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Arctostaphylos stanfordiana

Arctostaphylos stanfordiana, with the common name Stanford's manzanita, is a species of manzanita, endemic to northern California. It is known from the outer North Coast Ranges north of the San Francisco Bay Area. Arctostaphylos stanfordiana is a bushy shrub growing.5–3 metres in height. Leaves are oblong to lance-shaped, shiny green, up to 5 centimeters long; the inflorescence is a loose cluster of urn-shaped manzanita flowers which are pink, with some so pale that they are nearly white. The fruit is an oblong drupe about 7 millimeters wide. SubspeciesThere are three subspecies: A. s. ssp. decumbens - rare subspecies endemic to Sonoma County A. s. ssp. raichei - known from Mendocino County A. s. ssp. stanfordiana - more widespread than other subspecies California chaparral and woodlands California montane chaparral and woodlands Jepson Manual Treatment - Arctostaphylos stanfordiana USDA Plants Profile.

Los Cerritos Ranch House

Los Cerritos Ranch House known as Rancho Los Cerritos or Casa de los Cerritos, in Long Beach, was "the largest and most impressive adobe residence erected in southern California during the Mexican period". Los Cerritos means "the little hills" in English, it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970. The structure, a Monterey Colonial adobe, was built in 1844 by merchant Jonathan Temple, a Yankee pioneer who became a Mexican citizen; the house was once the headquarters for a 27,000-acre ranch. The land was part of the 167,000-acre Rancho Los Nietos land grant to Manuel Nieto, divided into six parcels, one of, Rancho los Cerritos. In 1843, Temple purchased the rancho and built the adobe house in 1844 as headquarters for his cattle operations. In 1866, Temple sold the rancho to Flint, Bixby & Company which converted the ranch from cattle to sheep. Jotham Bixby, the brother of one of the company's founders and resided at the ranch from 1866-1871. Jotham Bixby, known as the "father of Long Beach" purchased the property for himself and raised seven children at the adobe.

One of Jotham's children, raised at the ranch house was Fanny Bixby Spencer, who became known as a philanthropist and pacifist. Beginning in the late 1870s, Bixby began leasing or selling portions of the ranch, which became the cities of Downey and Lakewood. Between the 1870s and 1920, the adobe fell into disrepair. In 1929, Llewellyn Bixby purchased the property, made extensive renovations to the house, including plaster cement coating, a new red-tiled roof, plumbing, fireplaces, a sun porch, new floors and much of the landscaping. Llewellyn Bixby died in 1942, the family sold the house to the City of Long Beach in 1955; the City turned the house into a museum dedicated to educating the public about California's rancho period. Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site was converted into, remains, a public museum operated by the Rancho Los Cerritos Foundation in partnership with the City of Long Beach, it is open for tours and events on Wednesdays through Sundays. The house is furnished in a Victorian fashion as it would have been when Jotham Bixby raised his family there in the 1870s.

There is a visitor center with exhibits about the site's history from Native American times to the present. A formal Italian garden includes cypress trees planted by Temple; the center features a 3,000-volume California history research library and a gift shop. The Friends of Rancho Los Cerritos support its activities; the museum was closed for 17 months from 2001-2002 to allow for seismic retrofitting, removal of lead paint and asbestos insulation, brickwork repairs and modifications to improve accessibility for the disabled. Los Cerritos Neighborhood List of City of Long Beach Historic Landmarks National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles County, California Ranchos of California California Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles County Official website Historic American Buildings Survey No. CA-37-12, "Casa de los Cerritos, 4600 American Road, Long Beach, CA", 12 photos, 6 measured drawings, 2 data pages, supplemental material

Jessie Chung

Jessie Chung is a Malaysian musician, songwriter, actress, author and nutritional consultant. She released her album Home in 1998 and There is a Decision in 2000. After a 5-year hiatus, she released Loving You in 2006, she is active in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, has released nine albums since the beginning of her career, most notably Love in You, Tearless Sky, There You Are and Be Strong. She serves as president of the Malaysia Naturopathic Association and vice-president of the Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association, she has written several medical publications, Stay Away from Cancer and Stay Away from Diseases, is the author of the Jessie Diary series. Jessie Chung, a descendant of the Hakka lineage from Dapu, was born in Kuching, Malaysia, she is the second child in her family, with one elder sister, three younger sisters, one younger brother. Chung passed grade 8 organ at a young age; as a child and teenager, she participated extensively in singing competitions. She wanted to pursue a full-time musical career after graduating from high school, but in the end, she chose to focus on her studies.

After graduating from university, Chung joined the medical and healthcare industry and founded Natural Health Farm. In 2006, Chung released Loving You with Symphony Musical House; the album contains 10 original tracks. In 2007, Jessie Chung published her first book, Jessie Diary; the latest book in the series is Jessie Diary 7: A Starry Sky. In 2009, Chung released Message of Love from the Moon through Symphony Musical House. In 2011, Chung released I Just Fall in Love Again through Symphony Musical House. In 2012, Chung invited Wu Guan Yan to produce her album, they wrote five song lyrics, while Chung herself wrote the lyrics for the other five. On 30 November 2012, Chung abandoned $33 million USD of inheritance and released Love in You in Taiwan, her husband appeared to show his support. The album topped Ai FM's Chart in Malaysia; the eponymous single “Love in You” was chosen as the theme song and ending theme for Fox Networks Group's Korean drama Secret Garden. Chung held her first concert in Taipei, the Love in You Concert on 21 December 2012.

Her ex-fiancée flew from the US. In 2013, Chung starred as lead actress in the Griffin Group production Faces, playing Li Yu and Yuan Yuan, the main character. Jackie Lui starred as the lead actor while supporting actors include Liu Hua, Law Kar-ying, Cheng Pei-pei. Chung was inducted into the Chinese Who's Who Society in 2013. Near the end of 2013, Chung starred in Unchanging Love, a film production organized by the students of One World Hanxing College of Journalism and Communication. Proceeds of the film went to fund treatments of underprivileged cancer patients. In 2014, Chung cameoed in the movie Kungfu Taboo, sharing the screen with Kara Wai, Frederick Lee, Henry Thia. In 21 May 2015, Chung released Tearless Sky, an album that presents itself as a self-narrative. Renowned variety show host Hsu Nai-lin came to her album release party to show his support; the album rose to 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart, 20th place on Five Music's Mandarin Chart and 4th place on the i Radio Top Hits Chart.

On 4 June 2015, Jessie Chung was invited to appear on the Taiwanese variety show Kangsi Coming. She was invited to many other TV shows including Genius Go Go Go, GTO Reunion, Hot Door Night, 100% Entertainment, etc. On 30 June 2015, Chung performed the Tearless Sky Concert in Taipei. On 21 September 2015, starring Chung and Jackie Lui, premiered in Malaysia. On 17 October 2015, Chung held her solo concert, the Love Unity Concert, to fund treatments of underprivileged cancer patients. Guest artists included Malaysian singers Fauziah Latiff and Ziana Zain, the concert raised RM170,000. On 12 November 2015, Chung signed with Beijing CTV Star Culture Development Co. the same label that Eric Moo is signed to. On 6 May 2016, Chung opened the avant-garde Exquisite Chinese Orchestra Concert, she was accompanied by a 22-piece Chinese orchestra while she performed many classic songs, making her the first Malaysian act to replace a modern band with a traditional Chinese orchestra in concert. Ten shows in total were played in both East Malaysia.

On 28 May 2016, Chung was cast as the main character Yang Xiao Fan in Moonlight, a large-scale stage production based on a true story. The stage play was shown all across Malaysia, all proceeds went to fund treatments of underprivileged cancer patients. During the third performance, Chung accidentally sprained her ankle but continued to perform until the curtain call, despite the pain. In 2016, Jessie Chung signed to Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia to prepare for her debut in the international music scene and began to record the album There You Are. On 23 August 2016, Jessie Chung released her debut English album There. Ditching her usual softer personality, Jessie chose to rock a blonde hairstyle and rebellious obsidian dress to fit in with the new genre of her album. Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia's CEO appeared at the release party to congratulate her. On 23 August 2016, Chung released her debut English album There. Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia's CEO appeared at the release party to congratulate her.

On 24 August 2016, Chung started her There You Are Concert Tour, completing five shows in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching. On 30 October 2016, Chung brought. On 13 Nov

Stefan Olshavskyi

Stefan Simon Olshavskyi, O. S. B. M. was the bishop of the Vicariate Apostolic for the Ruthenians in Mukacheve from 1733 to his death in 1737. Simon Olshavskyi was born on about 1695 from which he took his surname, he studied philosophy than in the Jesuit college of Trnava. At the end of his studies, he was ordained secular priest in 1719 and assigned to the Vicariate Apostolic of Mukacheve. At the death of his predecessor, he was appointed, on 26 August 1733 as general vicar by the Latin bishop of Eger, he received the titular see of Pella on 20 May 1735 and was consecrated bishop in this year by the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus', Atanasiy Sheptytskyi in Lviv. A few time before consecration, Simon Olshavskyi entered in the Order of Saint Basil the Great and took the religious name of Stefan. Bishop Stefan Olshavskyi died in Mukachevo on 24 December 1737

John Nicholson (football secretary)

John Nicholson was club secretary for Sheffield United for over 30 years. During this period the club did not employ a'manager' but Nicholson undertook many of the duties associated with a modern-day football manager. Born in Attercliffe in Sheffield, Nicholson was a lawyer's clerk, active with the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA as well as secretary of Attercliffe F. C. In 1899 he was offered the post of club secretary at Sheffield United when the club became a Limited Company and remained in the role until his death. Although the team was coached by a trainer and selected by a committee, Nicholson ran the club on a day-to-day basis, dealing with transfers and other finances, liaising with the Football Association and looking after the players' general affairs. Regarded as one of the most respected men in football at the time he had a vast number of contacts throughout the game and was an expert in the rules and regulations of the sport. Nicholson presided over the most successful period in The Blades history, winning four FA Cups in 1899, 1902, 1915 and 1925 and maintaining United as a dominant league force, winning the old 1st division Championship in 1898.

Despite never holding the post of manager at The Blades, he was offered just such a position at Manchester City in 1926 but turned it down, preferring to remain in his home town. Nicholson died in 1932 after being knocked down by a lorry whilst crossing the road outside Sheffield Midland Station on his way to join the team, who were heading off to Birmingham to play a match against Aston Villa. Local newspaper reports estimated. Sheffield UnitedDivision One Champions 1898Runners Up: 1900FA CupWinners: 1899, 1902, 1915, 1925 Runners up: 1901 John Nicholson management career statistics at Soccerbase