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A1120 shield

Route information
Length26 mi (42 km)
Major junctions
Northwest endStowmarket
 A14 A14 road
A140 A140 road
A12 A12 road
Northeast endYoxford
Stowupland, Earl Soham, Dennington, Peasenhall
Road network

The A1120 is an 'A' road in the English county of Suffolk.[1] It links Stowmarket to Yoxford passing through the centre of the county.[2] It is 26 miles (42 km) long.


From west to east the road passes through the following settlements:


Image of A1120 road in Peasenhall
The A1120 in Peasenhall

At Badingham the route follows the line of a Roman road.[2] Due to this there have been numerous crashes at the end of the straight.[3] The A1120 number was created by the complete merger of the B1114, partial merger with the B1119 from Saxtead to Badingham and most of the B1120 from Badingham to Yoxford where it meets the A12.[4]

The short section of dual carriage way near Stowmarket.


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