42nd Parliament of Ontario

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42nd Parliament of Ontario
Majority parliament
July 11, 2018 – present
Parliament leaders
Premier Hon. Doug Ford
June 29, 2018 - present
Leader of the
Andrea Horwath
June 29, 2018 – present
Party caucuses
Government Progressive Conservative Party
Opposition New Democratic Party
Unrecognized Liberal Party
Green Party
Legislative Assembly
Speaker of the
Hon. Ted Arnott
July 11, 2018 – present
House Leader
Hon. Todd Smith
June 29, 2018 - present
Members 124 MPP seats
Monarch Elizabeth II
February 6, 1952 – present
Elizabeth Dowdeswell
September 23, 2014 – present
1st Session
July 11, 2018 – present
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The 42nd Legislative Assembly of Ontario is the current legislature of the province of Ontario, Canada.

The current Premier of Ontario is Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford, as the party leader that won a majority of seats in the 2018 Ontario general election. The Official Opposition, and the only other recognized party, is the Ontario New Democratic Party led by Andrea Horwath.[1] The Ontario Liberal Party and Green Party of Ontario also have seats in the legislature, but neither elected enough MPPs for official party status.

Ford was officially sworn in as Premier of Ontario by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on June 29, 2018.[2] The first session of the 42nd Legislative Assembly was opened on July 11, 2018 with the election of Ted Arnott as Speaker.[3]

Election and appointments[edit]

The Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) that served in the Legislative Assembly of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario were elected in the general election held on June 7, 2018. The election returned 76 Progressive Conservatives, 40 NDP members, 7 Liberals, and 1 Green. This allowed the Progressive Conservative Party to form a majority government with its leader Doug Ford becoming Premier and the NDP forming the Official Opposition.[4] Neither the Liberals, nor the Green Party had sufficient number of seats to provide them with party status in the legislative assembly.[5] Ford assembled a 21-member Executive Council which was sworn in by Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell on June 29. The Executive Council featured Ford as Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs with former Progressive Conservative leadership candidates Christine Elliott as Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and Caroline Mulroney as Attorney General. Former interim leaders of the Progressive Conservatives Vic Fedeli and Jim Wilson were assigned to be Minister of Finance and Minister of Economic Development, respectively. This initial cabinet also featured Lisa MacLeod as both Minister of Community and Social Services and Minister of Children and Youth Services, Lisa Thompson as Minister of Education, Rod Phillips as Minister of the Environment, and John Yakabuski as Minister of Transportation.[6] In addition, 26 other Progressive Conservative MPPs were appointed to be parliamentary assistants. Todd Smith was appointed Government House Leader and Ted Arnott was elected Speaker.[3]

First session[edit]

The first session of the 42nd Parliament began on July 11, 2018, with the Speech from the Throne delivered by Lieutenant Governor Dowdeswell on behalf of the Premier Ford and the Progressive Conservative government. In the summer session two bills were adopted. The first bill, adopted by the Parliament on July 26, was the Urgent Priorities Act (Bill 2) which enacted back-to-work legislation to end strike action at York University, canceled the White Pines wind project, and requireed Hydro One create new compensation packages for their chief executive officer and board of directors which would be subject to government approval.[7] The second bill, titled Better Local Government Act, 2018 (Bill 5) removed the City of Toronto's powers to determine the composition of City Council and the division of the City into wards and replaced it with a requirement that the City's wards follow the provincial riding boundaries, as well as eliminate elected chair positions in the regions of Peel, York, Niagara and Muskoka, in favour of appointed positions — all applicable to the 2018 municipal elections.[8]

Timeline of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario[edit]

The following notable events occurred during the 2018–present period:

Party standings[edit]

Affiliation Leader
Progressive Conservative Doug Ford
New Democratic Andrea Horwath
Official Opposition
Liberal John Fraser (interim)
Green Mike Schreiner
Government Majority

Membership changes[edit]

Number of members
per party by date
Jun 7
Progressive Conservative 76
New Democratic 40
Liberal 7
Green 1
Total members 124
Vacant 0

Seating plan[edit]


******** Hassan * Monteith-Farrell Harden * Rakocevic Morrison * Glover Bell * Bourgouin Arthur * Berns-McGown Burch * * Sabawy Baber * Des Rosiers Schreiner *
Kernaghan * West Stevens * Gates Gretzky * French P. Miller * G. Singh Andrew * Hatfield Taylor * Pang Thanigasalam * Roberts Cuzzetto * Hunter Lalonde *
* Stiles Armstrong * Lindo Mantha * Karpoche Yarde * Mamakwa Shaw * Begum Sattler * Anand Bouma * Babikian Kanapathi * Gravelle Coteau *
* * Gélinas Tabuns * S. Singh Vanthof * Bisson HORWATH * Natyshak Fife * Crawford D. Smith * McKenna Dunlop * Fraser Wynne
******** * * Walker T. Smith * Thompson Bethlenfalvy * Fedeli FORD * Elliott Wilson * Mulroney MacLeod * Clark Yakabuski * Hardeman Tibollo *
* * Coe N. Miller * Lecce Phillips * Yurek Rickford * R. Cho Jones * Scott Fullerton * McNaughton Bailey * McDonell Martow * Pettapiece Barrett *
* * Gill Ke * Calandra Surma * Parsa Skelly * Martin Triantafilopoulos * Sarkaria Oosterhoff * Mitas Park * Hillier Nicholls * Kusendova Romano *
* * Sandhu Rasheed * Simard Tangri * Wai Kramp * Piccini Khanjin * Downey S. Cho * Fee Karahalios * Hogarth Ghamari * Harris Jr.

List of members[edit]

Name Party Riding First Elected Left office Notes
  Rod Phillips Progressive Conservative Ajax June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Michael Mantha New Democratic Algoma—Manitoulin October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Michael Parsa Progressive Conservative Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Andrea Khanjin Progressive Conservative Barrie—Innisfil June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Doug Downey Progressive Conservative Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Todd Smith Progressive Conservative Bay of Quinte October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Rima Berns-McGown New Democratic Beaches—East York June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Sara Singh New Democratic Brampton Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Gurratan Singh New Democratic Brampton East June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Kevin Yarde New Democratic Brampton North June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Prabmeet Sarkaria Progressive Conservative Brampton South June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Amarjot Sandhu Progressive Conservative Brampton West June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Will Bouma Progressive Conservative Brantford—Brant June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Bill Walker Progressive Conservative Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Jane McKenna Progressive Conservative Burlington October 6, 2011 Incumbent Was defeated in the same riding during the 2014 Ontario general election. Regained her seat in 2018 general election.
  Belinda Karahalios Progressive Conservative Cambridge June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Goldie Ghamari Progressive Conservative Carleton June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Rick Nicholls Progressive Conservative Chatham-Kent—Leamington October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Marit Stiles New Democratic Davenport June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Michael Coteau Liberal Don Valley East October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Vincent Ke Progressive Conservative Don Valley North June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Kathleen Wynne Liberal Don Valley West October 2, 2003 Incumbent Currently the longest serving female member. Former Premier of Ontario.
  Sylvia Jones Progressive Conservative Dufferin—Caledon October 10, 2007 Incumbent
  Lindsey Park Progressive Conservative Durham June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Robin Martin Progressive Conservative Eglinton—Lawrence June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Jeff Yurek Progressive Conservative Elgin—Middlesex—London October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Taras Natyshak New Democratic Essex October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Kinga Surma Progressive Conservative Etobicoke Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Christine Hogarth Progressive Conservative Etobicoke—Lakeshore June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Doug Ford Progressive Conservative Etobicoke North June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Donna Skelly Progressive Conservative Flamborough—Glanbrook June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Amanda Simard Progressive Conservative Glengarry—Prescott—Russell June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Mike Schreiner Green Guelph June 7, 2018 Incumbent First Green Party member.
  Toby Barrett Progressive Conservative Haldimand—Norfolk June 8, 1995 Incumbent
  Laurie Scott Progressive Conservative Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock October 2, 2003 Incumbent Resigned seat on January 8, 2009 to allow PC leader John Tory to enter legislature. Regained seat in 2011 general election.
  Andrea Horwath New Democratic Hamilton Centre May 13, 2004 Incumbent
  Paul Miller New Democratic Hamilton East—Stoney Creek October 10, 2007 Incumbent
  Monique Taylor New Democratic Hamilton Mountain October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Sandy Shaw New Democratic Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Daryl Kramp Progressive Conservative Hastings—Lennox and Addington June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Tom Rakocevic New Democratic Humber River—Black Creek June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Lisa Thompson Progressive Conservative Huron—Bruce October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Merrilee Fullerton Progressive Conservative Kanata—Carleton June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Greg Rickford Progressive Conservative Kenora—Rainy River June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Sol Mamakwa New Democratic Kiiwetinoong June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Stephen Lecce Progressive Conservative King—Vaughan June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Ian Arthur New Democratic Kingston and the Islands June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Laura Mae Lindo New Democratic Kitchener Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Mike Harris Jr. Progressive Conservative Kitchener—Conestoga June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Amy Fee Progressive Conservative Kitchener South—Hespeler June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Monte McNaughton Progressive Conservative Lambton—Kent—Middlesex October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Randy Hillier Progressive Conservative Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston October 10, 2007 Incumbent
  Steve Clark Progressive Conservative Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes March 4, 2010 Incumbent
  Teresa Armstrong New Democratic London—Fanshawe October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Terence Kernaghan New Democratic London North Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Peggy Sattler New Democratic London West August 1, 2013 Incumbent
  Paul Calandra Progressive Conservative Markham—Stouffville June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Logan Kanapathi Progressive Conservative Markham—Thornhill June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Billy Pang Progressive Conservative Markham—Unionville June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Parm Gill Progressive Conservative Milton June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Natalia Kusendova Progressive Conservative Mississauga Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Kaleed Rasheed Progressive Conservative Mississauga East—Cooksville June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Sheref Sabawy Progressive Conservative Mississauga—Erin Mills June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Rudy Cuzzetto Progressive Conservative Mississauga—Lakeshore June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Deepak Anand Progressive Conservative Mississauga—Malton June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Nina Tangri Progressive Conservative Mississauga—Streetsville June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Guy Bourgouin New Democratic Mushkegowuk—James Bay June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Lisa MacLeod Progressive Conservative Nepean March 30, 2006 Incumbent
  Christine Elliott Progressive Conservative Newmarket—Aurora March 30, 2006 Incumbent Previously represented Whitby—Ajax and Whitby—Oshawa. Resigned seat on August 28, 2015. Regained a seat in 2018 general election.
  Jeff Burch New Democratic Niagara Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Wayne Gates New Democratic Niagara Falls February 13, 2014 Incumbent
  Sam Oosterhoff Progressive Conservative Niagara West November 17, 2016 Incumbent
  France Gélinas New Democratic Nickel Belt October 10, 2007 Incumbent
  Vic Fedeli Progressive Conservative Nipissing October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  David Piccini Progressive Conservative Northumberland—Peterborough South June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Stephen Crawford Progressive Conservative Oakville June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Effie Triantafilopoulos Progressive Conservative Oakville North—Burlington June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Marie-France Lalonde Liberal Orléans June 12, 2014 Incumbent
  Jennifer French New Democratic Oshawa June 12, 2014 Incumbent
  Joel Harden New Democratic Ottawa Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  John Fraser Liberal Ottawa South August 1, 2013 Incumbent
  Nathalie Des Rosiers Liberal Ottawa—Vanier November 17, 2016 Incumbent
  Jeremy Roberts Progressive Conservative Ottawa West—Nepean June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Ernie Hardeman Progressive Conservative Oxford June 8, 1995 Incumbent
  Bhutila Karpoche New Democratic Parkdale—High Park June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Norm Miller Progressive Conservative Parry Sound—Muskoka March 22, 2001 Incumbent
  Randy Pettapiece Progressive Conservative Perth—Wellington October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Dave Smith Progressive Conservative Peterborough—Kawartha June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Peter Bethlenfalvy Progressive Conservative Pickering—Uxbridge June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  John Yakabuski Progressive Conservative Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke October 2, 2003 Incumbent
  Daisy Wai Progressive Conservative Richmond Hill June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Jennie Stevens New Democratic St. Catharines June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Bob Bailey Progressive Conservative Sarnia—Lambton October 10, 2007 Incumbent
  Ross Romano Progressive Conservative Sault Ste. Marie June 1, 2017 Incumbent
  Aris Babikian Progressive Conservative Scarborough—Agincourt June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Christina Mitas Progressive Conservative Scarborough Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Mitzie Hunter Liberal Scarborough—Guildwood August 1, 2013 Incumbent
  Raymond Cho Progressive Conservative Scarborough North September 1, 2016 Incumbent
  Vijay Thanigasalam Progressive Conservative Scarborough—Rouge Park June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Doly Begum New Democratic Scarborough Southwest June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Jim Wilson Progressive Conservative Simcoe—Grey September 6, 1990 Incumbent Currently the longest serving member, alongside Ted Arnott and Gilles Bisson, and with Arnott, the longest serving PC member.
  Jill Dunlop Progressive Conservative Simcoe North June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Chris Glover New Democratic Spadina—Fort York June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Jim McDonell Progressive Conservative Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Jamie West New Democratic Sudbury June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Gila Martow Progressive Conservative Thornhill February 13, 2014 Incumbent
  Judith Monteith-Farrell New Democratic Thunder Bay—Atikokan June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Michael Gravelle Liberal Thunder Bay—Superior North June 8, 1995 Incumbent Currently the longest serving Liberal member.
  John Vanthof New Democratic Timiskaming—Cochrane October 6, 2011 Incumbent
  Gilles Bisson New Democratic Timmins September 6, 1990 Incumbent Currently the longest serving member, alongside Ted Arnott and Jim Wilson, and the longest serving NDP member.
  Suze Morrison New Democratic Toronto Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Peter Tabuns New Democratic Toronto—Danforth March 30, 2006 Incumbent
  Jill Andrew New Democratic Toronto—St. Paul's June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Jessica Bell New Democratic University—Rosedale June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Michael Tibollo Progressive Conservative Vaughan—Woodbridge June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Catherine Fife New Democratic Waterloo September 6, 2012 Incumbent
  Ted Arnott Progressive Conservative Wellington—Halton Hills September 6, 1990 Incumbent Currently the longest serving member, alongside Gilles Bisson and Jim Wilson, and with Wilson, the longest serving PC member.
  Lorne Coe Progressive Conservative Whitby February 11, 2016 Incumbent
  Stan Cho Progressive Conservative Willowdale June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Percy Hatfield New Democratic Windsor—Tecumseh August 1, 2013 Incumbent
  Lisa Gretzky New Democratic Windsor West June 12, 2014 Incumbent
  Roman Baber Progressive Conservative York Centre June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Caroline Mulroney Progressive Conservative York—Simcoe June 7, 2018 Incumbent
  Faisal Hassan New Democratic York South—Weston June 7, 2018 Incumbent


Officeholders in the Legislature


Other Chair occupants[edit]

Party leaders[edit]

Floor leaders[edit]


Front benches[edit]


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