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Year 623 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. The denomination 623 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Byzantine–Sassanid War: Emperor Heraclius invades Armenia, leaving his son Constantine and co-regent Bonus to defend Constantinople against the Persians still at Chalcedon, he sails with 5,000 reinforcements to join the Byzantine army at Trapezus. Raising additional forces in Pontus, Heraclius strikes through the mountains of Armenia and the northern sub-Caucasian principalities, he plunders Media, avoids the Persian armies who attempt to trap him. King Clothar II gives Austrasia to his son Dagobert I, age 20 granting the kingdom semi-autonomy in repayment for the support of its nobles, most notably Pepin of Landen, in recognition of calls from the Austrasians for a king of their own. Arnulf, bishop of Metz, becomes advisor to Dagobert. Samo, reputedly a Frankish merchant, is elected king of the Slavs in Moravia and Lower Austria.

A string of victories over the Avars proves his utilitas to his subjects, he secures the throne to establish his own kingdom, which stretches from the upper Elbe to the Danube. Tuyuhun invasion of Gansu: Tang forces under Chai Shao defeat the Tuyuhun, prevent further incursions into Gansu. Tori Busshi makes "Shaka Triad", in the kon-dō of Hōryū-ji, during the Asuka period; the Jewish community in Medina rejects the idea of Muhammad being a leader of Judaism. He and his followers start bowing toward Ka ` ba. Muhammad abandons Saturday as the Sabbath. March 28 – Marwan I, Muslim Caliph Jizang, Chinese Buddhist monk Liu Heita, rebel leader during the Tang Dynasty Lupus of Sens, French bishop Pingyang, princess of the Tang Dynasty Su Wei, high official of the Sui Dynasty Xu Yuanlang, rebel leader during the Sui Dynasty

Netherlands men's national ice hockey team

The Netherlands men's national ice hockey team is the national men's ice hockey of the Netherlands. The Netherlands are ranked 24th in the IIHF World Ranking and compete in IIHF World Championship Division II; the Netherlands competed in the 1980 Olympic ice hockey competition. They competed in Pool A of the 1981 World Ice Hockey Championships. In the 1980 Winter Olympics, The Netherlands, competed in the Red division group, had a record of 1–3–1, they lost to Canada, they lost to the Soviet Union, they tied Japan, they beat Poland, they lost to Finland. One year the team returned to the top division in the 1981 World Ice Hockey Championships. In the first round, the team lost all of their games, followed by another 3 losses in the final round. 1980 – 9th place Roster for the 2019 IIHF World Championship. 1 G Ted Lenssen 30 G John de Bruyn 6 D Patrick Kolijn 9 D George Peternousek 11 D Allan Pluimers 12 D Rick van Gog 14 D Henk Hille 17 D Frank van Soldt 2 F Harrie van Heumen 3 F Larry van Wieren 4 F Ron Berteling 5 F Dick Decloe 8 F Jack de Heer 10 F Jan Janssen 15 F Klaas van den Broek 16 F Leo Koopmans 18 F Brian de Bruyn 19 F Chuck Huizinga 20 F Corky de Graauw 25 F William Klooster Official website IIHF profile

C├ęsar Ruiz Aquino

César Ruiz Aquino is a Filipino poet and fictionist. He was raised in Zamboanga, Philippines, he was educated at Silliman University, at UP Diliman, at the Ateneo de Manila on Padre Faura, at AE. His writing career began when Philippine Graphic published his story'Noon and Summer' written in 1961. At age 19, he received an invitation to - and a virtual writing fellowship at - the first, 1962, Silliman National Writers Summer Workshop in Dumaguete that included as fellows Wilfrido D. Nolledo, Jose Lansang Jr. and Wilfredo Pascua Sanchez - as well as mentors Nick Joaquin, Franz Arcellana and Edilberto Tiempo and Edith Tiempo. Aquino earned his Ph. D. at Silliman University, where he has been teaching creative writing and literature since 1981. He has served resident panelist at the continuing annual Silliman Writers Workshop, he has received the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for poetry two times and two times for short fiction. Other literary awards he has won are the Graphic and the Free Press, he has received the Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas for Lifetime Achievement from the'Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas' in 1997.

He was named'National Fellow for Poetry' by the University of the Philippines Institute of Creative Writing in 2003. The following year he was the Philippine awardee of the SEA. Write in Thailand. Cesar Ruiz Aquino's publications include:'Chronicles of Suspicion'.'Word Without End' aessnd'Checkmeta: The Cesar Ruiz Aquino Reader'.'In Samarkand'.'Caesuras: 155 New Poems'.'Like A Shadow That Only Fits A Figure Of Which It Is Not The Shadow'.'Fire If It Were Ice, Ice If It Were Fire'. He has two works-in-progress: a new book of a novel; the Dumaguete Connection by Alfred Yuson Writing and Giving in to Dumaguete by Ian Rosales Casocot "The Son According to Gibson by Cesar Ruiz Aquino". Archived from the original on December 12, 2004. Retrieved June 14, 2006. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown Dreaming the Real by Cesar Ruiz Aquino Cesar Ruiz Aquino at ICW THE'ORIENTAL' IN BANGKOK: WHERE THE TWAIN MEET Books for the Love Month Philippine Literature in the Post-War and Contemporary Period by Francis C.

Macansantos and Priscilla S. Macansantos MANOA, University of Hawaii Peter Pan of Philippine Lit by Sylvia Mayuga "Dumaguete National Writers' Workshop". Archived from the original on October 27, 2009. Retrieved June 14, 2006. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown

Camille Utterback

Camille Utterback is an interactive installation artist. Trained as a painter, her work is at the intersection of painting and interactive art. Utterback received her undergraduate degree from Williams College and her master's degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, she is an Assistant Professor of the Art and Art History Department at Stanford University and lives in San Francisco, California. Examples of her work include Text Rain, created in collaboration with Romy Achituv, in which participants use their bodies to lift and play with falling letters projected on a wall, Shifting Times, a public installation in San Jose, California that creates interactive projects based on the movements of pedestrians. Helen Lessick describes the latter as a "blending screens of twentieth and twenty-first century San José" in which the "images split and weave, shift between color and black and white, invoking loss and possibility and memory."

Utterback says that she is interested in getting people to “think about the difference between something conceptual and something physical” and to “make a hypothesis, test it with their bodies.”Her work has been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of the Moving Image, Smithsonian American Art Museum GAFFTA, the Ars Electronica Center and the NTT InterCommunication Center. Utterback created an installation called Precarious for the National Portrait Gallery exhibition Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now, which opened in May, 2018, she has received several grants and awards including the Rockefeller Foundation New Media Fellowship and the Transmediale International Media Art Festival Award and, in 2009, a "genius award" from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Utterback has taught media art at Parsons School of Design, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Christiane Paul. Digital Art. London: Thames & Hudson. ISBN 0-500-20367-9.

Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel, eds.. "Future Cinema: The Cinematic Imaginary After Film" MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. ISBN 0-262-69286-4. Artist's website Interactive art Surveillance art! Women Art Revolution - Utterback, among others, was interviewed for this film Anon. "Artist, Curator & Critic Interviews".! Women Art Revolution - Spotlight at Stanford. Archived from the original on August 23, 2018. Retrieved August 23, 2018. Artist's website KQED Forum Radio interview with Camille Utterback, airdate August 9, 2005

Tong Gwo Hong Hung

Tong Gwo Hong Hung is Candy Lo's 7th studio album. It was released on 25 June 2003. For this album Candy Lo continued her collaboration with long-time friend and producer Kubert Leung with whom she worked on previous albums, such as Fantasy. Translations of song titles in brackets. "站站舞" Jaam6 Jaam6 Mou5 - 4:37 "吉祥物" Gat1 Yeung4 Mat6 - 3:35 "拉丁夜晚" Laai1 Ding1 Ye6 Maan5 - 3:24 "戀愛很遠" Lyun5 Oi3 Han2 Yun5 - 3:36 "三角誌" Saam1 Gok3 Ji3 - 3:32 "紙皮箱" Ji2 Pei4 Seung1 - 3:33 "音樂人民" Jam1 Ngok6 Jan4 Man4 - 3:52 "天祐我們" Tin1 Yau6 Ngo5 Mun4 - 3:27 "猜樓梯" Chaai1 Lau4 Tai1 - 3:25 "昏迷" Fan1 Mai4 - 4:28 "不插電" Bat1 Chaap3 Din6 - 3:40VCD "三角誌" "吉祥物" "猜樓梯"

Dive In

Dive In is Darius Danesh's debut album, released toward the end of 2002. It was a huge success and went platinum in the UK, charting at number 6 in the UK albums chart during the competitive pre-Christmas sales, he wrote all 12 songs on the album, collaborating with a number of other producers such as The Misfits and The Matrix. Steve Lillywhite was executive producer and Darius himself produced the track "Better Than That"; the first single "Colourblind", was released on 29 July 2002 and went straight to number 1 in the UK for two weeks and was certified Silver. The second single "Rushes" did well, going to number 5 in the UK charts, the third single "Incredible" went to number 9; the fourth and last single "Girl in the Moon" didn't do as well but still got to number 21. The album has 69 tracks, but after the first 12 they are all 5 seconds of silence until the last one, a songwriting demo of "Gotta Know Tonight" making it a hidden track; this songwriting demo has lyrics and music written by Danesh, showing the song as it was first written before other producers added their production ideas to the song.

The album was certified platinum in the UK for selling over 300,000 copies. Artwork – Tom Bird Executive Producer – Steve Lillywhite Photography By – Norman Watson Producer – The Misfits