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Service de Luxe

Service de Luxe is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Rowland V. Lee and starring Constance Bennett, Vincent Price and Charles Ruggles. Helen Murphy, alias Dorothy Madison number 1, runs a successful agency, "Dorothy Madison Services," for wealthy people who need someone to run their lives. A huge staff is up 24 hours a day to attend to all sorts of problems, her alter ego, alias Dorothy Madison 2, is there to assist Murphy, who dreams of finding a man, able to run his own life. Robert Wade, a young inventor from Albany, New York, leaves behind him five old aunts who tried to run his life, he comes to town to develop his tractor model. Murphy and Wade meet on the boat. Murphy is there on orders from Wade's uncle, a client of Madison Services, but she picks the wrong man to send back home, while she meets Wade and is fascinated by him, although he thinks she's not a career girl, as well as being rather helpless; when she discovers that the man she met on the boat was Wade, she has some problems how to manage this relationship.

Her client Mr. Robinson is willing to finance Wade's tractor model and arranges a laboratory for him, his daughter Audrey wants to marry Wade. While her father has adapted a kitchen in his library to be taught how to cook by Bibenko, Audrey tries to be in the basement laboratory with Wade; when it comes out that Bibenko is a Russian prince, Audrey finds. Wade marries Murphy. Constance Bennett as Helen Murphy Vincent Price as Robert Wade Charles Ruggles as Mr. Robinson Helen Broderick as Pearl Mischa Auer as Bibenko Joy Hodges as Audrey Robinson Frances Robinson as Secretary Halliwell Hobbes as Butler Raymond Parker as Bellhop Frank Coghlan Jr. as Bellhop Lawrence Grant as Voroshinsky Nina Gilbert as Mrs. Devereaux Crauford Kent as Mr. Devereaux Lionel Belmore as Robert Wade Chester Clute as Bridegroom Ben Hall as Yokel Kellow, Brian; the Bennetts: An Acting Family. University Press of Kentucky, 2004. Service de Luxe on IMDb

Marshalls Park School

Marshalls Park Academy is an academy school for 11- to 16-year-olds in Romford in east London. In January 2006, Marshalls Park was granted Performing Arts College Specialist Status, it was awarded the ICT Mark, given to schools that can demonstrate good use of ICT across the curriculum. The award was presented at the BETT show on 12 January 2006 at Olympia; the Deputy Head is Mr Mathew Suttonwood, supported by Assistant and Associate Assistant Headteachers. In 2016, Ofsted marked the school as "Requires Improvement". Art, Business Studies, Drama and Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages, PE, Dance, RE, Statistics, Film Studies and Catering. Andrew Rosindell, Member of Parliament for Romford. Ethan Payne, YouTuber, member of the Sidemen alongside KSI Michael Adebolajo Islamic terrorist and killer of Soldier Lee Rigby in 2013


Mark Foster, known as MRK1, is a dubstep and bass music producer from Manchester, England. He is known for his work as part of the Virus Syndicate, including MCs Goldfinger and Nika D, which he produces and provides instrumental tracks for, his fusion of both genres, he produced Drum and Bass Dubstep and Grime. More he has branched off into other types of bass music. Along with the likes of Skream, Benga and Plastician he was one of the first producers to pioneer the Dubstep sound and was responsible for some of its earliest releases. MRK1 has a large back catalogue of music spanning over ten years, as he has over 50 releases on labels such as Sony, Soulja, Rephlex, Wall of Sound, Tectonic, Contagious, Play Me, Dim Mak, Terra Rhythm, Ministry of Sound, Defected. In 2004 MRK1, Plastician and Slaughter Mob released an album called "Grime" on Aphex Twins label Rephlex Records; this was one of the key releases that propelled the dubstep/grime sound into media for the first time. Dubbed as one of the pinnacle moments in dubstep history, this album went on to spread the sound across the world to markets who had never heard the name dubstep.

MRK1 has a been a prolific remixer over the last couple of years remixing artists such as Rebecca Ferguson, Marcus Collins, Pink Floyd, DMX, Kelis, Bassnectar, Adam Freeland, Connor Maynard and Neyo. MRK1 has traveled the world as a DJ and played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Glastonbury, Wilsonic, 10 Days Off, Glade, Cream etc. Copyright Laws One Way Contagious "Fight" Terro Rhythm "Plodder/Blair Witch" Contagious Bones/Steppa Delights Tectonic Plates 02, with DQ1 "Get Out Clause / Infection" Earwax "Magnetic Device / Revolution 909" Earwax "Killzone/Tunnel Form" Contagious "X-Tatik/Moving Toad" Contagious "Feel Loved/Frank" Contagious "Last Drop" Eight FX "Trouble Shoot" Dark Circles "The Electrician/Move Your Soul" Contagious "Summer Rain/Sick Tonight" Dark Circles "Going Down" Studio Rockers "Dirty Dubstep Music/Let Me Hear You" Hench "Bo/Rapapampam" Hench "Cardiac Arrest" Eight FX "Ready For Love/Rat Trap" Planet Mu "Stardust/Daywalker" Planet Mu "iLOVE" Eight FX "Infection" Earwax "Magnetic Device/Revolution 909" Earwax "Murderation" Get Darker "Drop Bass/Judgement" Hench "Sizzler/Thriller" Play Me "Gangster Ride/Make A Move" Trouble N Bass "Download The World" Wheel N Deal "Inna" Profound Audio "Stand N Deliver" Profound Audio "Mek Money" Dirty Dutch "Dancefloor" Dim Mak "Ayah Bass - Virus Syndicate" Midication "Empire Ep" - Tyke "I Got Too feat Sizzla" Contagious "Renegade feat Virus Syndicate" Midication "My Money" Midication "Badman feat Doctor" Midication "Deeper Than You feat Jamakabi" Midication "Electric Flower - The Melvins" Scion Audio "Basshead - Bassnectar" Warp "Up In Here - DMX" X Rated "Coming Back" - Bluey Robinson Sony "Turn Around - Connor Maynard feat Neyo" Sony "Not All About The Money - Timberland and Timato" Sony "Too Good To Lose" Rebecca Ferguson Sony "Curtain Call - Aiden Grimshaw" Sony "Do It Different - Platnum" Sony "Seven Nation Army - Marcus Collins" Sony "Super Hero - Chingy" "Bust'Em Out - Eptic feat Virus Syndicate" Never Say Die MRK1 Twitter page MRK1 fan page MRK1 discography at Discogs MRK1 on Planet Mu

Callum Semple

Callum Semple is an English professional footballer, a centre back for Queen of the South. Semple has played for Sheffield United's youth academy and Ross County, as well as a six-month loan spell with the Dumfries club. Callum Semple was raised in Sheffield. Semple's parents are from Scotland, giving him eligibility to represent England and Scotland at international level. Semple is a product of the Blades youth academy. On 13 July 2018, Semple was sent out on loan by Sheffield United to Queen of the South in Dumfries until early January 2019. On 4 August 2018, Semple scored his solitary goal for Queens in their first league match of the 2018-19 season at Cappielow versus Greenock Morton in a 2–2 draw. On 6 January 2019, Semple returned to Bramall Lane after playing for the Doonhamers in their 2–1 away win versus Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Semple scored one goal for Queens. On 22 January 2019, Semple signed for the Doonhamers rivals in the Scottish Championship, the Dingwall club Ross County on an 18-month deal.

In his first interview with the Staggies, Semple said that the club had chatted with Gary Naysmith at Queens and he had given Semple a glowing reference. On 24 June 2019, Semple signed a one-year contract with Queen of the South after being released by the Staggies. On 28 December 2019, Semple scored the opening goal in the fourth minute at Somerset Park versus the Honest Men, as Queens won 2–1; as of 11 March 2020 Ross CountyScottish Championship: 2018–19 Callum Semple at Soccerbase Callum Semple at Soccerway

George Otto Noville

George Otto Noville known as "Noville" and "Rex," was a pioneer in polar and trans-Atlantic aviation in the 1920s, winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross. He served with Commander Richard E. Byrd on the historic 1926 flight to the North Pole, as third in command, he was flight engineer on the America, was executive officer of Byrd's Second Antarctic Exploration 1933-35. Mount Noville and Noville Peninsula in Antarctica are named after him. George Noville was born on April 1890, in Cleveland, Ohio, he was the son of a rich and well-known hat manufacturer. He was an officer in the United States Naval Reserve and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander on December 17, 1927. In 1927, in a trimotor Fokker C-2 monoplane, named America he flew with Richard E. Byrd, Bernt Balchen, Bert Acosta on their record-setting transatlantic flight. In 1927, Byrd decided to partner with Floyd Bennett, attempt to win the Orteig Prize which offered a $25,000 reward for the first non-stop flight from New York City to Paris.

The plane chosen for this flight was a Fokker C-2 monoplane named America. George O. Noville was selected as the fuel engineer. On April 20, 1927, during a test flight in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, the plane somersaulted when landing, breaking Byrd's arm and knocking him unconscious; the crash injured Bennett and Noville required surgery for internal injuries. A fourth person on America, aircraft designer Anthony Fokker, was not injured. Fokker told Bennett that he should have refused to conduct the test flight with Byrd and Noville on board because there was no load in the rear of the plane; as a result, the plane was nose-heavy. While Byrd and his crew regrouped from the accident, Charles Lindbergh won the Orteig Prize when he landed in Paris on May 21, 1927. According to The Big Aviation Book for Boys by Richard E. Byrd, Noville was one of the group who gathered to wish Lindbergh godspeed right before his historic flight. After several delays, Byrd's America took off for Paris on June 29, 1927 with Noville and two relief pilots, Bert Acosta and Bernt Balchen.

The weather was terrible during the flight. Rain and strong winds made navigating near impossible; when America reached Paris after 40 hours, a heavy fog prevented it from landing. Byrd and his crew flew around Paris for about six hours waiting for the fog to lift; when it failed to do so, they flew west and landed in the ocean off of Ver-sur-Mar without fatalities on July 1, 1927. Byrd, Acosta and Noville ended up entering France in a rubber life raft as America sank after landing on the water. Popular Science magazine, August 1928, featured an extensive article with photos about this flight, "Dick Byrd— Adventurer; the Absorbing Story of the America's Flight across the Atlantic – a Valiant Escape from Death in Blinding Fog"Upon return to the U. S. Byrd and Noville were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by Secretary of the Navy Wilbur on July 19. On November 14, Noville and other "Air Heroes of 1927" were honored at the White House by President Calvin Coolidge. Noville once again joined an adventure with Byrd, serving as executive officer of Byrd's Second Antarctic Exploration 1933-35.

Noville was married four times. He married Violet E. Wade in 1914, Lilian Grace MacMurchey in 1918, his third wife was identified as "Sigrid" in 1930. He married his fourth and final wife, Lucy Vacheron, in 1953. Noville committed suicide by gunshot on January 1, 1963; the Noville Peninsula, a high ice-covered peninsula about 30 nautical miles long, between Peale and Murphy Inlets on the north side of Thurston Island, Mount Noville, in the Queen Maud Mountains, were named for Noville