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386MAX (originally 386 to the Max, later Qualitas MAX) was a computer memory manager for DOS-based personal computers. It competed with Quarterdeck's QEMM memory manager, it was manufactured by Qualitas.

BlueMax was a special version designed for the IBM PS/2 with ROM compression to get the most of the Upper Memory Blocks.


DPMIONE is a DPMI 1.0 host component from Qualitas, written by Bob Smith of Sudley Place Software.

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  • Cole, Dave (1992-05-04). Neiminen, Bruce (ed.). "Re: MS-DOS DPMI extensions" (PDF) (Court document). Microsoft. p. 123-124. MSC 00779372/00779373, MX3232616/3232617, Cole Exhibit 10, 2001-06-21. Retrieved 2018-09-17 – via Comes v. Microsoft - Plaintiff's exhibit 1306. […] [Ralph Lipe:] I think, they're checked into Win386 project. In the root MSDOS.DOC (look at all the .DOC files in the root) […] NO! This is an extremely sensitive matter since it basically tells […] ISVs (AKA DR-DOS and IBM) how to run standard mode Windows. You need to clear it with BradSi[lverberg] before distributing it. [Greg Lowney:] SoftNet makes a limulator. They read in the C7 manual that you can run C7 dos-extended if your limulator supports the MS-DOS extensions to the DPMI specification. So [...] they called us to get a spec on exactly what those extensions are. Apparently they are not documented. […] They are not that complicated, mostly just what MS-DOS and BIOS calls we map for the application, and Qualitas had no trouble reverse engineering them. (The new 386MAX was, in beta, able to run KRNL386 from the command line, but I believe they disabled that feature in their final product to avoid stepping on our feet. 386MAX does, of course, support C7.) […] Ralph, was the spec distributed to the members of the DPMI committee? […] [Dave Cole:] We should absolutely NOT document this. […]

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