8th Parliament of Ontario

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The 8th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 26, 1894, until January 28, 1898, just prior to the 1898 general election. The majority party was the Ontario Liberal Party led by Oliver Mowat. Arthur Sturgis Hardy succeeded Mowat as Premier in 1896 after Mowat entered federal politics.

William Douglas Balfour served as speaker for the assembly until he was named to cabinet on July 14, 1896. François-Eugène-Alfred Évanturel succeeded Balfour as speaker.[1]

Riding Member Party
Addington James Reid Conservative
Algoma East Charles Franklin Farwell Liberal
Algoma West James M. Savage [nb 1] Conservative
James Conmee (1895) Liberal
Brant William Bruce Wood [nb 2] Liberal
Daniel Burt (1895) Liberal
Brant South Arthur Sturgis Hardy Liberal
Brockville George Augustus Dana Liberal
Bruce Centre John Stevenson McDonald Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Bruce North Daniel McNaughton Liberal-Protestant Protective
Bruce South Reuben Eldridge Truax Liberal
Cardwell Edward Alfred Little Conservative-Protestant Protective
Carleton George Nelson Kidd Conservative-Patrons of Industry
Dufferin William Dynes Patrons of Industry
Dundas James Pliny Whitney Conservative
Durham East William Armstrong Fallis Conservative
Durham West William Henry Reid Conservative-Protestant Protective
Elgin East Charles Andrew Brower Conservative
Elgin West Donald Macnish Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Essex North William J. McKee Liberal
Essex South William Douglas Balfour [nb 3] Liberal
John Allan Auld (1896) Liberal
Frontenac Joseph Longford Haycock Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Glengarry David Murdoch McPherson Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Grenville Orlando Bush Conservative
Grey Centre Thomas Gamey Patron-Protestant Protective
Grey North James Cleland Liberal
Grey South David McNicol Patrons of Industry
Haldimand John Senn [nb 1] Conservative
Jacob Baxter (1895) Liberal
Halton William Kerns Conservative
Hamilton East James Taylor Middleton Liberal
Hamilton West John Morison Gibson Liberal
Hastings East Alexander McLaren Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Hastings North James Haggerty Patrons of Industry
Hastings West William Hodgins Biggar Liberal
Huron East Thomas Gibson Liberal
Huron South Murdo Young McLean Liberal
Huron West James Thompson Garrow Liberal
Kent East Robert Ferguson Liberal
Kent West Thomas Letson Pardo Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Kingston Edward H. Smythe [nb 1] Conservative
William Harty (1895) Liberal
Lambton East Peter Duncan McCallum Independent
Lambton West Alfred Thomas Gurd Conservative-Protestant Protective
Lanark North Richard Franklin Preston Conservative
Lanark South Arthur James Matheson Conservative
Leeds Walter Beatty Conservative
Lennox Walter William Meacham Conservative
Lincoln James Hiscott Conservative
London William Ralph Meredith [nb 4] Conservative
Thomas Saunders Hobbs (1894) Liberal
Middlesex East William Shore Liberal-Protestant Protective
Middlesex North William Henry Taylor Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Middlesex West George William Ross Liberal
Monck Richard Harcourt Liberal
Muskoka George Edward Langford Conservative-Protestant Protective
Nipissing John Loughrin Liberal
Norfolk North Edwin Clarendon Carpenter Liberal
Norfolk South William Andrew Charlton Liberal
Northumberland East William Arnson Willoughby Conservative
Northumberland West Corelli Collard Field Liberal
Ontario North Thomas William Chapple Liberal
Ontario South John Dryden Liberal
Ottawa [nb 5] George O. O'Keefe Liberal
Ottawa Erskine Henry Bronson Liberal
Oxford North Oliver Mowat [nb 6] Liberal
Andrew Pattulo (1896) Liberal
Oxford South Angus McKay Liberal
Parry Sound William Rabb Beatty Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Peel John Smith Liberal
Perth North Thomas Magwood Conservative
Perth South John McNeill Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Peterborough East Thomas Blezard Liberal
Peterborough West James Robert Stratton Liberal
Prescott Francis Eugene Alfred Evanturel Liberal
Prince Edward John Caven Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Renfrew North Henry Barr Liberal
Renfrew South Robert Adam Campbell Liberal
Russell Alexander Robillard Liberal
Simcoe Centre Robert Paton Liberal
Simcoe East Andrew Miscampbell Conservative
Simcoe West Archibald S. Currie Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Stormont John Bennett Liberal-Patrons of Industry
Toronto East George Ryerson Conservative
Toronto North George Frederick Marter Conservative
Toronto South Oliver Aiken Howland Conservative
Toronto West Thomas Crawford Conservative
Victoria East John Hilliard Carnegie Conservative
Victoria West John McKay Liberal-Equal Rights
Waterloo North Alexander Black Robertson Liberal
Waterloo South John Douglas Moore Liberal
Welland William Manley German Liberal
Wellington East John Craig Liberal
Wellington South John Mutrie Liberal
Wellington West George Tucker [nb 1] Conservative-Protestant Protective
James Tucker (1896) Conservative
Wentworth North John Ira Flatt Liberal
Wentworth South Nicholas Awrey [nb 7] Liberal
John Dickenson (1896) Liberal
York East John Richardson Liberal
York North Elihu James Davis Liberal
York West Joseph Wesley St. John Conservative


  1. ^ a b c d unseated after an appeal
  2. ^ retired due to poor health
  3. ^ died in 1896
  4. ^ appointed judge
  5. ^ Ottawa had 2 seats
  6. ^ elected to federal seat
  7. ^ appointed to office


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