36th Gosei

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The 36th Gosei began on 12 May 2010 – 29 August 2010. Hane Naoki won the challenger tournament and faced title holder Sakai Hideyuki in a best-of-five final to decide the winner.[1] Sakai Hideyuki won the first two games, but Hane Naoki fought back and won the last three games, thus became the new title holder.[2] The winner's prize was ¥8,000,000.[3]


Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
20 January
Rin Kanketsu0
7 April
Imamura Yoshiaki1
Imamura Yoshiaki0
17 February
Rin Shien1
Yamashiro Hiroshi0
28 April
Rin Shien1
Rin Shien1
6 January
Yamashita Keigo0
Shuto Shun0
24 March
Yamashita Keigo1
Yamashita Keigo1
24 January
O Meien0
Mizokami Tomochika0
19 May
O Meien1
Rin Shien0
6 January
Hane Naoki1
Cho Chikun1
28 March
Han Zenki0
Cho Chikun1
9 December
Cho U1
Cho U1
14 April
Nakamura Hidehito0
Cho Chikun0
16 December
Hane Naoki1
Hashimoto Yujiro0
20 January
Iyama Yuta1
Iyama Yuta0
13 January
Hane Naoki
Chin Kaei0
Hane Naoki1


Sakai Hideyuki
W+R B+1.5 2
Hane Naoki
B+3.5 W+6.5 W+R 3


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