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Year 760 was a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. The denomination 760 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Frankish King Pepin III begins his expedition to Aquitaine, he conquers the cities of Carcassonne, Toulouse and Albi. Duke Waifer of Aquitaine confiscates the Church lands, plunders Burgundy. Pepin invades Aquitanian-held Berry and the Auvergne, capturing the fortresses of Bourbon and Clermont. Waifer's Basque troops are defeated by the Franks, deported into northern France with their children and wives. Battle of Hereford: The Welsh kingdoms of Brycheiniog and Powys defeat the Mercians under King Offa at Hereford, they free themselves from the influence of the Anglo-Saxons. Offa's Dyke is constructed, a 150-mile-long earthwork which marks the current border with the Welsh kingdoms, between England and Wales. Former emperor Xuanzong is placed under house arrest by the eunuch official Li Fuguo, with the support of Xuanzong's son, Suzong.

Li Fuguo is appointed commander of the Imperial Guards, possessing nearly absolute power during Suzong's reign. The Kingdom of Nanzhao in modern-day southern China expands into the Irrawaddy River region, first into Burma down into northern Laos and Thailand. Lu Yu begins writing The Classic of Tea; the Maya city of Dos Pilas is abandoned, after the Tamarindito and Petexbatún centres revolt against their Dos Pilas overlord. The Church of Santa Sophia is founded by the Lombard duke Arechis II in Benevento; the Kailasa Temple is built on the orders of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. Bregowine is appointed archbishop of Canterbury in England. Angilbert, Frankish diplomat and abbot Fujiwara no Otomuro, Japanese empress consort Jonas, bishop of Orléans Sibawayh, Persian linguist and grammarian Theodulf, bishop of Orléans Theophanes the Confessor, Byzantine monk Thomas the Slav, Byzantine general Wei Guanzhi, Chinese chancellor Zhang Hongjing, Chinese chancellor October 26 – Cuthbert, archbishop of Canterbury Dumnagual III, king of Alt Clut Gangulphus, Burgundian courtier Kōmyō, empress of Japan Liutprand, duke of Benevento Muiredach mac Murchado, king of Leinster Wu Daozi, Chinese painter


Kattakada is a panchayat and a suburb in Trivandrum, the capital city of the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated 13km west of Neyyattinkara Town, 18km south of Nedumangad town and 22km south-west of Capital City Trivandrum. Kattakada is in the eastern part of Thiruvanathapram District, it is situated about 18 km east of the capital of Kerala. To its north is situated Nedumangad and to its south, Neyyattinkara, it is a commercial centre and the second biggest market of hill products in the district, after Nedumangad. Neyyar Dam, a tourist spot and the core of Agasthyavanam Wildlife Sanctuary, is only 10 km away from Kattakada at kuttichal panchyath, towards the east. Thus, Kattakada is situated at the centre of four places: Trivandrum to the west, Neyyattinkara to the south, Neyyar Dam to the east and Nedumangad to the north; the nearest railway stations are Trivandrum Central and Neyyattinkara. The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. Mandapathinkadavu Neyyattinkara Neyyattinkara Railway Station Amaravila kuttichal Kanjiramkulam Peyad Parassala Neyyattinkara Sree Krishna Swami Temple Upper cloth revolt Thiruvananthapuram Municipalities of Kerala Kattakkada Taluk formed ASRTECH Website designing and developing -Kripabag-Complete Printing of Bags, Bigshoppers...etc About Kattakada - In the Local Self Government, Kerala website About Kattakada - In the Official Website of Church of South India Parish Kattakada Kattakada Details on Map of Thiruvananthapuram District About Kattakada map

Glen Vella

Glen Vella is a Maltese singer. He started his singing career at the age of 13, he studied both theory in voice and piano. He is certificated in voice coaching from the Victoria Arts College London. Glen is a residential singer on various TV-shows on the island including'Kalamita','Showtime','Sa 6' and'Sibtijiet Flimkien', he played main roles in various musicals on the local stage, including'Jesus Christ Super Star','Godspell','Abba Mania'. Glen Vella debuted in the Maltese selections for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with the song "Appreciate", he tried to win the competition another 3 times, including a stint in 2009 with a short-lived group called Q. In 2011, Glen won the right to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, his song One Life, failed to reach the finals by one point. Again in November 2014, Glen participated in the Maltese national final for a chance to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Austria with the song "Breakaway", he qualified to the Maltese final and finished in 3rd place with a total of 39 points, failing to win.

Glen Vella at Malta Eurovision 2011

Shoko Sawada

Shoko Sawada is a Japanese singer-songwriter and radio personality. Since the start of her professional singing career in 1980, Sawada has recorded over 27 studio albums. At the age of five, Sawada became a member of the Otowa Basket Lily Association and started singing nursery rhymes and appeared as a child actor, she appeared in a TV commercial for "Panshiron" sponsored by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. in 1968, alongside Kiyoshi Atsumi. On May 25, 1979, Sawada released "Campus Sketch", her recording debut with Crown Record. At that time, young female singer-songwriters were rare in Japan, but she benefited from her Japanese idol good looks and attracted a male audience. Many of the songs she performed were not written by Sawada, she struggled to make love songs. Sawada gained popularity via NHK-FM's radio program "Requests". In October 1989, she hosted the KBS Kyoto radio program "Hyper Night" every Thursday. Guests on the program included Airi Hiramatsu, she wrote and composed the song "Shin'ai naru Hitoe" in memory of Kōzō Murashita who died in 1999.

Sawada released album History 2 on October 21, 2004 to commemorate her 25th anniversary as a recording artist. She has performed in the "Furano Chapel Concert" at Shin-Furano Prince Hotel for a few days every winter, she has been in the group "The 4/9" with Reiko Sada, the sister of Masashi Sada, since 2005. Sawada is a radio personality on Yamanashi Broadcasting System's "Jamboree Saturday of Sawada Seiko", she has hosted "Paradise afternoon - Subete ni Arigato" every Monday at the Japanese FM's community radio Music Bird. Best Selection 1979-1983 For You 17 Songs Sawada Masako Part I, II History Sawada Seiko Artist Series Collection History 2 Official website Blog

The James Brothers of Missouri

The James Brothers of Missouri is a 1949 Republic film serial. Keith Richards as Jesse James Robert Bice as Frank James Noel Neill as Peg Royer Roy Barcroft as Ace Marlin Patricia Knox as Belle Calhoun Lane Bradford as Monk Tucker The James Brothers of Missouri was budgeted at $164,986 although the final negative cost was $164,757, it was filmed between 6 July and 27 July 1949. The serial's production number was 1705. David Sharpe Tom Steele Dale Van Sickel Special effects created by the Lydecker brothers; the James Brothers of Missouri's official release date is 31 August 1949, although this is the date the sixth chapter was made available to film exchanges. Cline dismisses this serial as a "quick warm-over" of the first two Jesse James serials. Frontier Renegades Racing Peril Danger Road Murder at Midnight Road to Oblivion Missouri Manhunt Hangman's Noose Coffin on Wheels Dead Man's Return Galloping Gunslingers - a re-cap chapter The Haunting Past Fugitive's Code Source: Jesse James Rides Again - earlier Jesse James Serial Adventures of Frank and Jesse James - earlier Jesse James Serial List of film serials by year List of film serials by studio The James Brothers of Missouri on IMDb

Pellegrino Albanese

Pellegrino Albanese is an Italian footballer who plays for Portici 1906. Born in Avellino, Albanese started his career at Basilicata team Anastasio Salvatore. In 2007, he was loaned to F. C. Internazionale Milano, where he was a midfielder of the team. Despite not a regular member of the Allievi Nazionali under-17 team, Inter bought him but loaned Albanese to Sassuolo along with Umberto Bellani and Giorgio Schiavini. In August 2009 Sassuolo signed him on free transfer and loaned number of footballers from Inter, such as Alberto Gallinetta and Mame Baba Thiam. Albanese was a regular member for Sassuolo's Primavera under-20 team, he plays as a right back. Albanese made his first team debut on 27 March 2011, he substituted Daniele Quadrini in the second half. At that time Sassuolo was losing 0–3; the champion Siena won Sassuolo 4–0. In July 2011, Albanese was transferred to newly promoted Italian fourth division club Mantova in co-ownership deal along with Andrea Vignali, he played 3 out of first 4 round of 2011–12 Lega Pro Seconda Divisione as emergency left back.

However, he failed to play any game as the team had Inter youth product Andrea Bertin as right-back and Davide Bersi as left-back. Following this experience, Albanese decided to start a new adventure away from Italy and decided to accept an offer from Malta. In October 2013, he joined Maltese Division 1 side Msida Saint-Joseph F. C. where he was the first signing of Carmine Ferrara. Inter youth teamCampionato Allievi Nazionali: 2008 Pellegrino Albanese at Soccerway Pellegrino Albanese at