53rd government of Turkey

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The 53rd government of Turkey (6 March 1996 – 28 June 1996), known as "ANAYOL" or "Second Mesut Yılmaz government," was a coalition government formed by True Path Party (DYP) and Motherland Party (ANAP).


In the elections held on 24 December 1995, five parties entered the parliament with no party holding the majority. The coalition talks continued for more than two months, and finally, two parties, Motherland Party (ANAP) and True Path Party (DYP), agreed to form the coalition. Although their total number of seats in the parliament (268 out of 550) was still less than 50%, Democratic Left Party (DSP) promised to support the government during the voting of confidence without participating in the government. According to the agreement, the leader of ANAP would become the prime minister, but DYP would receive more seats in the cabinet.

The government[edit]

In the list below, the serving period of cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Party Notes
Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz ANAP
Deputy Prime Minister Nahit Menteşe DYP
Minister of State
Rüştü Saracoğlu ANAP
Ayfer Yılmaz DYP
Abdülkadir Aksu ANAP
Ufuk Söylemez DYP
Eyüp Aşık ANAP
Yaman Törüner DYP
İmren Aykut ANAP
Ayvaz Gökdemir DYP 6 March 1995 – 25 May 1996
Cemil Çiçek ANAP
Yaşar Dedelek DYP
Ali Talip Özdemir ANAP
Ünal Erkan DYP 6 March 1996 – 25 May 1996
Ersin Taranoğlu ANAP
Mehmet Halit Dağlı DYP
Ministry of Justice Mehmet Ağar DYP
Ministry of National Defense Oltan Sungurlu ANAP
Ministry of the Interior Ülkü Güney ANAP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emre Gönensay DYP
Ministry of Finance Lütfullah Kayalar ANAP
Ministry of National Education Turhan Tayan DYP
Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Mehmet Keçeciler ANAP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Yıldırım Aktuna DYP
Ministry of Transport Ömer Barutçu DYP
Ministry of Labour and Social Security Emin Kul ANAP
Ministry of Industry and Commerce Yalım Erez DYP
Ministry of Culture Agah Oktar Güner ANAP
Ministry of Tourism Işılay Saygın DYP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Hüsnü Doğan ANAP
Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs İsmet Atilla DYP
Ministry of Forestry Nevzat Ercan DYP
Ministry of Environment Mustafa Taşar ANAP


Both coalition parties had a similar ideology but were rivals of one another. Thus, from the first day, the coalition was faced with difficulties. On 24 May 1996, True Path Party (DYP) decided to withdraw from the government and formed another coalition with the Welfare Party (RP) on 28 June.


Preceded by
52nd government of Turkey
(Tansu Çiller)
53rd Government of Turkey
6 March 1996 – 28 June 1996
Succeeded by
54th government of Turkey
(Necmettin Erbakan)