4th Mechanized Brigade (Kazakhstan)

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155th Motor Rifle Division (1970–1989)

5203rd Weapons and Equipment Storage Base (1989–1993)
511th Motor Rifle Regiment (1993–1996)
4th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (1996–2004)

4th Mechanized Brigade (2004–present)
Active 1970–present

 Soviet Union (1970–1991)

 Kazakhstan (1992–present)

Soviet Army (1970–1991)

Army of Kazakhstan (1992–present)
Type Motorized infantry
Garrison/HQ Oskemen

The 4th Mechanized Brigade is a motorized infantry brigade of the Army of Kazakhstan. It is currently based in Novo-Ahmirovo, a suburb of Oskemen. It is part of Kazakh Regional Command East. The brigade traces its origins back to the Soviet 155th Motor Rifle Division, formed in 1970 in Semipalatinsk. The 155th became the 5203rd Weapons and Equipment Storage Base in 1989. [1] In 1993, the 5203rd Weapons and Equipment Storage Base became the 511th Motor Rifle Regiment.[citation needed] In 1996, it became the 4th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade. In 2004, it was renamed the 4th Mechanized Brigade.


In April 1970, the 155th Motor Rifle Division was activated in Semipalatinsk, subordinated to the 1st Army Corps. On 24 September 1981, it became part of the 32nd Army. In 1984, elements of the division were used to activate the 71st Motor Rifle Division. The division was relocated to Ust-Kamenogorsk (now Oskemen) in the same year. During the Cold War, the division was maintained at 64% strength. It became part of the 1st Army Corps again on 1 March 1988. On 1 October 1989, it became the 5203rd Weapons and Equipment Storage Base. The base became part of the 40th Army on 4 June 1991. In March 1992, it was taken over by Kazakhstan.[1]

In 1996, it became the 4th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade.[2] In 2004, it became the 4th Mechanized Brigade.

The 4th Mechanized Brigade participated in Exercise "Center-2008" with Russian troops.[3]


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