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Year 916 was a leap year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar. Sicilian Berbers in Agrigento depose the independent Emir Ahmed ibn Khorob, they offer Sicily to the Fatimid Caliphate in Ifriqiya. Caliph Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah welcomes this turn of events, but refuses to grant the Berber rulers their autonomy, he sends a Fatimid expeditionary force under Abu Said Musa which lands in Sicily and, with some difficulty, takes control of the island. Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah appoints Salam ibn Rashid as the emir of Sicily. Ahmed ibn Khorob is executed. Lady Æthelflæd, daughter of the late King Alfred the Great and the widow of Earl Æthelred of Mercia, sends an army into Brycheiniog to avenge the murder of the Mercian abbot Ecbryht and his companions, they seize and burn the royal fort of King Tewdr of Brycheiniog at Llangorse Lake, take the queen and thirty-three others captive. Abaoji, Khitan ruler and founder of the Liao Dynasty, adopts Chinese court formalities in which he declares himself emperor in the Chinese style and adopts an era name, Taizu of Liao.

He names his eldest son Yelü Bei as a first in the history of the Khitan. Abaoji leads a campaign in the west. Clement of Ohrid, Bulgarian scholar and enlightener of the Slavs, dies, he is regarded as the first bishop of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the founder of the first Slavic Literary School. Clement is buried in Saint Panteleimon, in Ohrid. June 22 – Sayf al-Dawla, Hamdanid emir Theodoric I, German nobleman Yuan Zong, emperor of Southern Tang March 27 – Alduin I, Frankish nobleman May 25 – Flann Sinna, king of Meath Anarawd ap Rhodri, king of Gwynedd Bencion, Frankish nobleman Clement of Ohrid, Bulgarian scholar Ge Congzhou, Chinese general Mór ingen Cearbhaill, queen of Laigin Tighearnach ua Cleirigh, king of Aidhne Theodora, Roman politician Theodoric I, bishop of Paderborn Ziyadat Allah III, Aghlabid emir

Maury Davis

Maury Davis is a pastor at Cornerstone Church in Madison, Tennessee. He is a known and controversial religious figure in the Tennessee religious community due to his brutal murder of a Sunday School teacher as an 18 year-old. Pastor Davis is a regular figure on InFocus, a weekly religious television show watched by an audience of millions experiencing the ministry through Sunday regional broadcasts on Nashville NewsChannel 5 CBS Network and via satellite throughout Africa and Europe on the Faith Broadcasting Network. In 1991, when Maury and his wife, answered the call to pioneer a church in Nashville, they arrived in a new state with a set of triplets. Rather than pioneering a new start-up church, an unexpected chain of events led to Maury’s election as Senior Pastor of a small, 200-member congregation in the suburbs of the city. Maury Davis has been married since 1985 to his wife Gail who he met at his church in Irving, where she was the pianist. In 1986, they became the parents of triplets, 1994 brought the birth of a son.

Maury and Gail are now the grandparents of a girl and three boys. Cornerstone Church

József Nagysándor

József Nagysándor was a honvéd general in the Hungarian Army. He was executed for his part in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, is considered one of the 13 Martyrs of Arad. According to the records kept in the Nagyvárad-olaszi Roman Catholic Parish Church he was born on 19 August 1803 as János József Sándor in Nagyvárad to the parents of József Sándor and Jozefa Tatzel, he had eight siblings. The family changed its name to Nagy-Sándor sometime between 1809 and 1816, the exact reason is unknown, he was educated at the Royal Catholic Academic Main Grammar School. He began his military service in the Imperial Army in 1823, serving in the 5th and the 2nd hussar regiments. In 1844 he retired from military service. In 1848 he again entered to service. From October to December he prevented the Austrian garrisons at Arad and Temesvár from making any contact. In January 1849 together with Ernő Kiss he took part in the offensive of Pancsova. Due to his excellent performance in the first battles in the south he was promoted first to lieutenant-colonel and after to colonel.

Together with János Damjanich he urged for the resignation of Ernő Kiss. When János Damjanich took the leadership of the Banat Corps he was appointed to the general of the cavalry brigade, he was awarded second class order of merit for his valor by the involvement in the Battle of Szolnok on 5 March 1849 in which he persecuted the remainder of the enemy forces. Along with the third corps of Damjanich between the Danube and Tisza he took part in the Battle of Szolnok, Battle of Tápióbicske, Battle of Isaszeg and Battle of Vác on 5 April he was promoted to general, he took part in the Battle of Nagysalló and on 26 April in the Battle of Komárom. He fought in Artúr Görgei's camp in the Battle of Buda. In the Battle of Ószőny he participated in the rearguard actions. On 2 August 1849, after the crossing of Tokaj he clashed with the Russian Tsarist army – outnumbering the Hungarians nearly six to one – near Debrecen and sustained a defeat, he joined Görgei in Nagyvárad, he was preparing to clash with the army of general Schlik but the order of Görgei prevented this action.

When he wanted to join with his officers to the battalions of Bem in Lugos, after the proclamation of Görgei's military dictatorship he followed him and laid down the arms in Világos. He was among the officers who did not support Görgei, thus drawing the attention of Lajos Kossuth to keep an eye on him. In the military council he stated: "If someone would want to be a dictator, I would become his Brutus." In Arad he was sentenced to death by hanging, he was executed as the 9th

Toss (2017 film)

Toss is a 2017 Indian Kannada romantic comedy film written, directed and co-produced by Dayal Padmanabhan. The film stars Vijay Raghavendra and Ramya Barna in the lead roles; the film, under the banner of D Pictures and Om productions, was launched by Puneeth Rajkumar on 27 January 2012. After being in development for more than 5 years, the film is set to release on 21 July 2017. Soundtrack was composed by Gautham Srivatsa. Yavude Sammandha - Vijay Raghavendra Nidde Madi - Devan Ekambaram, Charan Raj What Are You Doing - Gurukiran, Chaithra HG Rottiyu Jaari - Chaithra HG Times ofIndiawrote "The film has its share of drawbacks, such as some crass gay references for instance, but it is worth that trip to the cinema hall if you are in the mood for something hatke". Chitraloka wrote "There are some good peppy dialogues and lyrics in the film which keeps the story teeming with life. There is a tight script which helps the plot moving forward and surprise elements that keep popping up one after the other".


Thai Union Group

Thai Union Group is a Thailand-based producer of seafood-based food products. It was founded in 1977, was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 22 November 1994. Thai Union operates worldwide with plant facilities in France, Poland, Papua New Guinea, the Seychelles, Vietnam and the United States, its business includes tuna, sardines/mackerel, pet food, value-added products. Thai Union's brand portfolio includes: Bellotta Chicken of the Sea Fisho John West King Oscar Ayam Brand Mareblu Marvo Parmentier Petit Navire Rügen Fisch Sealect In 2017, Thai Union had revenues of 140 billion baht, with a net profit of six billion baht. Total assets amounted to 146.3 billion baht. Total shareholder equity was 48.2 billion baht. Thai Union's target is to achieve US$8 billion in revenue by 2020; the revenue contribution of its different businesses as of 2017 are: Ambient seafood business, 45 percent Frozen and chilled seafood and related business, 42 percent PetCare, value-added and others, 13 percent 1977: Established on 17 March 1977 as Asian Pacific Thai Tuna Co, Ltd. with initial capital of 25 million baht.

1988: Renamed Thai Union Frozen Products PLC in March 1988. 2010: Acquired MW Brands from Trilantic Capital Partners for €680 million. 2010: Expanded and diversified into the pet food business with U. S. Pet Nutrition LLC. 2013: Became the first Thai company to join the UN Global Compact, an initiative aimed at "promoting sustainable and responsible policies." 2013: Became a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation. 2014: Signed a deal for MW Brands to take over 40-year-old French company MerAlliance, the fourth largest smoked salmon producer in Europe. MerAlliance's revenue for the year to 31 March 2014 was US$220 million. 2014–2017: Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for four consecutive years, with the company ranked in the 97th percentile among companies in the industry. 2015: Rebranded as Thai Union Group PLC. This rebranding was part of an initiative to "integrate all its subsidiaries under a single new corporate vision and core values, as well as one unified corporate brand."

2016: Launched SeaChange, the company's sustainability strategy. 2016: Chicken of the Sea recalled 107,000 five ounce cans of tuna in the US due to undercooking because of an equipment malfunction at an undisclosed factory. 1997: Completes first overseas investment with the acquisition of Chicken of the Sea, USA's third canned tuna brand. 2003: Acquired Empress International Ltd, a frozen seafood importer and distributor in the US. 2006: Established Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods to market frozen seafood in the US. Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods merged with Empress International and was renamed Tri-Union Frozen Products, Inc. 2006: Acquired majority stake in PT Jui Fa International Food, a canned tuna producer and exporter based in Indonesia. 2008: Acquired majority stake in Yueh Chyang Canned Food, a canned seafood producer and exporter based in Vietnam. 2009: Invested in Avanti Feeds Limited, a shrimp feed and frozen shrimp producer based in India. 2010: Founded US Pet Nutrition LLC to produce and market pet food in the US.

2014: Further expansion into Europe with the acquisition of MerAlliance, Europe's fourth smoked salmon producer and number one producer in France. 2014: Acquired King Oscar AS of Norway, a shelf-stable sardine brand in Norway, USA, Australia and with over 140 years of heritage. 2016: Acquired German seafood company Rügen Fisch AG. 2016: Makes a US$575 million investment in Red Lobster, the world's largest seafood restaurant company. Thai Union Group has been accused by Greenpeace of being "seriously implicated in horrendous human rights and environmental abuses" and warned shareholders and investors "of the financial risks associated with these destructive and harmful practices." The company faces a number of other legal challenges. Thai Union released a statement in response to the accusations made by Greenpeace in 2015, it reiterated its commitment to human rights and the company's vision of "an industry that respects the oceans and protects marine life, offers safe employment for millions of people around the world, supports the development of coastal communities and continues to provide a safe and healthy food source for a global population well into the future."

Thai Union noted that it works with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation to "benefit the wider tuna fishing industry" and concluded by calling on Greenpeace to join the "industry debate, underway, to work towards achieving our shared objectives." Thai Union was named, but was not a defendant, in a lawsuit brought against Nestle Corporation for violating California laws. Thai Union has been under scrutiny since the July 2015 publication of a New York Times article citing a former fisher stating he had been held captive on a vessel supplying a mother ship that ended up selling to Thai Union's Songkhla canning operation. In a response to the New York Times, Thai Union re-asserted its commitment to the protection of human rights. A spokesperson stated the company worked to prevent "any human trafficking or any human rights violation of any kind" highlighting procedures that are in place, such as routine audits of its canneries and boats in port to ensure against forced and child labor.

In 2015, Thai Union released new codes of conduct, replacing the compan

Francis Daniels Moore

Francis Daniels Moore was an American surgeon, a pioneer in numerous experimental surgical treatments. Among his many achievements, he refined burn-treatment techniques, helped perform the world's first successful organ transplant, determined the volume of water and other nutrients in the human body using radioactive isotopes of those substances, he was awarded the 1978 Lister Medal for his contributions to surgical science. The corresponding Lister Oration, given at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, was delivered on 23 May 1979, was titled'Science and service'. Moore graduated from Harvard in 1935, where he was president of The Harvard Lampoon magazine and the Hasty Pudding Club. In 1939, he received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Moore, Francis Daniels. A miracle and a privilege: recounting a half century of surgical advance. Joseph Henry Press. Gawande, Atul A.. "Desperate measures". The New Yorker. P. 70. Retrieved 2007-08-05. Reprinted: Steven Pinker, Tim Folger, ed.. "10.

Desperate measures". The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004. Houghton Mifflin Company. Pp. 77–100. ISBN 978-0-618-24698-4. ISSN 1530-1508. "The best hope of all". TIME. 1963-05-03. Retrieved 2007-08-06. "Harder than hearts". TIME. 1968-08-02. Retrieved 2007-08-06. "Liver transplant: battle against the odds". TIME. 1963-10-04. Retrieved 2007-08-06. Francis Daniels Moore — Biographical Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences