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Year 459 was a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Patricius; the denomination 459 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Emperor Leo I the Thracian signs a peace treaty with the Ostrogoths. King Theodemir sends Theoderic the Great, age 5, as a child hostage to Constantinople, he learns at court about military tactics and religion. King Vortigern is burnt to death, while being besieged by a Romano-British force under Ambrosius Aurelianus at Ganarew; the Franks conquer the city of Trier. The Frankish Kingdom gets involved in Roman politics. Remigius, age 22, is elected bishop of Reims. King Dhatusena of Anuradhapura of the Moriyan dynasty rules over Sri Lanka. During his reign the Avukana Buddha statue is built. November 15 – B'utz Aj Sak Chiik, king of Palenque September 2 – Simeon Stylites, Christian pillar-saint Hormizd III, king of the Sasanian Empire Vortigern, king of the Britons

Hagar the Womb

Hagar the Womb are an English punk rock band active in the early 1980s and part of the Anarcho-punk movement. In hiatus from 1987, members went on to form and Melt. A 2011 compilation of their back catalogue brought all members back into contact with each other, invitations to reform and play gigs and festivals have had Hagar The Womb gigging again since 2012; the band was formed in London in 1980, in the toilets of the Wapping Anarchy Centre, established by the efforts of seminal anarchist bands Crass and Poison Girls. The original line-up was all-female, reflecting the band's purpose of giving women a voice in the anarcho-punk scene: Ruth Elias, Karen Amsden, Nicola Corcoran, Janet Nassim, Steph Cohen. One week after forming they played their first gig with Zounds and The Mob, with'Scarecrow' playing drums, they soon recruited a second guitarist,'Jon From Bromley', a permanemt drummer, Chris Knowles of Cold War and The Boiled Eggs. Corcoran left; the band's first demo included the track "For the Ferryman", released on the Mortarhate label compilation LP Who?

What? Why? When? Where? in 1984. Cohen was replaced by Mitch Flacko prior to the band's first release proper; the band toured the UK punk circuit for five years, releasing two 12-inch EPs and recording a Peel Session for BBC Radio 1 on 11 February 1984. Their first EP, The Word of the Womb was a hit on the UK Indie Chart during 1984, peaking at number six, staying in the chart for more than five months. Elaine Reubens joined the band in time for the recording of their Peel session; the band released a second EP, Funnery In a Nunnery the next year, now on the Abstract label, drawing comparisons with Siouxsie & the Banshees, Delta 5 and The Slits. Flacko left, his replacement being Paul "Veg" Venables, Julie Sorrell was brought in to replace Amsden, they continued for another year, but there were no further releases and the band split up, with Knowles, Sorrell and Harding forming We Are Going To Eat You, who signed to Junior Delgado's Big Cat Records after their 1987 début EP and went on to release the album Everywhen in 1990.

They changed their name to Melt, releasing a sole EP before splitting up. The band's drummer Chris Knowles has a degree in Hegelian Dialectics, Continental Philosophy and Russian Literature and went on to become a cult DJ under the name Chris Liberator. Bassist Mitch Flacko has been playing bass in avant garde ensembles, works as a tour manager. During its lifetime the band's line-up fluctuated but included: Ruth Elias a.k.a. Ruth Rack or The Hon. Ruthless Savage Karen Amsden a.k.a. The Karennipoo or Miss K. Penfold Elaine Reubens a.k.a. Illayne Illhabopp Julie Sorrell Jon Attwood a.k.a. Jon from Bromley or JFB Paul Harding a.k.a. Paul Permo or Paul Centipede Stephanie Cohen Janet Nassim a.k.a. Janetti Spaghetti or El Janetti Ravioli Mitch Flacko a.k.a. Mitch Jail Bate Paul Venables a.k.a. Veg Chris Knowles a.k.a. Chris Elephant Face, Mr. Chris Engelbert Funkadink or Chris Liberator The Word of the Womb - UK Indie No. 6 Funnery in a Nunnery - UK Indie No. 9 A Brighter Shade of Black Life of Lies / Distant War / You Never Learn "Hated By The Daily Mail" Hagiography Hagitate Four Heads Feast "I Wish I Knew"/"Let's Fly" "Heart in Hand" Ride Upon the Tide Everywhen Neverland

Oxbow Inlet

Oxbow Inlet is a tributary of Oxbow Creek in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is 1.5 miles long and flows through Lemon Township. The watershed of the creek has an area of 1.79 square miles. The stream is classified as a Migratory Fishery; the surficial geology in the vicinity of its lower reaches consists of alluvium and Wisconsinan Till, but there are patches of alluvial fan and bedrock nearby as well. Oxbow Inlet begins in a wetland in Lemon Township, it flows south for several tenths of a mile, its valley deepening, before turning southeast and south-southeast for several tenths of a mile as its valley becomes shallower. The stream reaches its mouth at Oxbow Lake, from which Oxbow Creek flows. Oxbow Inlet joins Oxbow Creek 2.79 miles upstream of its mouth. In 1966, the concentration of silica in the waters of Oxbow Inlet was found to be greater than 50 milligrams per liter; the iron concentration in the stream was found to be 0.20 milligrams per liter. The magnesium and calcium concentrations were 24.64 milligrams per liter, respectively.

The sulfate concentration was 11.08 milligrams per liter. The iron and sulfate concentrations were below average for springs sampled in a 1966 study of bodies of water in the Wilkes-Barre area. However, the silica and magnesium concentrations were above average. In the summer of 1966, Oxbow Inlet carried only vadose water, due to drought conditions during that time period; the elevation near the mouth of Oxbow Inlet is 1,027 feet above sea level. The elevation of the stream's source is between 1,140 feet above sea level. Oxbow Inlet is the inlet to Oxbow Lake; the surficial geology in the immediate vicinity of the lower reaches of Oxbow Inlet consists of alluvium. Further upstream, there is a till known as Wisconsinan Till in the surficial geology. There are patches of alluvial fan and bedrock consisting of sandstone and shale nearby; the watershed of Oxbow Inlet has an area of 1.79 square miles. The mouth of the stream is in the United States Geological Survey quadrangle of Tunkhannock. However, its source is in the quadrangle of Springville.

The stream's mouth is located within 1 mile of St. Andrews Camp. Chief Oil & Gas, LLC has an Erosion and Sediment Control permit for which one of the receiving streams is Oxbow Inlet. Oxbow Inlet is classified as a Migratory Fishery. Oxbow Inlet was entered into the Geographic Names Information System on August 2, 1979, its identifier in the Geographic Names Information System is 1193074. Horton Creek, next tributary of Oxbow Creek going downstream List of rivers of Pennsylvania

Antun Kovacic

Antun Kovacic is a former Australian footballer. Melbourne Victory recruited Kovacic from Oakleigh Cannons as a short-term replacement for the injured Daniel Piorkowski towards the end of the 06/07 season, featuring in two games, he played for several years in the now defunct National Soccer League with the Melbourne Knights. In June, 2008 Kovacic began trialling with the Newcastle Jets and impressed in two pre-season games, including one against the Central Coast Mariners. In early July Kovacic signed with the Newcastle Jets on a two-year deal to bolster their defence. In March, 2009, Kovacic moved to Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i to take up the club's'3+1' ACL roster spot, he returned to Australia for one season, helping Richmond Eagles to the Victorian Premier League Premiership and Grand Final in 2010. In February 2014, Kovačić returned to the Melbourne Knights. With the Knights, he won the Dockerty Cup, helping the club to their first piece of silverware in 18 years. At the end of the season, Kovacic retired from competitive football.

Antun Kovacic – K League stats at profile at

Fernando Poe Sr.

Fernando Poe known as Fernando Poe Sr. was a Filipino actor during the early cinema era in the Philippines. He was of Spanish descent. Poe was the father of Fernando Poe Jr. who became a prominent actor and icon. Prior to his son's rise to fame, Poe had been known as Fernando Poe. Since he had been named Fernando Poe Sr. to distinguish him from his son. He directed the first Darna film in 1951; as a leading man, he was cast opposite Mona Lisa. Poe was born in San Carlos City and had six children by his second wife, Irish-American Elizabeth "Bessie" Gatbonton Kelley of Pampanga: Elizabeth, Ronald Allan, Fernando II, Genevieve and Evangeline. Poe and Kelly were married in 1940 after their first two children. Actor Conrad Poe, was his illegitimate son by actress Patricia Mijares; the original spelling of his surname was Pou via his father, playwright Lorenzo Pou, a Catalan immigrant from Majorca in the Balearic Islands. Pou established a mining business in the Philippines and married a Pangasinense woman named Marta Reyes.

Poe graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines in 1935 and the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Philippine Dental College in 1942. Poe died in 1951 after he had permitted a rabid puppy to lick his wound. Darna Forbidden Women Giliw ko Zamboanga known as Fury in Paradise Eseng ng Tondo Fernando Poe Sr. on IMDb

List of awards and nominations received by Shinhwa

This is a list of awards and nominations received by South Korean boy band Shinhwa. The group debuted on 24 March 1998 with six members: Eric, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, Andy. Shinhwa was formed under SM Entertainment. Whilst under Good Entertainment as Shinhwa, each of the members pursued their own solo careers under individual companies. In 2011, members of the group formed ` Shinhwa Company', they made their comeback to the music industry in March 2012, after a four-year hiatus, during which the band members served individual mandatory military services, with the release of their tenth album The Return and concert tour. The Golden Disc Awards is a music awards show founded in 1986, presented annually by the Music Industry Association of Korea for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea; the Main Award is awarded up to 10 best artists by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony.

The Grand Prize award is equivalent Artist of the Year, is awarded to the performer of the best full-length album nominated from the Disk Bonsang. The Mnet Asian Music Awards the KM Music Festival, is a major K-pop music award show, held by Mnet Media annually in South Korea. The Daesang Award is equivalent to artist of the year; the Seoul Music Awards is a music awards show founded in 1990, presented annually by the Sports Seoul for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea. Daesang Award is equivalent Artist of the Year. While the Bonsang Awards is awarded up to 10 best artists by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony. Mnet 20's Choice Awards is presented by South Korean cable television channel Mnet. SBS Gayo Daejeon, is a major annual end-of-the-year music program broadcast on 29 December by Seoul Broadcasting System, it was started in 1997, awards were given to entertainers until 2007. The Main Award is awarded to a number of best artists.

The Grand Prize award is equivalent Artist of the Year, is awarded to the performer of the best full-length album nominated from the Disk Bonsang. K-pop Contemporary culture of South Korea Korean music Shinhwa Company official homepage Shinhwa Good Entertainment official homepage