclipse of 2166 Mar 02 Solar Saros 153: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2177 Jan 29 Solar Saros 154: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2187 Dec 29 Solar Saros 155: Total Solar Eclipse of 2198 Nov 28In the 23rd century: Solar Saros 156: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2209 Oct 29 Solar Saros 157: Annular Solar Eclipse of 2220 Sep 27 Solar Saros 158: Total Solar Eclipse of 2231 Aug 28 Solar Saros 159: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2242 Jul 28 Solar Saros 160: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2253 Jun 26 Solar Saros 161: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2264 May 26 Solar Saros 162: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2275 Apr 26 Solar Saros 163: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2286 Mar 25 Solar Saros 164: Partial Solar Eclipse of 2297 Feb 22 Earth visibility chart and eclipse statistics Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC Google interactive map Besselian elements

The Massacre (The Exploited album)

The Massacre is the sixth studio album by the hardcore punk band The Exploited, released in 1990 through Rough Justice. It's the second crossover thrash album by The Exploited. It's the band's most successful album so far; the intro was taken from the movie Faces of Death. All songs written by Wattie Buchan, except for where noted."The Massacre" – 3:03 "Sick Bastard" – 4:05 "Porno Slut" – 3:15 "Now I'm Dead" – 3:45 "Boys in Blue" – 3:58 "Dog Soldier" – 3:05 "Don't Pay the Poll Tax" – 4:25 "Fuck Religion" – 3:12 "About to Die" – 3:30 "Blown Out of the Sky" – 4:21 "Police Shit" – 3:54 "Stop the Slaughter" – 3:402005 CD reissue bonus tracks"Scaling the Derry Walls" – 2:09 "The Massacre" – 1:58 "About to Die" – 3:05 "Death Before Dishonour" – 2:12 Wattie Buchan - Vocals Gogs - Guitar Smeeks - Bass, vocals Tony - Drums The Driffield Lager Louts - Backing vocals Engineered by Colin Richardson Produced by Wattie Buchan Terry Oakes - Illustration

America (Modern Talking album)

America is the tenth studio album by German europop duo Modern Talking. The album was released on March 19, 2001 through label Hansa Records and it was distributed by BMG International. America landed on the German album chart on April 2, 2001 entering at position number two and spent two weeks at that position, it spent a total of five weeks within 15 weeks on the album chart. All music is composed by Dieter Bohlen Now" by Thomas Anders. Arranged By – Amadeo Crotti, Axel Breitung, Bülent Aris, Lalo Titenkov, Thorsten Brötzmann Co-producer – Axel Breitung, Bülent Aris, Luis Rodriguez, Thorsten Brötzmann Cover Composing By – Stefano Boragno Design – Ronald Reinsberg Mixed By – Jeo, Lalo Titenkov Music By, Lyrics By – Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Anders Producer – Dieter Bohlen ℗ + © 2001 BMG BERLIN MUSIK GMBH Allmusic Modern Talking: America at Discogs

Kent Ravens

The Kent Ravens are a defunct amateur rugby league club from Eltham in south-east London, founded in 2004. They played at Princes Park; the club won 10 titles in the two seasons since its creation on 12 June 2004, including the women’s London league runners up, the under-11s overall London championship and the men’s London League Plate grand final. The first rugby league club in Kent was a professional outfit, called Kent Invicta. Invicta were formed by Paul Faires and were admitted to the Rugby League on 6 April 1983. Southend United Football Club approached Invicta and in late 1984 became Southend Invicta but they were struck from the 1985-86 fixtures by the Rugby League only days before the commencement of the new season because they were considered not to have formed a team, they went into liquidation soon afterwards. There have been many other small amateur teams that played rugby league in Kent, such as Bexleyheath RLFC who won the London League Second division in 1987/1988 and Ashford Bears who were made up of construction workers from the North of England.

On Saturday 12 June 2004 Kent Ravens juniors beat Brixton Bulls in a friendly at South London Storm's ground in Croydon. Two weeks came the start of the Kent Ravens men’s team when they entered the London League and played a strong Bedford Tigers side, but for the Eltham-based club any thoughts of the 2004 season were miles away when the 2005 season started with new ambitions and four new teams within the club including the first Kent based women’s rugby league team. The 2005 season was dedicated to the memory of Adam Donnelly; the under-9s won one festival, women's team were runners up in the London League, the under-13s won the plate at the Mitcham festival and the under-11s won six titles including the overall London Broncos'Half time Heroes' title for 2004. The men's team won their first piece of silverware when they beat Feltham Eagles 30-18 in the London League plate final and the under-15s had some good results including a 108-6 win over Mitcham Bulls; the club tried to take some drastic and unusual steps to help lay some long term roots in Kent which included staying in the London League for a second season and trying to bridge the gap with rugby union, more popular than rugby league in Kent.

The 2006 season saw Kent Ravens men move up to the Rugby League Conference with local rivals Broadstairs Bulldogs. The Ravens cemented their position in a new league by finishing fourth and entering the season ending play-offs only to be put out at the semi-final stage by Greenwich Admirals; the same could be said for the women's section as they did not make the final. The Junior Ravens closed off the 2006 season with an impressive run for the under-13s who only lost once; the end of the 2006 season was when the Ravens said farewell to their rented ground at Brockleians RFC in Eltham, London as with the start of 2007 the Ravens played at the 4,100 capacity Princes Park stadium, Dartford. In 2007, Kent Ravens' first team moved up a league to the South Premier, giving the Ravens what turned out to be a tough season with only one win against Kingston Warriors, but the highlight of the season was the defeat to London Skolars in front of a crowd of 2470 and the Sky TV camera in the Princes Park Stadium.

Ex Leeds Rhino's star Steve Scanlan scored the only try of the match for the Ravens, the first try to be scored at Princes Park Stadium. More success came to the Junior Ravens as their under-12s went on to finish in the semi-finals of their league and a number were selected to advance onto origin level and represent South of London, while first team player Aiden Oakley picked up an award as Scotland's under-18 player of the season; the Ravens started the 2008 season in the South Premier but had their fixtures stopped after one game and rejoined the London League making it to the play-offs and beating Norwich City Saxons. They were back again in the Rugby League Conference in 2009 but failed to complete the season in the London & South division and folded. London League Plate: 2005 Princes park Stadium Official website

Bloody Flesh

Bloody Flesh is a 1983 Colombian drama horror film written and directed by Carlos Mayolo. On August 6, 1956 the Grandmother from an upper-class family in Cali dies; the descendants are called to her house to hear the will of the grandmother, two of the heirs are teenagers Andrés Alfonso and his half sister Margaret, who has just arrived from the United States. At dawn of the next day, a mysterious explosion occurs in the city, so the family moves to its house in the countryside. Andrés and Margaret are asked to go to a nearly farm, "La Emma", for supplies and to tell their great-uncle Enrique about the death of the grandmother, who left him an inheritance. Enrique is considered the "black sheep" of the family because of his Communistic beliefs. Andrés and Margaret develop a strong attraction, resulting in an incestuous relationship that mirrors their ancestors, whose ghosts begin possessing both them; the lovers start spreading terror in the region. Both become cannibalistic and vampiric creatures, similar to indigenous myths as "Madremonte".

By taking a victim's son of a peasant family, the brothers are buried. The family is seeking Margaret, ignoring their actions. A farmer discovers the place where the two teenagers were buried and left it shocked after seeing the lovers rise from their grave. Adriana Herrán as Margareth David Guerrero as Andrés Alfonso Santiago García as Andrés' father Vicky Hernandez as Julia Bloody Flesh was re-released for DVD on January 8, 2013. George Pacheco, blogger from 10K bullets, called the film "a memorable little film, despite its apparent, initial limitations". Ian Jane, from Rock Shock Pop, wrote "There’s a bit of a learning curve here, but with those obstacles it’s easy to appreciate the mood and atmosphere that Mayolo... is able to conjure up in the latter half of this odd movie." The film participated in the 1984 Bogotá Film Festival. The next year was screened at Fantasporto, where was nominated for Best Film and won the Best Actress award for Adriana Herrán. Bloody Flesh on IMDb Bloody Flesh at Rotten Tomatoes