56 Aquarii

56 Aquarii, abbreviated 56 Aqr, is a star in the constellation of Aquarius. 56 Aquarii is its Flamsteed designation. It is a sixth magnitude star, having an apparent visual magnitude of 6.36, thus is a challenge to view with the naked eye. Based upon an annual parallax shift of 5.07 mas, it is located around 643 light years from the Earth. At that distance, the visual magnitude is diminished by an extinction of 0.12 due to interstellar dust. The star is moving closer with a heliocentric radial velocity of −28 km/s, it is a candidate runaway star showing a transverse peculiar velocity of 213.87 km/s. Houk and Smith-Moore gave this star a stellar classification of B8 II, matching a B-type bright giant. In contrast, Cowley et al. found a class of B8 Vs, corresponding to a B-type main-sequence star with narrow absorption lines due to a low projected rotation. Zorec and Royer modeled it as a dwarf star, 67% of the way through its main sequence lifespan, it is a chemically peculiar mercury-manganese star, showing abnormally strong absorption lines of mercury and magnesium with weak lines of helium.

The star has 3.4 times the mass of about 2.8 times the Sun's radius. It is radiating 185 times the Sun's luminosity from its photosphere at an effective temperature of 11,912 K

Frank Huelsman

Frank Elmer Huelsman was an American professional baseball left fielder, who played in Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Browns, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators. A true baseball nomad, Huelsman started his major league career late in 1897 with St. Louis Browns of the National League, hitting for a.286 average in two games. Out of the majors for six full seasons, he achieved the rare distinction of being the first player in major league history to play for four different teams in a season. Huelsman reached the American League in 1904, appearing in three games with the Chicago White Sox before moving to the Detroit Tigers, the White Sox again, the new St. Louis Browns, the Washington Senators, he hit.245 in 112 games that season, including two home runs and 35 RBI. In January 1905, the Boston Americans obtained outfielder George Stone from the Senators; the Browns reclaimed Huelsman from Washington, where he had been on loan, sent him along with outfielder Jesse Burkett to Boston in exchange for Stone.

Boston sent Huelsman back to Washington in payment for Stone. For Huelsman, it was his eight transaction in less of a year, he enjoyed a good season with the Senators, hitting.271 with three home runs and 62 RBI in 121 games, including 48 runs, 28 doubles, eight triples, 11 stolen bases – all career-numbers, but he was sent down in 1906, was never called back up. In a three-season career, Huelsman was 97 RBI in 235 games. Following his Major League Baseball career, Huelsman became a minor league star, compiling a.342 career average over nearly 20 years, including five batting titles, six RBI titles, two Triple Crowns between 1911 and 1913, missing a third title in 1912 by a.002 in batting average. Huelsman died in Affton, just four days after his 85th birthday. 1904 Detroit Tigers Baseball Library Baseball Reference BRP – Minor League career Retrosheet

Căile Ferate Române Line 500

Line 500 is one of CFR's main lines in Romania having a total length of 488 km. The main line, connecting Bucharest with the Ukrainian border near Chernivtsi, passes through the important cities Ploieşti, Buzău, Focşani, Roman, Paşcani and Suceava. 501 Adjud - Comănești - Ghimeș-Făget - Siculeni 502 Suceava - Vama - Floreni - Ilva Mică 504 Buzău - Nehoiaşu 507 Mărășești - Panciu 509 Bacău - Piatra Neamţ - Bicaz 510 Dolhasca - Fălticeni 511 Verești - Botoşani 512 Leorda - Dorohoi 513 Suceava - Gura Humorului 514 Vama - Moldovița 515 Dornești - Gura Putnei - Putna - Nisipitu 516 Floreni - Dornişoara 517 Paşcani - Târgu Neamț 518 Dornești - Siret