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Mike Withycombe

William Michael Withycombe is a former professional American and Canadian football offensive lineman who played three seasons in the Canadian Football League for the Baltimore Stallions. He played four seasons in the NFL for three different teams, he played college football at Fresno State University. He was a part of the Stallions' Grey Cup victory in 1995, he won the CFL's Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award in 1995. On April 17, 2017, while in Las Vegas, Withycombe received media attention for stepping in to protect a female neighbor and her daughter from a man, threatening to kill them. Withycombe, sleeping in his home, was awakened by the sound of shouting, he headed outside to assess the situation. After Withycombe asked the intruder to leave, the man took a swing at him, so Withycombe tackled him and restrained him until police arrived on the scene. News reports indicate that Withycombe's unusual attire was a source of great amusement for the responding officers

Glen Falls, West Virginia

Glen Falls is an unincorporated community in Harrison County, West Virginia, United States. Glen Falls is located on the West Fork River 2 miles north of Clarksburg. A significant part of Glen Falls was once a coal camp, built around 1880. Glen Falls is residential and is a bedroom community for Clarksburg; the area is provided with water service by the Clarksburg Water Board. Glen Falls is the home of the Glen Falls Baptist Church, founded in 1901. Glen Falls has had two schools, both of which have been demolished. There was once a train station by the West Fork River in the early 1900s, it housed different stores and a doctor's office. The superintendent's house from the coal camp is still standing, as are some of the tenants' houses

Re Oasis Merchandising Services Ltd

Re Oasis Merchandising Services Ltd Ch 170 is a UK insolvency law and company law case, concerning wrongful trading. The liquidator brought proceedings against 5 individuals, alleged to be directors or shadow directors, amounting to lots, it tried to assign the claims to a specialist litigation company London Wall Claims Ltd, so that in return for the fruits of the litigation, they would bear the cost. The directors being sued claimed. Robert Walker J allowed the agreement provisionally, but allowed an appeal to the Court of Appeal to answer whether the assignment was champertous or not. London Wall Claims Ltd argued that although the agreement may be champtertous, under the Insolvency Act 1986 Schedule 4, para 6, the liquidator had the power to sell any of the company's property, that must include the fruits of a wrongful trading action under section 214. Alternatively, the agreement was an act necessary for the course of winding up, there would be power under the Insolvency Act 1986 Schedule 4, para 13.

The directors argued. The Court of Appeal held; the claim under s 214 is only vested in the liquidator. It arises when a company goes into liquidation and it would be champertous and against public policy to assign the fruits of such an action. There is no problem in assigning a s 212 action though. Under Insolvency Act 1986, s 436, company property did not include a section 214 action because there is a difference between assets of a company at the moment of liquidation, those arising and recoverable only by a liquidator under statutory powers; the agreement the liquidator entered into was an attempt to restrict his conduct of the action. Public policy demanded that it be regarded as champertous and Schedule 4 did not authorise the agreement as being necessary for the winding up of the company's affairs. Peter Gibson LJ noted that: "As a matter of policy we think that there is much to be said for allowing a liquidator to sell the fruits of an action for the reasons given... provided that it does not give the purchaser the right to influence the course of, or to interfere with the liquidator's conduct of, the proceedings."

UK insolvency law UK company law Re Yagerphone Ltd 1 Ch 392

Telok Ayer MRT station

Telok Ayer MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Downtown line, situated on the boundary of Downtown Core and Outram planning areas, Singapore. It is within walking distance from Chinatown MRT station and Raffles Place MRT station, as well as the famous Lau Pa Sat and is located at the junction of Cross Street and Telok Ayer Street. During the early stages of the Circle line when it was under planning, the Circle line Extension was planned to terminate at Chinatown. On 12 January 2010, Cross Street station was renamed to Telok Ayer to honour the rich heritage. Cross Street was under the key suggestions for Telok Ayer; the station features artwork located at walls and columns of the station created by Lim Shing Ee titled, "Bulbous Abode". The artwork demonstrates a whimsical dreamscapes of large rocks depicting ancient monuments, reminiscing the background of Chinese immigrants of old; the artwork is etched on CeramicSteel architectural panels from PolyVision. Kazunori Takeishi was Lim Shing Ee's partner in this project.

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Granada Talk TV

Granada Talk TV was a short-lived TV channel owned and operated by Granada Sky Broadcasting, a joint venture between BSkyB and Granada Television. It launched on 1 October 1996 with the other channels of the bouquet, but due to low viewership the channel ceased broadcasting on 31 August 1997; the channel is best known for helping launch the careers of Sacha Baron Cohen, Natasha Kaplinsky and Graham Norton. It bred some of British television's most successful production talent, including Layla Sabih, Mark Cowley and Rob Burley. Channel controller Will Smith became head of Granada London's Factual department, best known for the hit series Airline, it closed on 31 August 1997 along with Sky 2 following the death of Princess of Wales. The final day's broadcasts were a simulcast of Sky News. Granada Talk TV at TVARK