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Liga ACB awards and honours
Individual awards
Rudy Fernández (#5 in white), was the ACB's Most Spectacular Player in 2013.

The ACB Most Spectacular Player, also known as the KIA ACB Most Spectacular Player for sponsorship reasons, is the annual award that is given to the "most spectacular player" of each regular season phase of the Liga ACB, which is the top-tier level professional club basketball league in the country of Spain. The award began with the Liga ACB 2008–09 season.

The award is given to the player with the most total points gathered throughout the season in each week's KIA Top 7 Plays of the Week. The #1 play of the week earns a player 7 points, the #2 play of the week earns a player 6 points, and so on.

Most Spectacular Players[edit]

Season Most Spectacular Player Team Ref.
2008–09 United States Marcus Haislip Málaga
2009–10 Spain Ricky Rubio Barcelona
2010–11 United States Marcus Slaughter CB Valladolid
2011–12 United States Latavious Williams Joventut
2012–13 Spain Rudy Fernández Real Madrid
2013–14 Spain Sergio Rodríguez Real Madrid
2014–15 United States Latavious Williams (2×) Bilbao
2015–16 Czech Republic Tomáš Satoranský Barcelona
2016–17 Argentina Facundo Campazzo Murcia
2017–18 Democratic Republic of the Congo Christian Eyenga Montakit Fuenlabrada


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