55th Indian Infantry Brigade

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55th Indian Infantry Brigade
CountryBritish Raj British India
Allegiance British Empire
BranchBritish Raj Red Ensign.svg British Indian Army
EngagementsBurma Campaign
Brigadier J M Hunt
Brigadier P H Gates

The 55th Indian Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the Indian Army during World War II. It was formed in India in April 1942 and assigned to the 7th Indian Infantry Division. In July to September 1942, it was attached to the North Western Army. Afterwards the brigade was assigned to the 14th Indian Infantry Division and took part in the Burma Campaign. Apart from a short period in May 1943, the brigade remained with the 14th Division until the end of the war and was 14th Division was allocated as a training division, the brigade was reorganised as a training brigade in June 1943.[1]


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