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Year 887 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. November 17 – East Frankish magnates revolt against the inept emperor Charles III in an assembly at Frankfurt, depose him, his nephew Arnulf of Carinthia, the illegitimate son of former king Carloman of Bavaria, is elected ruler of the East Frankish Kingdom. Charles yields his throne without a struggle, retires to Neidingen. December 26 – In an assembly at Pavia, the lords of Lombardia elect Berengar I, a grandson of former emperor Louis the Pious, as king of Italy, he is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy. After the deposition of Charles the Fat, the nobility chooses Ranulf II as duke of Aquitaine. August 26 – Emperor Kōkō abdicates the throne and soon dies, after a 3-year reign, he is succeeded as the 59th emperor of Japan. The city of Toledo rises in Al-Andalus. Frederuna, queen of the West Frankish Kingdom Qian Yuanguan, king of Wuyue Song Qiqiu, chief strategist of Southern Tang January 11 – Boso of Provence, Frankish nobleman April 6 – Pei Che, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty July 6 – Wang Chongrong, Chinese warlord August 26 – Kōkō, emperor of Japan September 18 – Pietro I Candiano, doge of Venice September 24 – Gao Pian, general of the Tang Dynasty Abbas ibn Firnas, Muslim physician and inventor Ibn Majah, Muslim hadith compiler Jeonggang, king of Silla Xiao Gou, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty Yantou Quanhuo, Chinese Chan master Zheng Changtu, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty Zhu Mei, Chinese warlord

Cornelia Sabiiti

Cornelia Sabiti Kakooza, is a Ugandan lawyer and judge on the High Court of Uganda. She was appointed to that court by president Yoweri Museveni, on 8 February 2018, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of Makerere University, Uganda's largest and oldest public university, with a Bachelor of Laws. The following year, she was awarded a Diploma in Legal Practice by the Law Development Centre, in Kampala, Uganda's capital city, she holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement, obtained from the International Labour Organization, at its training facility in Turin, Italy. In her early years, Ms Sabiiti worked as a legal adviser to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority, for a period of seven years, she was appointed as the Company Secretary and Director of Legal and Compliance at the PPDA. In March 2011, she was appointed to a six-year renewable term as the Executive Director to the government agency. While there, she spearheaded government procurement reforms, where in all government contracts, at least 30 percent of the work, or 30 percent of sourced supplies are reserved for local firms or suppliers.

In 2017, Sabiiti opted not to renew her tenure at the PPDA, going back to her private practice instead. In 2018, Cornelia Sabiiti was appointed to the High Court, was assigned to the Land Division of that court. Monica Mugenyi Joyce Kavuma Lydia Mugambe Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Museveni Appoints New Judges to The Court of Appeal As of 8 February 2018; the Honorable Judges Of The High Court As of 27 March 2018

Amadeo Roldán Theatre

The Amadeo Roldán Theatre is a theatre in Havana, Cuba built in 1929. The theatre was destroyed in 1977 by a pyromaniac. Located within a monumental modern building, once home to The Havana Auditorium, the venue now consists of the Amadeo Roldán and García Caturla halls, offering symphonic orchestras, piano recitals, a mixture of classical and contemporary music; the Amadeo Roldán hall has seats for 886, for important concerts such as Egberto Gismonti and Leo Brouwer, the Caturla hall is for small band performances and has a capacity for 276 persons. The theatre apart from being home of the National Symphony Orchestra is home to prestigious international events such as the "Encuentro Internacional de Guitarra". Calzada, e/Calle D y Calle E, Havana 10400 Notes SourcesCuba - Eyewitness Travel Guides ISBN 0-7566-0172-X Havana ISBN 1-86450-229-0 The Odyssey Illustrated Guide To Cuba ISBN 962-217-370-5

Marshall Edwards

Marshall Lynn Edwards, is a former professional baseball outfielder. He played in three seasons in the major leagues from 1981 until all for the Milwaukee Brewers. In the fifth and final game of the 1982 ALCS, Edwards subbed for a limping Gorman Thomas in center field in the 8th inning, made a spectacular catch at the warning track of a deep fly ball off the bat of Don Baylor, helping preserve Milwaukee's narrow margin victory over the California Angels. Edwards has two brothers who played in the major leagues, Dave Edwards and Mike Edwards, Marshall's twin. Edwards is retired from baseball and works as a minister at the World Changes International Church. Career statistics and player information from Baseball-Reference

Flete House

Flete House is a Grade I listed country house at Holbeton, in the South Hams region of Devon, England. Flete was a Saxon estate, the manor being held by the Damarell family from 1066 until the time of Edward III; the earliest part of the house dates from the sixteenth century, was rebuilt around 1620 for Sir Charles Hele. The Hele family held the house until 1716. Additions were made to the house in both the late eighteenth century; the house was remodelled in the Gothic style in 1835 by J. C. Bulteel, which obliterated the early and late eighteenth century classical work and added castellations. In 1878 the architect Richard Norman Shaw undertook extensive building works for Henry Bingham Mildmay and extending the house, while retaining the sixteenth/seventeenth century house to the south west. Flete House was used by the City of Plymouth as a maternity hospital during and after the Second World War. At the time the Second World War broke out, the estate was in the hands of Lieutenant-Colonel, the Lord Mildmay of Flete.

The first baby to be born at Flete arrived on 14 July 1941, by the end of 1941 there had been a further 124 births. Lord Mildmay remained in residence at the House until his death in 1947 and was often seen in the Wards. Dave Hill of the pop group Slade was one of the babies born at the House, in 1946; the hospital closed 8 May 1958, less. Flete House was returned to the Mildmay family in 1959. More the Hall was owned by the Country Houses Association until it went into liquidation in 2003. In 1979 Flete House was used as the location for the BBC TV series Penmarric, the house represented the house of the title. Country Life Vol. 38, 29 November 1915, 680 Andrew Saint, 1976, Richard Norman Shaw, 211-16 Yale University Press Images of England: detaiiled architectural information of Flete House Flete House on Geograph

Wakatoba Hiromi

Wakatoba Hiromi is a former sumo wrestler from Fuchū, Japan. His highest rank was maegashira 11, he made his professional debut in March 1993, joining Oshiogawa stable, run by former ōzeki Daikirin. He wrestled under his own surname of Yamada. After a long apprenticeship in the junior ranks he achieved senior sekitori status in May 2001 upon promotion to the jūryō division. To mark the occasion he changed his shikona to Wakatoba. After a 10-5 record at the rank of jūryō 4 in July 2003 he was promoted to the top makuuchi division. An 8-7 mark in his top division debut saw him promoted to his highest rank of maegashira 11, he fought in the top division for a total of seven tournaments. In March 2005 he was transferred to Oguruma stable, he was demoted back to jūryō in March 2006 and after pulling out of the January 2007 tournament after only five days with an injury to his left leg he was relegated to the unsalaried ranks. After the May 2007 tournament it was reported that Wakatoba had retired, he was quoted as saying he had lost his will to continue, that his most memorable match was one against Terao.

However, he subsequently denied that he had retired, he competed in the following tournament in July. However, after that tournament, having fallen to the rank of makushita 57, he did retire and became an elder of the Japan Sumo Association under his old stablemaster's name of Oshiogawa the following month, his danpatsu-shiki, or official retirement ceremony, was held in February 2008, he introduced his fiancé at the event. He worked as a coach at Oguruma stable until leaving the Sumo Association in August 2010; this move coincided with the death of the previous Oshiogawa, the Oshiogawa stock was obtained by Takekaze. In June 2018 he was featured in TBS Television's The Friday, working alongside fellow ex-sumo wrestlers Wakanojo and Wakatenro, in care for the elderly. Glossary of sumo terms List of past sumo wrestlers Wakatoba Hiromi's official biography at the Grand Sumo Homepage