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AD 30

AD 30 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Longinus; the denomination AD 30 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. The Kushan Empire is founded. Agrippina the Elder and two of her sons, Nero Julius Caesar and Drusus Caesar, are arrested and exiled on orders of Lucius Aelius Sejanus, starved to death in suspicious circumstances. In Sejanus's purge of Agrippina the Elder and her family and her three daughters, Agrippina the Younger, Julia Drusilla and Julia Livilla are the only survivors. Phaedrus translates Aesop's fables, composes some of his own. Velleius Paterculus writes the general history of the countries known in Antiquity. November 8 – Nerva, Roman emperor Jia Kui, Chinese Confucian philosopher Mobon of Goguryeo, Korean king Poppaea Sabina, second wife of Nero Quintus Petillius Cerialis, Roman general April 7 – Jesus of Nazareth, The other possible date supported by scholarly consensus among a survey of 100 published scholarly biblical statements is April 3, AD 33.

Shammai, Jewish Talmudic scholar

Deicide (band)

Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by drummer Steve Asheim and guitarist brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman as "Carnage" hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming "Amon". They would change the band name to Deicide in 1989; the band rose to mainstream success in 1992 with their second album Legion, is credited as the second best-selling death metal band of the Soundscan Era, after Cannibal Corpse. Since their debut album in 1990, Deicide has released twelve studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums and two live DVDs. In November 2003, their first two albums and Legion, were ranked second and third place in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era. Deicide is known for their lyrics, which cover topics such as Satanism, anti-Christianity and blasphemy, their lyrics have resulted in bans and criticism from religious groups and the public. Deicide was formed in Tampa, Florida on July 21, 1987, after guitarist Brian Hoffman called Glen Benton, replying to an advertisement the latter had placed in a local music magazine.

Hoffman and his brother, along with drummer Steve Asheim, had played together as the band "Carnage", in need of a bassist and vocalist. Carnage played cover songs by Slayer, Celtic Frost and Dark Angel; the new band, called Amon, consisted of Benton, Hoffman's brother Eric and Steve Asheim. Within a month, they had recorded the Feasting the Beast 8-track demo in Benton's garage and had started playing the occasional gig in the Tampa area. In 1989, Amon recorded Sacrificial, at Morrisound with producer Scott Burns. Malevolent Creation guitarist Phil Fasciana recalls an early Carnage show: "It was like Slayer intensified a thousand times." "I guess Carnage had hollowed out a mannequin and filled it with fuckin' blood and guts from a butcher shop... and they threw the fuckin' thing on the floor. Morbid Angel had these pit bulls with them back and they were just tearing the meat up, it was a weird scene, man. There was blood and meat everywhere." Benton stormed into Roadrunner Records' A&R man Monte Conner's office and presented him with the demo, saying, "Sign us, you fucking asshole!"

The next day contracts were issued to the band. In 1989 the band's name was changed to Deicide at the request of Roadrunner Records. Deicide released their self-titled debut album produced by Scott Burns at Morrisound, in 1990, their debut featured re-recorded versions of all six of the Sacrificial tunes that had secured them their record deal. Both the Hoffman brothers tended to play technical solos at fast speeds and with overlapping riffs, which gave Deicide the definitive heavy sound and complex song structures; this lineup remained intact until November 25, 2004, in the wake of increasing animosity between Glen Benton and the Hoffmans in regards to royalties and publishing. The Hoffman brothers went on to reform Amon. Shortly after, the guitar roles were filled by ex-Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen, Vital Remains guitarist Dave Suzuki. Following the tour, Suzuki was replaced by Ralph Santolla of Death, Iced Earth and Sebastian Bach. Santolla stated he is a Catholic and this has received a small amount of shock and ridicule from some metal fans.

In spite of this, Deicide's eighth studio album The Stench of Redemption album received rave reviews. In January 2007, Benton left the European tour and returned home to the United States as a result of legal issues at home. Asheim announced that Seth van Loo, from opening act Severe Torture, Garbaty "Yaha", from the Polish death metal band Dissenter, would be replacing Glen Benton starting on January 9 in the Netherlands, until Benton could rejoin the tour. Benton rejoined in Paris on January 13. On May 24, 2007, it was announced. Subsequently, he joined Florida's Obituary and appears on their album Xecutioner's Return as well as the tour. On July 20, 2007, guitarist Jack Owen announced that Deicide is "on hiatus" and he has joined Ohio based death/thrash combo Estuary for touring purposes; the band did a Balkan tour, dubbed "Balkans AssassiNation Tour", in October 2007 alongside Krisiun and Inactive Messiah. By November 2007, Deicide began work on its ninth studio album at Florida's Morrisound Studios.

Entitled Till Death Do Us Part, the follow-up to 2006's The Stench of Redemption promised to be Deicide's "most savage and aggressive to date," according to a press release. Drummer Steve Asheim recorded drum tracks and Benton started recording vocals in December. By April 2008 two songs off this album were posted online, it was released on April 28, 2008. As the record was coming out, Benton considered retiring from music, in the midst of personal matters including a custody battle. On January 6, 2009, Deicide posted a blog on their official Myspace page saying they had signed a worldwide record deal with Century Media, with Ralph Santolla returning to the band for a European tour, they were said to be working on material for a summer 2010 release. In early 2009 they toured with Vital Order of Ennead. Guitarist Kevin Quirion of Order of Ennead joined the band in the summer of 2009. In June 2010, Glen Benton revealed, it was produced by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford and was released on February 15, 2011.

Deicide released their eleventh studio album, In the Minds of Evil, on November 26, 2013. In November 2016, it was apparent that guitarist Jack Owen had been replaced by Monstrosity guitarist Mark English without an official announcement made by the band. Owen went on to join Six Feet Under in February 201


Pokhraira is a village in Bokhra block of Sitamarhi District in Bihar state of India. It is surrounded by three main cities of Bihar, which are Muzaffarpur and Sitamarhi. Pokhraira is 27 km distance from district main city Sitamarhi and 97 km distance from state capital Patna. A village, a centre not only for education but for years long culture and civilization. A small remote village of North Bihar produced numbers of scholars spread all across the country; this village is known due to some famous Zamindar. Pokhraira is known as Pokhraira Sharif in respect of Sufi saints. One of the famous spiritual persons was Maulana Abdur Rehman, he is known as Sarkar Mohibba, named by Aala Hazrat. Another Sufi Pir Sayyed Abu Nasar Hamdullah Kamaluddeen who came here from North Western part of British India and lived here for some time, he spiritually influenced some of them are famous in this whole region. Bihar State prayer song written by M. R. Chisty, from this village. There is a famous phrase uses to indicate Pokhraira is that "A village where the hen is educated".

This village is known due to active presence in the field of education. There are numbers of Private school and Religious school present here. There is a government girls school which were earlier known as Pardanashin Urdu MaktabGovernment School Urdu Primary Girls School, Urdu Primary School, Primary School Mushari Tol, Middle School Shah Tola, Private School Ideal Kinder Garten, Shabnam Academy, S. M. Public School, M. N. Public School, Religious School/Madrasah Madrasah Noorul Hoda Madrasah Rahmania Madrasah Hamdia Madrasah Jamiatul Binat al IslamiaTrust and Organizations Hamdi Educational Trust. S. M. Foundation Bazm-E-Kamal Jama Masjid Kamal Masjid Phoolwari Masjid Noori Masjid Raza Masjid Rahmani Masjid Aulia Masjid Shahi Masjid Pokhraira is about 2 km from State Highway and 11 km from National Highway NH 77; this village has seen road development earlier. There is a bridge which were constructed during British Raj; this village is well connected by three of its nearest main cities by roadway.

Every day 4 to 5 buses departs from Pokhraira Panchayat to Muzaffarpur and Sitamarhi. Nearest Railway Station- Janakpur Road 16km Nearest Airport- Darbhanga Airport 56km There are many clinics present in Pokhraira. There is a Unani Hospital in this village and it is one of the oldest government hospital in the whole region; the foundation of this hospital were laid by the Haji Mohammad Taslim, a Zamindar of this village who donated the land for this Hospital. This hospital provide Unani Medicine free of cost to the patient. According to the 2011 Indian census the population of Pokhraira is 5716 in which the percentage of male is 51.83% and the female is 48.17%. The gender ratio of this village is 930 female per 1000 male; the 95% population is Muslim and remaining is the lower cast of Hindu. The recent local data shows the population is above the 8000 and the literacy rate is above 76%. Census of India Website: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India Village Website In India, Explore Villages of India, Best Village Sites In India, Wikivillage

Virginia Henley

Virginia Henley, née Virginia Syddall, is a British writer of historical-romance novels. She is well known for her Medieval and other period piece romance novels. Virginia Syddall was born on 5 December 1935 in England, her mother, Lillian Syddall, taught her to love history, she on obtained a university degree in History. Virginia married Arthur Henley in 1956 and they remained together until his death in 2013, they had two sons and Adam. The marriage took place in Grimsby, where she was a housewife, who read The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, decided to start to write, she sold her first novel The Irish Gypsy in 1982 to Avon Books. She became a friend of other prominent writers such as Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Bertrice Small, Heather Graham Pozzessere, Kat Martin, Christina Skye, Marsha Canham and Susan Johnson. Now retired, she lives in Florida. Virginia Henley is the author of thirty historical novels, including The New York Times bestsellers Seduced and Desired, as well as three novellas.

Her work has been translated into fourteen languages. Virginia Henley's novels are not typical'bodice rippers' - attention is paid to many details such as historical events, which are integrated seamlessly into an otherwise fictional story; this attention to historical details is a hallmark of her novels. From the practices and traditions of the day, to the trends in fashion and down to the lives of prominent families in history - Henley combines them to create a rich background for her characters. Apart from the male and female protagonists, Henley's romance novels contain colorful supporting characters, each with their own adventures and romances which at times rival those of the main protagonists. Henley has won several awards for her work - including the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, Waldenbooks' Bestselling Award, Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers, she is regularly praised and given rave reviews by Affaire de Coeur, Heartland Critiques, Rendezvous and USA Today.

Virginia Henley first published her books under Dell Publishing. From the 1980s to 1992, all her novels were published by Dell. In 1993, Island Books, a division of Dell Books, began publishing her works. There are marked differences between Henley's books published by Dell and those published by Island Books; the novels published by Dell had illustrated cover pages, with a plot synopsis on the back cover. The books published by Island had only her name and the novel's title over a background image of a particular flower with the illustration appearing on the second page; the Irish Gypsy = Enticed Bold Conquest Wild Hearts The Raven and the Rose The Hawk and the Dove The Pirate and the Pagan Seduced Desired Enslaved Dream Lover A Woman of Passion Based on the life of Bess of Hardwick Ravished Undone Insatiable Unmasked The Falcon and the Flower The Dragon and the Jewel The Marriage Prize Tempted The Border Hostage A Year and A Day Infamous Notorious The Decadent Duke The Irish Duke The Dark Earl "Christmas Eve" in A Gift of Joy "Letter of love" in Love's Legacy "Love and joy" in A Christmas Miracle "Christmas Eve" in Let It Snow "Christmas Eve" in Deck the Halls "Smuggler's Lair" in Lords of Desire "Beauty and the Brute" in Lords of Passion "Master of Paradise" "Hot as Fire" "A Rough Wooing" "Scandal by the Ton" 1988 Winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best Elizabethan Historical Romance by The Hawk and the Dove 1989 Winner of the Romantic Times Award for Most Sensual by The Falcon and the Flower 1990 Winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best English Historical Romance by The Pirate and the Pagan Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award Waldenbooks' Bestselling Award Affaire de Coeur Heartland Critiques Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers Rendezvous Award USA Today Award Virginia Henley's Official Website Virginia Henley's Webpage in Fantastic Fiction Website Virginia Henley's Webpage in Internet Book List Website

Argiris Kambouris

Anargiros "Argiris" Kambouris is a Greek retired professional basketball player and basketball coach. Kambouris played with Olympiacos from 1978 to 1995, except for the 1980–81 season, which he spent on loan at A. N. O. Glyfada. With Olympiacos, he won three Greek League championships, in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, he was a Greek Cup finalist in 1986, a Greek Cup winner in 1994. He was a member of two teams that participated in the EuroLeague Finals, in 1994 at Tel Aviv, in 1995 at Zaragoza). Kambouris was an important member of the senior men's Greek national basketball teams that won the gold medal at EuroBasket 1987, the silver medal at EuroBasket 1989, he was a member of the Greek team that finished in 6th place at the 1990 FIBA World Championship. Kambouris was the hero of the EuroBasket 1987 final, when he scored the game-winning two points, with two made free throws 4 seconds before the end of the overtime, giving Greece a dramatic 103:101 victory over the Soviet Union. FIBA Profile 1 FIBA Profile 2 FIBA EuroLeague Profile


WLNQ is a radio station broadcasting a country music format. Licensed to White Pine, United States, the station is owned by Bristol Broadcasting Company, Inc. Serving Hamblen and surrounding counties in east Tennessee. "Your Hometown Country Station" overnights "Steve O" "Cody" mid-days "Mark Ryan" "Jason" "Your Hometown Country Station" overnights "Robin Keith" "Dale Jones" "Steve O" "Cody" "Your Hometown Country Station" am hours "American Country Countdown" mid-days "Robin Keith" "American Country Countdown" evenings Official website Query the FCC's FM station database for WLNQ Radio-Locator information on WLNQ Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for WLNQ