Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies

The Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies comprise six connected fantasy novels written by Melanie Rawn. The Dragon Prince trilogy focuses on Prince Rohan of the Desert and his Sunrunner wife, while the Dragon Star trilogy focuses on their son, Pol; the Dragon Prince trilogy consists of novels Dragon Prince, The Star Scroll, Sunrunner's Fire. The books in the Dragon Star trilogy are Stronghold, The Dragon Token, Skybowl; the Dragon Prince novels take place in a world of political intrigue, Sorcerers and dragons. This world is known as the Continent, it is divided into thirteen Princedoms all of which follow the rule of the High Prince, whose seat is Princemarch. During the Rialla the Princes gather to make new alliances; the princedoms and titles pass down to the oldest son. Separate from any princedom is Goddess Keep, the home of the Sunrunners, or faradh'im, who are governed by the Lord or Lady of Goddess Keep. Sunrunners each have a unique pattern of colors – described by the jewels associated with the color – which they weave into the light.

On the light Sunrunners can communicate with each other over vast distances, watch or spy on the doings of others, cast spells. Sunrunners can call air and fire and conjure images using these abilities; as a Sunrunner learns more skills they receive rings. There are ten levels of faradhi rings. Full Sunrunners become violently ill while crossing water and will die if pierced by iron while casting. Most Sunrunners' greatest fear is to become Shadow Lost – the failure to return to one's body before the sun sets. Sorcerers, or diarmadhi, were thought to be extinct for many years, they were the old rulers of the Merida -- a race of assassins. Sorcerers use the starlight in addition to the sun, they are able to cross water without harm and are less susceptible to iron, but are vulnerable to mirror spells. A sorcerer may be trained as a Sunrunner, but the faradhi rings burn on their fingers when sorcery is used around them. Dragons are the rulers of the sky, they live in the Desert and Princemarch. These beasts are feared by most people of the Continent, but have a special connection to the Desertborn, who can sense when they are near.

Dragons themselves are viewed only as great beasts, something for brave and cunning warriors to hunt, but a few people are convinced that there is something more to dragons, something glorious and vitally important to the entire Continent. Dragon Prince The Star Scroll Sunrunner's FireThis trilogy follows the life of Prince Rohan of the Desert as he tries to make his dreams of peace a reality; the first book deals with Rohan's rise to power and how he deals with the Continental politics in a world where treaties are meant to be broken and High Prince Roelstra feasts on the greed and weakness of the other Princes. Throughout all of this, the Lady of Goddess Keep's plans for a Sunrunner Prince come closer to fruition as Rohan falls in love with the Sunrunner Sioned; the second book takes place fourteen years later. Peace has reigned longer than in recent memory. New laws and treaties have been established. A threat rises: a young man claims to be High Prince Roelstra's heir; as Rohan walks the careful line between new civility and traditional barbarism, his son's claim on the throne of Princemarch must be defended.

The third book of the trilogy spans a good number of years. Here, the deepest of Rohan's secrets must be revealed to his son, now a man grown; as the demons of the past grow more powerful and new, familial enemies arise, Rohan must maintain the peaceful order he has established throughout his world while watching his son and heir fight a battle that could cost him more than his life. Stronghold The Dragon Token SkybowlThis trilogy tells the story of the Vellanti War and Pol's struggle to be his own man and his own Prince. In the first book of the trilogy, the Vellant'im invade, it is unexpected and brutal. They overtake nearly every princedom. Only the Lord of Goddess Keep had any warning, but he was too late to act; as the Vellant'im surge across the Continent their destination appears to be the Desert. Rohan and Pol struggle to repel the enemy while leading their people and families to safety. Throughout this book the differences between Rohan and Pol become obvious, clashes between the two abound.

In the next book of the trilogy, the Vellant'im have nearly conquered the Desert. Pol gathers his forces and what allies he can in order to resist the newly strengthened onslaught of the Vellant'im; as he struggles to repel the enemy, he learns more about his ancestors, the ancient diarmadh'im. Pol realizes that he must look not only to sorcery in order to defeat the enemy. In the final book of the trilogy, Pol stands to lose everything – his family, his land, his people, his life; as the Vellanti War progresses, Pol must choose between his morals and sorcery, his pride and his people, he must completely accept who and what he is: man, Prince and diarmadhi. Only if Pol comes into his own and unites the peoples of the Continent will he and his people have a chance at survival. Prince Rohan, the Dragon Prince, Prince of the Desert Sioned, the Sunrunner witch, Rohan's wife Pol, Rohan's son and heir Tobin, Rohan's sister Chaynal Rohan's brother-by-marriage and Battle Commander Maarken, Pol's cousin and Battle Commander Andry, Pol's cousin and rival Ostvel, Sioned's old friend and trusted ally Lords of Radzyn Keep, Tobin and C

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