37th government of Turkey

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Bülent Ecevit

The 37th government of Turkey (26 January 1974 – 17 November 1974) was a coalition government of Republican People's Party (CHP) and National Salvation Party (MSP) in 1974. The prime minister was Bülent Ecevit of CHP, and the deputy prime minister was Necmettin Erbakan of MSP.

The elections[edit]

In the elections held on 14 October 1973, CHP gained 185 seats and MSP gained 48 seats out of a total of 450. CHP was at the left of the center and MSP was a conservative party. But despite the vast difference in ideology, the two parties formed a coalition.

The government[edit]

Title[1][2] Name Party
Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit CHP
Deputy Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan MSP
Minister of State
Orhan Eyüboğlu CHP
İsmail Hakkı Birler CHP
Süleyman Arif Emre MSP
Ministry of Justice Şevket Kazan MSP
Ministry of National Defense Hasan Esat Işık CHP
Ministry of the Interior Oğuzhan Asiltürk MSP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turan Güneş CHP
Ministry of Finance Deniz Baykal CHP
Ministry of National Education Mustafa Üstündağ CHP
Ministry of Public Works Erol Çevikçe CHP
Ministry of Commerce Fehim Adak MSP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Selahattin Cizrelioğlu CHP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Mahmut Türkmenoğlu CHP
Ministry Agriculture Korkut Özal MSP
Ministry of Transport Ferda Güley CHP
Ministry of Labour Önder Sav CHP
Ministry of Social Security Hayrettin Uysal CHP
Ministry of Industry Abdülkerim Doğru MSP
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Orhan Birgit CHP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Ali Topuz CHP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Cahit Kayra CHP
Ministry of Village Affairs and Cooperatives Mustafa Ok CHP
Ministry of Forestry Ahmet Şener CHP
Ministry of Youth and Sports Muslihittin Yılmaz Mete CHP


On September 3, 1974, Ecevit announced that the political perspectives of CHP and MSP could not be reconciled. On September 18, he resigned.[3]


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Preceded by
36th government of Turkey
(Naim Talu)
37th Government of Turkey
26 January 1974-17 November 1974
Succeeded by
38th government of Turkey
(Sadi Irmak)