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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 660 kHz: 660 AM is a United States clear-channel frequency. WFAN and KFAR share Class A status of 660 kHz.[1]

In Argentina[edit]

  • LT41 in Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios

In Canada[edit]

  • CFFR in Calgary, Alberta

In Chile[edit]

In Colombia[edit]

In Mexico[edit]

  • XEAR-AM in Tampico, Tamaulipas (FM only)
  • XECPR-AM in Felipe Carrillo Puer, Quintana Roo
  • XEDTL-AM in San Lorenzo Tezonco, DF
  • XEEY-AM in El Sauz II, Aguascalientes
  • XEFZ-AM in San Nicholas de Los Garza, Nuevo León
  • XESJC-AM in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur
  • XEWX-AM in Durango, Durango (moved to FM in 2011)
  • XEYG-AM in Matias Romero, Oaxaca

In the United States[edit]

  • KAPS in Mount Vernon, Washington
  • KCRO in Omaha, Nebraska
  • KEYZ in Williston, North Dakota
  • KFAR in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • KGSV in Oildale, California
  • KSKY in Balch Springs, Texas
  • KTNN in Window Rock, Arizona
  • KXOR in Junction City, Oregon
  • WAMO in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
  • WBHR in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
  • WFAN in New York, New York (formerly WNBC 1920s-88)
  • WLFJ in Greenville, South Carolina
  • WLOY in Rural Retreat, Virginia
  • WMIC in Sandusky, Michigan
  • WORL in Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • WXIC in Waverly, Ohio
  • WXQW in Fairhope, Alabama

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