47th Regiment Royal Artillery

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47th Regiment Royal Artillery
Active 1947 – present
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Role UAV
Size 4 Batteries
Part of Joint Helicopter Command[1]
Garrison/HQ Horne Barracks, Larkhill, Wiltshire
Nickname(s) The Hampshire & Sussex Gunners
Equipment Thales Watchkeeper WK450
Soldier from 21 (Gibraltar 1779–83) Air Assault Battery RA (serving with 16th Air Assault Brigade) raising the Union Flag.

47th Regiment Royal Artillery is a regiment of the Royal Artillery in the British Army. It is equipped with the Thales Watchkeeper WK450. It is located at Horne Barracks, Larkhill in Wiltshire.[2]


The regiment was formed in 1947 when 4th Coast Training Regiment Royal Artillery was renamed 47th Coast Training Regiment Royal Artillery.[3] It was reformed as 47th Guided Weapons Regiment Royal Artillery and equipped with the Corporal missile in 1957.[3] In 1965 it was renamed 47th Light Regiment Royal Artillery and equipped with the 105mm Pack Howitzer and then deployed to Aden in 1967.[3] It saw service in Northern Ireland during the Troubles in 1973 and 1975.[3] In 1976 it became 47th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, initially equipped with the 105mm light gun, before moving on to the Abbott gun in 1981.[3] 21 Battery and elements of 43 Battery deployed to the South Atlantic during the Falklands War in 1982.[3] 3 Battery and 31 Battery both took part in the Gulf War in 1991.[3] 21 Battery saw action in Bosnia in 1995 and elements of 31 Battery were deployed to Macedonia and to Kosovo in 1999.[3] Between 2001 and 2014 elements of the Regiment were deployed on Operation Herrick in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.[4]

Current Role[edit]

The Regiment is the sole operator of the Thales Watchkeeper WK450 UAS.

Current Batteries[edit]

The Regiment currently comprises 3 equipment Batteries and 1 HQ Battery. A fourth equipment Battery is due to be added in 2018:[1]

  • 10 (Assaye) Battery
  • 43 Battery (Lloyd's Company)
  • 74 Battery (The Battle Axe Company)
  • 31 (Headquarters) Battery

Previous Batteries[edit]

  • 4 (Sphinx 1742-1993) Battery.[3]
  • 3 Battery
  • 21 (Gibraltar) Battery


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