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The A89 autoroute is a motorway in central France. It is known as the La Transeuropéenne, it will connect Lyon with Bordeaux. Its total length is 487 km (302 mi).



Completed sections[edit]


A711 and A710 to A72[edit]

This will be a re-numbering of part of the existing A72 autoroute.

  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svgExchange A711-A710-A89 A junction with the A711 and A710 and the A89.
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Branchilion/Pacages
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg01 (Lezoux) km 12 Towns served: Lezoux
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Limagne
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg02 (Thiers-Ouest) km 23 Towns served: Thiers
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Les Pins/Le Lac
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg03 (Thiers-Est) km 33 Towns served: Thiers
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Les Suchères
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg04 (Noirétable) km 47 Towns served: Noirétable
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area: Haut-Forez
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg05 (Saint-Germain-Laval) km 69 Towns served: Saint-Germain-Laval
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Les Bruyères/Les Ardilliers
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svgExchange A72-A89 Junction with the A72 and A89.

A71 to A20[edit]

A20 to Bordeaux[edit]

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