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Studio album by Soulfly
ReleasedJune 25, 2002
StudioChaton Studios, Phoenix, Arizona
GenreGroove metalnu metalalternative metal
78:09 (Digipak)
ProducerMax Cavalera
Soulfly chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars [1]

3 is the third studio album by the metal band Soulfly released in 2002 through Roadrunner Records.[2] 3 has sold 195,000 copies as of March 11, 2008.

Album information[edit]

The album artwork features an Om (), a spiritual icon in Indian religions. The original title for the album was Downstroy, after the opening track of the album. Max Cavalera later stated that he regretted changing the album's title.[3]


Both of the first two tracks were the only singles released from the album, "Downstroy" and "Seek 'n' Strike."

"One" fuses growling vocals from Max Cavalera with gripping vocals from Ill Nino’s Christian Machado. The song uses this title as first word of the two word clauses per line: 'One soul / One heart / One man / One truth / One tribe / One life / One God'.[4] "L.O.T.M" (acronym for "Last of the Mohicans") is a Native American-themed metal song named after the 1826 novel of the same name. "Brasil" is a Brazilian metal song, especially featuring berimbau, as well as several percussions performed by Cavalera. "Brasil" is about overcoming the poor government of Rio de Janeiro by praying the past.[4]

"One Nation" plays a recorded pledge of allegiance to begin and end the song, since "One Nation" appears in pledge of allegiance. "One Nation" was originally recorded by Sacred Reich. "09-11-01" is a one-minute silence used for listeners to tribute to the victims of the September 11th, 2001 terrorism acts on the World Trade Center. "Call to Arms" is about addressing the terrorists in a usual way.[4]

"Tree of Pain" is noted for its ballad lasting 2.3 minutes on both ends with typical metal riff with Cavalera's growls in the middle. This song tributes to Cavalera's stepson Dana, who was killed.[4][5] "Zumbi" and "Soulfly III" are world music songs.


  • Spin (8/02, p. 110) rated the album a 6 out of 10, stating that "There's something undeniably thrilling about an Ozzfest demagogue who champions dignity as a human right and makes a maxim like 'Faith is a weapon' his rallying cry...the band remains a hard-charging, tribal-drumming monster fierce enough to kick the bulldozers out of the rainforest....3 could be the charm for Soulfly."
  • NME (6/22/02, p. 52) also rated the album a 6 out of 10 stating that "Another clench-jawed grind through seven kinds of hell...Soulfly must be the only band who can make the obligatory minute of Sept. 11th silence seem loud."
  • Alternative Press (8/02, p. 67) rated the album a 7 out of 10 stating that "Streamlined and digestable...A impenitent tone is set from the start...enough to get the troops of doom marching once again."
  • CMJ (6/17/02, p. 16) stated that "This one is a winner; don't miss out."

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Max Cavalera unless stated.

1."Downstroy"  4:25
2."Seek 'n' Strike"  4:28
3."Enterfaith"  4:46
4."One" (ft. Cristian Machado)  5:23
5."L.O.T.M." (Last of the Mohicans)  2:36
6."Brasil"  5:01
7."Tree of Pain" (ft. Asha Rabouin & Richie Cavalera)Max Cavalera, Asha Rabouin & Richie Cavalera 8:20
8."One Nation" (Sacred Reich cover ft. Greg Hall & Wiley Arnett)Phil RindRind & Wiley Arnett3:43
9."9-11-01" (Silent track)  1:00
10."Call to Arms" (ft. Danny Marianino) Max Cavalera & Danny Marianino1:24
11."Four Elements"  4:22
12."Soulfly III" (Instrumental)  5:02
13."Sangue de Bairro" (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)Chico Science, Lucio Maia, Jorge Du Peixe & DengueScience, Maia, Du Peixe & Dengue2:19
14."Zumbi"  6:17
Total length:59:06
Japanese Edition
15."I Will Refuse" (Pailhead cover)Paul Barker, Al Jourgensen, Ian MacKaye & William Rieflin4:07
Total length:1:03:02
Limited Edition Digipack
16."Under the Sun" (Black Sabbath cover)Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler & Bill Ward5:47
17."Eye for an Eye" (Live at Ozzfest 2000) 4:09
18."Pain" (Live at Ozzfest 2000)Max Cavalera, Chino Moreno & Grady Avenell5:01
Total length:1:17:58



Album – Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Peak
2002 The Billboard 200 46


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