627th Radar Squadron

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627th Radar Squadron
627th Radar Squadron - Emblem.png
Emblem of the 627th Radar Squadron
Active 1957-1968
Country United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type General Radar Surveillance

The 627th Radar Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 32d Air Division, Air Defense Command (ADC), stationed at Crystal Springs Air Force Station, Mississippi. It was inactivated on 8 September 1968.

The squadron was originally activated in 1946[1] as one of the first Aircraft Control & Warning Squadrons (AC&W Sq) when the Army Air Forces assumed the radar detaction mission from the Signal Corps in 1946. Its mission was to provide air defense for the island of Guam.[citation needed] It was inactivated when its parent group moved from Guam to Okinawa.[2]

The unit was reactivated in 1957[3] as a General Surveillance Radar unit under ADC, providing for the air defense of the Gulf Coast of North America, although it was apparently only a paper unit without personnel or equipment until moving to its programmed site in Mississippi.[citation needed] In 1958, the squadron provided support to contractors participating in the radar frequency diversity test program.[4] In 1959, the squadron joined the Semi Automatic Ground Environment system and was redesignated as a Radar Squadron.[3] It was discontinued and inactivated in 1968, when the Department of Defense decided to draw down air defenses in the Gulf Coast region.[5]


Activated ca 18 July 1946
Inactivated on 22 June 1948
Activated on 8 April 1957
Redesignated 627th Radar Squadron (SAGE) on 1 October 1959
Discontinued and inactivated on 8 September 1968




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