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A234 shield

Major junctions
South East end Crystal Palace
  A212 A212 road
A213 A213 road
A215 A215 road
A222 A222 road
A2015 A2015 road
North West end Beckenham
Road network

The A234 is an A road between Crystal Palace and Beckenham in London, England.

It starts as Crystal Palace Park Road near the top of Sydenham Hill. Running down on the North side of Crystal Palace Park it passes under two viaducts for the railway lines between London Bridge and East Croydon and Crystal Palace. It then enters Penge as Penge High Street before crossing the A213. It then passes underneath Tramlink, before finishing at Beckenham town centre.

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Coordinates: 51°24′55″N 0°03′11″W / 51.4153°N 0.0531°W / 51.4153; -0.0531