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Route information
Length29.2 mi (47.0 km)
Major junctions
South endGosport
50°47′39″N 1°07′07″W / 50.7942°N 1.1187°W / 50.7942; -1.1187 (A32 road (southern end))
 A27 A27 road
[ M 27  ] M27 motorway
A334 A334 road
A272 A272 road
A272 A272 road
A31 A31 road
51°07′54″N 0°59′40″W / 51.1318°N 0.9944°W / 51.1318; -0.9944 (A32 road (northern end))
Road network

The A32 is a road in Hampshire, southern England, that links Gosport and Alton. Starting at Gosport, facing Portsmouth, it travels north via Fareham, Wickham, Droxford, before joining the A31 road near Alton. The road is 29.2 miles (47.0 km) long from the seafront at Gosport to the roundabout with the A31 near Alton, and has entirely non-primary status.[1]

Despite its non-primary status, the road forms the main access to the town of Gosport. At rush-hour times, the road is often extremely congested (northbound in the morning rush, southbound in the evenings) as commuters head through central Fareham from the Gosport peninsula to the M27.

The main pinch-point is the 1-mile (1.6 km) long section of road between the Newgate Lane Flyover (junction B3334) and the Quay Street Roundabout in central Fareham where traffic delays often cause northbound tailbacks of 3 miles (4.8 km) at peak times. During the evening rush, traffic can at times back up to the M27 at Junction 11 and along the slow lane (Lane One) of the motorway.[2]

There have for many years been plans to provide a light rail solution to the traffic problem by utilising the former Gosport to Fareham railway line but this was scrapped in 2005. There are now tentative plans to use the railway line for guided bus services.[3]

The A32 is a popular route for motorcyclists, particularly at weekends; the cafe ( now Loomies, formerly a "Little Chef") where the A272 crosses the A32 at West Meon has become central meeting place for many groups of riders. The historic site of Fort Widley to the south is easily accessed from Wickham and is a popular route for motorcyclists.[4]

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Coordinates: 50°58′17″N 1°07′54″W / 50.9714°N 1.1316°W / 50.9714; -1.1316 (A32 road)