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Year 976 was a leap year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. January 10 – Emperor John I Tzimiskes dies at Constantinople after returning from a second campaign against the Abbasids in Syria, he is buried in the Church of Christ Chalkites and succeeded by his 18-year-old nephew Basil II who becomes sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire. The administration remains in the hands of Basil Lekapenos. June – Emir Abu'l-Qasim launches from Sicily a raiding expedition in Byzantine Italy, he imposes a tribute on the cities of Cellere. Meanwhile, a Fatimid fleet raids the surrounding countryside. Abu'l-Qasim sends an army to Otranto and besieges Gravina, before returning to Sicily – bringing home hundreds of captives and slaves. July – Emperor Otto II occupies Regensburg, forcing his rebellious cousin Henry II to flee to Bohemia. Henry is deposed and Bavaria is handed over to Otto I of Swabia, he sets up the new "Grand Duchy of Carinthia" covering modern-day Austria. Summer – Otto II appoints Leopold I, a member of the House of Babenberg, as margrave of the Marcha Orientalis.

In order to maintain his possession in Southern Italy, Otto strengthens his army with 2,100 mailed horsemen from Germany, of which around 1,500 are to be provided by the Churches. Summer – Pietro IV Candiano, doge of Venice, demands Venetian assistance to put down a revolt in his personal fiefs around Ferrara; the Venetians revolt against Candiano and assault the doge's palace. Repelled by mercenary forces, they burn the neighborhood – bringing the palace down with it. Candiano and his family are killed by the mob. October 16 – Caliph Al-Hakam II dies after a 15-year reign in which he has ended the Fatimid Caliphate in Morocco and made the University of Córdoba the greatest institution in the world. Al-Hakam is succeeded by his 10-year-old son Hisham II as ruler of the Caliphate of Córdoba, his widow Subh becomes together with Almanzor the de facto rulers. November 14 – Emperor Taizu dies at Kaifeng after a 16-year reign, he is succeeded by his brother Tai Zong as ruler of the Song Dynasty. During his rule the Yuelu Academy is founded.

Zhang Sixun, a Chinese astronomer and engineer, employs the use of liquid mercury, in order that the escapement mechanism of his astronomical clock can function, metal parts will not rust by using hydraulics, or freeze in winter. February 5 – Sanjō, emperor of Japan Izumi Shikibu, Japanese poet January 10 – John I Tzimiskes, Byzantine emperor May 11 – Henry I, German nobleman June 13 – Mansur I, emir of the Samanid Empire June 14 Aron, Bulgarian nobleman David, Bulgarian nobleman Moses, Bulgarian nobleman June 29 – Gero, archbishop of Cologne October 8 – Helen of Zadar, queen of Croatia October 16 – Al-Hakam II, Umayyad caliph November 14 – Taizu, Chinese emperor Al-Mansur Yahya, Zaidi scholar and imam Isarn, bishop of Grenoble Kvirike II, Georgian prince and chorbishop Madame Huarui, Chinese concubine and poet Mathgamain mac Cennétig, king of Munster Pietro IV Candiano, doge of Venice Rukn al-Dawla, Buyid general and emir Sun Taizhen, queen of Wuyue Theodoric I, German nobleman Ali ibn Muhammad al-Iyadi, Arabic poet

Remedy (film)

Remedy is a 2005 American crime drama directed by Christian Maelen and written by Sandy Eiges, Nicholas Reiner, Charlotte Wise. The film stars Maelen, Arthur Nascarella, Jon Doscher, Frank Vincent, Vincent Pastore, Chuck Zito. Filming took place in New Jersey and New York City; the film was produced by Starline Films. Producer Jon Doscher, a native of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, chose to feature several Woodcliff Lake natives in the film, including former Woodcliff Lake Mayor Josephine Higgins, who played the part of an ambulance driver; the film features the debut acting performance of Ace Frehley in a non-Kiss related appearance. He contributes to the soundtrack; the film is about a New York City-based artist who claims to have witnessed his best friend's murder. Due to a drug problem, he cannot recall what happened, is the prime suspect, he tries to remember before it is too late. During May 2005, Howard Stern discussed the premiere of Remedy on The Howard Stern Show, at which he spoke to Steven Van Zandt and Danny Aiello about Howard's recent conflicts with the Federal Communications Commission.

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Rico Henry

Rico Antonio Henry is an English professional footballer who plays as a left back for Championship club Brentford. He represented England at U19 and U20 level. Henry joined Walsall at age 11 and progressed through the youth ranks to make his first non-competitive senior appearance for the club shortly after his 16th birthday, in a pre-season friendly against Leeds United in July 2013. One year he signed his first professional contract after impressing for the club's youth team. Henry received his maiden calls into the first team squad for two League One matches in September and October 2014 before making his competitive debut with a start in a Football League Trophy northern area semi-final shootout win over Tranmere Rovers on 9 December, he made his league debut four days playing the full 90 minutes of a 3–1 victory over Barnsley. Henry made eight further appearances during the 2014–15 season, but his progress was disrupted by a dislocated shoulder, he signed a two-year contract extension in April 2015 and was named as Walsall's Young Player of the Year.

Henry broke into the starting line-up on a full-time basis during the 2015–16 season. He had a successful season, making 44 appearances, scoring three goals, signing a new three-year contract and winning England youth international recognition. Walsall challenged for promotion during the season and finished in third position to qualify for a place in the 2016 League One play-offs, but Henry's season ended with a 6–1 aggregate defeat to the eventually-promoted club Barnsley in the semi-finals, he was recognised for his performances during the season, winning the September 2015 Football League Young Player of the Month award, in addition to being named in the League One PFA Team of the Year and receiving a nomination for the Football League Young Player of the Year award. Henry made three early-2016–17 season appearances, before suffering a dislocation to the same shoulder injured in February 2015 after half an hour of 0–0 draw with Oldham Athletic on 13 August 2016; the Oldham appearance proved to be Henry's last for Walsall and he departed the Bescot Stadium on 31 August.

He scored three goals for the club. On 31 August 2016, Henry signed for Championship club Brentford for an initial fee of £1.5m on a five-year contract, rising to £5 million. The transfer reunited Henry with former Walsall manager Dean Smith and the fee made him the Bees' record transfer fee paid for a teenager, he underwent surgery on the dislocated shoulder on 8 September and after returning to fitness, he made his first Brentford appearance on 21 February 2017, with a start in a 2–1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday. He replaced Tom Field as head coach Dean Smith's first-choice left back and made 12 appearances before his season was ended by a knee injury suffered in training in early May 2017. Henry returned fit for the start of the 2017–18 season, but his season was ended on his eighth appearance by a serious knee injury suffered in a 2–2 draw with Middlesbrough on 30 September 2017. Henry returned to full-contact training in October 2018 and on 24 November, he made his first appearance for nearly 14 months, coincidentally against Middlesbrough, with a late substitute appearance in a 2–1 defeat.

He scored his first goal for the club in a 3–1 win over Stoke City on 12 January 2019 and his performances throughout the month led to his nomination for the PFA Fans' Player of the Month award. A foot injury suffered in February saw Henry miss two months of the season and he finished an injury-affected campaign with 16 appearances and one goal, he began the 2019–20 season fit and signed a new four-year contract in August 2019. On 10 November 2015, Henry received his first call-up to the England U19 squad for friendly matches against the Netherlands and Japan, he won four caps at U19 level. Henry was named in England's U20 squad for the 2017 Four Nations Tournament and appeared in all three matches as the Young Lions won the competition. Henry was named in the England squad for the 2017 U20 World Cup, but was forced to withdraw due to injury. Henry is a Birmingham City supporter; as of match played 30 November 2019 England U20 Four Nations Tournament: 2017Individual PFA League One Team of the Year: 2015–16 Football League Young Player of the Month: September 2015 Walsall Young Player of the Year: 2014–15 Profile at the Brentford F.

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Scrambler mouse

Scrambler is a spontaneous mouse mutant lacking a functional DAB1 gene, resulting in a phenotype resembling that seen in the reeler mouse. The strain was first described by Sweet et al. in 1996. The spontaneous autosomal recessive scrambler mutation on chromosome 4 causes a deficiency of DAB1, encoding disabled-1, a protein involved in the signaling of the Reelin protein, lacking in the reeler mutant, Dab1-scm homozygous mutants possess a reeler-like phenotype with respect to cell malpositioning in cerebellar cortex and neocortex. Purkinje cell and granule cell degeneration results in ataxia. Despite normal Reln mRNA levels, Dab1-scm mutants have defective reelin signaling, indicating that disabled-1 acts downstream of reelin. Cell ectopias are identical with targeted disruption of Dab1. Dab1-scm mutants have a widespread gait obvious to the naked eye. In their home-cage, they reel and fall when attempting to rear up against the walls; the mutants are fertile, so can be reproduced from one generation to the next.

Relative to non-ataxic controls of the same background strain, Dab1-scm mutants were impaired in the Rotarod Performance test of motor coordination and a grid-climbing test. When picked up by the tail, they show a pathological reflex, limb-clasping, characterized by holding together fore- or hind-limbs, or all four together in a bat-like posture. Dab1-scm mutants were distinguished from non-ataxic controls as early as postnatal day 8 based on body tremor, gait anomalies, body weight. On postnatal day 15, motor coordination deficits were evident on horizontal bar and inclined or vertical grid tests in association with a weaker grip strength. Further differences were detected on postnatal day 22 and evaluation at the adult age revealed impairments indicative of permanent motor alterations; as adults, Dab1 mutants showed motor coordination impairments on stationary beam, coat-hanger, rotorod tests but were more active in the open-field. Dab1 mutants were less anxious in the elevated plus-maze but with higher latencies in the emergence test.

In mutants versus controls, changes in regional brain metabolism as measured by cytochrome oxidase activity occurred in structures intimately connected with the cerebellum. In addition to motor deficits, adult Dab1-scm mutants are characterized by anomalies in grooming behavior, in particular shorter grooming bouts than non-ataxic controls of the same background strain, though they display the normal cephalocaudal sequence of grooming anterior body parts prior to posterior parts. Dab1-scm mutants are characterized by reduced spontaneous alternation rates and deficits in visuomotor control while swimming towards a visible platform

Peter Yellowlees

Peter Yellowlees is a British-born American physician, researcher and administrator. He is Chief Wellness Officer at UC Davis Health and Professor of General Psychiatry at University of California, Davis, he is the Vice Chair for Faculty Development in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UC Davis. He holds the Alan Stoudemire Endowed Chair in Psychiatry and is the Director of Physician Health Program at UC Davis Psychiatry, he chairs the UCDH Wellbeing Committee. Yellowlees has conducted research in the areas of psychiatry, health informatics and physician health. Most of his research has been focused on the doctor-patient interface and how technologies can be used to promote high quality care and improve physician well-being, he has written over 7 books. Yellowlees was the author and presenter of The Medscape Psychiatry Minute, video editorials that were published every month on WebMD/Medscape from 2009–2019. Yellowlees was President of the American Telemedicine Association in 2017, was elected as a fellow of the Australasian College of Health Informatics in 1999, as a member of the American College of Psychiatrists in 2015.

He is a Fellow of the American Telemedicine Association, a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Yellowlees received a B. Sc. in 1976 and an MBBS in 1979, both from University of London. He joined Flinders University of South Australia, where he received a research MD in 1990. After finishing medical school and earning his MBBS, Yellowlees completed his Psychiatry Boards in the United Kingdom and Australia. Following residency, he worked at Flinders Medical Center, before three years of rural practice in Broken Hill, New South Wales, he worked as the Chief Psychiatrist at the South Australian Mental Health Services before joining the University of Queensland's Department of Psychiatry as a Professor in 1995. From 1996 to 2000, he was the Chair of Department of Psychiatry at University of Queensland. In 1999, he was appointed as the founding Director of University of Queensland Center for Online Health, a position he served in until 2004.

In 2004, Yellowlees joined the University of California, Davis as a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He served as the Interim Vice Provost of Information and Educational Technology from 2005 to 2006. In 2005, he became Director of Academic Information Systems in the School of Medicine at UC Davis and from 2005 to 2014, he served as the Chair and Director of Health Informatics Program at UC Davis. Yellowlees was appointed as the Vice Chair for Faculty Development of the Department of Psychiatry at UC Davis in 2013. In 2017, he became the Director of UCD Physician Health Program in the Department of Psychiatry and in 2018 was appointed to be the Chief Wellness Officer of UCD Health. Yellowlees has been involved with the American Telemedicine Association for the greater part of his career, he served on the Board from 2009 to 2018, including as President of the Association in 2017. Yellowlees has served on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.

From 2008 to 2009, he was the Deputy Editor of Medscape Journal of Medicine. In 2009, Yellowlees was appointed as chair of the UCDHS Well Being Committee. In this role he is responsible for monitoring faculty with substance abuse or psychiatric problems that may affect patient safety, he has developed and implemented a screening and preventative healthcare program for faculty and residents and set up a resource website containing educational programs. Yellowlees' early research derived from his research doctorate at Flinders University where he published about 10 papers in association with a group of thoracic medicine colleagues; these papers examined the causes of the overlap of anxiety and asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, described levels of psychiatric morbidity, examined reasons for death in asthmatics. His papers, Psychological defenses and coping styles in patients following a life-threatening attack of asthma published in 1989 and Psychobiological aspects of asthma and the consequent research implications published in 1990 are both cited.

Yellowlees followed up his initial interest in respiratory disease with a number of papers on numerous medical/psychiatry topics derived from his clinical work in consultation liaison environments. These included papers on alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, HIV, pregnancy, he has published about 20 papers in this area through his career. In 1989, Yellowlees moved to rural Australia and started a series of studies on rural mental health, using increasing methodologies from health services research, as well as studies of patients who are heavy users of psychiatric services; this led to a number of presentations in these areas. He conducted research and wrote on topics of heavy utilization of inpatient and outpatient services in a public mental health service, rural mental health and measurement of a case manager's workload burden. Yellowlees' interest in rural mental health services led him to start implementing telemedicine systems, on to research in telemedicine and health informatics.

He has published over 80 papers in these two areas. He was the lead author on the telemental health guidelines published by the American Telemedicine Association in 2009. In the late 2000s, Yellowlees and his colleagues developed a novel clinical process called Asynchronous Telepsychiatry. With funding from six grants commencing in 2007, Yellowlees further developed and validated the process of Asynchronous Telepsychiatry, he and his team have shown the feasibil

David Rheem

David Y. "Chino" Rheem is a poker player from California. In November 2008, Rheem finished in seventh place at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, cashing for $1,772,650, he went out of this event on A♠ K♣ to Peter Eastgate's A♥ Q♦ with Eastgate flopping a pair of queens on a board of Q♠ 5♠ 7♦ 9♦ 4♥. He is the winner of the World Poker Tour's Season VII Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic, earning $1,538,730. Rheem had five previous WSOP cashes, his best result being a runner-up finish to Allen Cunningham in a $1,000 no limit Texas hold'em with rebuys event in 2006, he cashed in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event. He made a final table earlier in 2008, finishing in fifth place in the $5,000 Mixed Hold'em event. In August 2011, Rheem won the $20,000 buy-in 6-Max No Limit Hold'em tournament at the inaugural Epic Poker League earning $1,000,000. One week his membership in the league was placed on probation. Admittedly, owing several poker players considerable debts, he has since made payments on said debts.

He won the 2013 World Poker Tour Championship event, beating Erick Lindgren heads up, to win $1,150,297. Rheem won his third WPT title in April 2016 at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Finale. In 2019, Rheem won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,300 PCA Main Event winning, $1,567,100; as of 2018, his total lifetime live poker tournament winnings exceed $8,800,000. interview WPT interview